He pondered for a moment and said do you want to go home Instead of shock and disbelief let em go home are you telling

The first step is to inherit the cause of the ancestors and engage in feudal superstition.
Drought swept across the eastern part of the continent, streams and ponds disappeared, swift rivers exposed cracked and chunked riverbeds, dead fish and shrimp carcasses were exposed to the scorching sun, white bones were scattered among the rocks and dry grass, and all life struggled with thirst and hunger In the scorching sun, a group of scavengers hovers in the air. With featherless wings, sharp claws and a beak full of fangs, they can easily bite off the leg bones of antelope. It is terrifying.
They found a good meal.
Under the torment of these scavengers, the life of these scavengers is not bad. Finally, He Ning caught this antelope, looked up at the sky, and couldn’t help but curse in a low voice. He gave up most of his prey and only cut off a piece in a hurry. The hind leg meat was wrapped in a colorless shirt, bowed his head and took a mouthful of the fishy-sweet blood, suppressing the discomfort in his stomach, swallowing the first sip, taking the second sip, and the third sip, it became easy to be struck by lightning to this stranger If you don’t want to die, you have to adapt to the rules of survival here. Drinking blood is the only way for him to replenish his salt and quench his thirst Standing up and not leaving, he himself would become the food of these strange birds. More than a month of wild life has taught He Ning a lot. After walking for a while, he looked back to make sure that he didn’t smell blood. The stalker immediately quickened his pace. Ning chose a temporary foothold less than 800 meters away from the river bed, an unnamed big tree with a thick trunk that is difficult to climb, but it is the key to survival at night.
Fortunately, there are no leopards nearby that are good at climbing.
The carnivorous beasts of the tree, the carrion birds perch on the distant rocks, otherwise the tree may not be safe to lean against the shade of the tree Still stained with blood, the sun dries up and feels uncomfortable. He really wants to take a quick bath. Unfortunately, the difficulty is quite large.
It’s not as easy as being struck by lightning.
How much skilled raw fire antelope meat is put on the fire without salt, and the outer layer is roasted.
The burnt black was still bloodshot, the smell was bad, but it could fill the stomach. I ate the meat as quickly as possible, and threw a few strange-looking withered grasses into the fire.
A pungent smell rose from the smoke, not just like mosquitoes. Animals would not come near He Ning, climbed up the tree and sat on the thickest branch, leaning against the trunk and bending one leg to make himself more comfortable. At first he was worried about falling and laying on the trunk directly. The result is conceivable. For a man with complete parts, the rough and hard bark is tormenting. Since then, he would rather tie himself to the trunk than lie on the branches. The sun slowly sinks into the horizon. It’s beautiful, but it makes the viewer feel more sad. This is a stranger Even if you want to deceive yourself in this world, it is impossible to hear the roar of nocturnal beasts in the distance. You can’t sleep and you can’t sleep quietly thinking about what to do next. After walking for more than a month, He Ning still didn’t see any people. Instead, he saw many strange and strange animals with long growths.
A strange bird with bat wings, an antelope with four horns, sharp teeth, a rabbit nearly two meters tall, a lizard that walks on two hind legs, He Ning still has lingering fears when he remembered the scene of meeting that lizard It is a miracle that he can survive until now, his legs are a little numb, He Ning carefully changed his posture and leaned on the tree trunk to take stock of all his possessions, a fruit knife, a bunch of keys and a suit of clothes are all his mobile phone, wallet and watch when he wakes up. They are all gone. If it weren’t for this small knife used as a key chain, he wouldn’t have survived at all. His hands, which are used to typing on the keyboard and drawing drawings, have already grown calluses. After splitting once, the nails became hard and sharp. I don’t know if it’s an illusion. Sighed. Lived with clenching fists for twenty-four years without even killing a chicken, but was struck by lightning to this strange land to kill antelopes and rabbits. In a few months, from an educated youth to a muscular man is definitely not a myth. Should we cry or laugh? How much swearing can be avoided can save some saliva I still can’t figure out how all living beings get struck by lightning on his head Didn’t offend any gods, the only one who could get a little bit of a edge was the He family who used to be a great dancer for several generations, but when he reached He Ning’s grandfather, he had already given up doing it There is nothing else, no matter what, it can’t be related to this, right? He Ning sneered, his head must have been sunburned, he closed his eyes and forced himself to rest and not sleep. He will continue to look for food and water tomorrow. He has no energy and can only starve to death Licking my dry lips in this desert, it would be great if it rained The punctured blisters suddenly shattered and dissipated in the darkness.
A dozen kilometers away, a camel caravan was preparing to set up camp.
More than twenty camels nearly three meters high were arranged around the periphery like a city wall, the strongest in physique. Several of the camels had spiral-shaped hard horns on their heads. Most of the people in the team were busy setting up tents and preparing food.
A petite woman was sitting alone by the campfire, wearing a black and white robe. Her head and face were also wrapped in a cloth scarf.
Only a pair of dark eyes remained, and suddenly she called out to the person in front of her, Dafeng, etc.
, her voice was low