He opened his mouth and said let’s go there is a lush jungle ahead overgrown with bushes you can already see the location of the

Strange compass host, give up struggling, unless you can bear the pain caused by eunuchs, you have no choice. A muscular man in my palace is showing a tangled expression at this moment.
This is a city located in the farthest west of Obis Continent. The orc empire controlled by the Beamon royal family is majestic, vast, magnificent, and heavily guarded.
Here, it is controlled by Beamon, who is known as the invincible land battle in the entire continent.
Even a giant dragon dare not invade the palace. This is not the first time he has done such a thing. As early as a few days ago, he had the strongest Beamon guard in the palace punch him. This is an adult Beamon whose strength is enough to overturn a mountain. A huge pothole was smashed into the ground, but the compass was not damaged, and then the priests of the fox tribe communicated with the power of the protoss, and it was calcined for a full twelve hours.
But the compass is still intact.
This day the compass made a sound again, and it resounded through his mind.
He was out of breath, he was crazy, he was desperate, and then he threw the compass to the bed in front of him as if he had lost his last strength. You are a boss, I love you Chen Yu seemed to have lost the strength of his whole body, and made a compromise, how sad and angry in his heart, how unwilling and what can he do? I still remember that he was still in the country of China a few months ago, and was brought into this world inexplicably, but he I don’t feel anything, but I’m so excited and inexplicably excited that I can’t sleep for several days.
I’ve traveled through the sky.
I’m still a prince of the Beamon Empire.
One of the most noble people on the entire continent, and the most important point is myself. Chen Yu has a general understanding of the reason for maintaining the human form. It is said that it is his father hundreds of years ago. He was born noble and possessed divinity since he was a child.
He can manipulate the power of the wind. It is not a problem to describe it as a windy Bimon, but these are not the key points. Now because of the transcendence of divinity, the rules have been broken, and the human form can be freely changed between human forms. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to match today’s noble status? Searching for beautiful people in the human kingdom is something that many men dream of.
At the beginning of the time travel, Chen Yu thought so. Anyway, the self in the previous life was already bad enough, so I have nothing to do.
Now here, how can I not sing and sing nightclubs? High-end The clubhouse or something haha, this is the enjoyment of the world, but in fact it is far from being as simple as imagined. As a compass that takes me through time, at the beginning of its arrival, it made a strange request to let me travel through the heavens to collect so-called aliens.
Can the beast blood agree to this matter? What do you want now? Why bother to work so hard? Chen Yu thinks so and intends to continue doing this, but Compass has made targeted measures.
The pain in the man’s heart just appeared like this. Resisting and struggling is useless. Chen Yu is desperate.
This is a mystical item that even my own father can’t detect, what else can I do? I promise you, Chen Yu lay on the bed exhaustedly and muttered, host, you have finally awakened, and the following is the selection of the first travel position for you After screening the target plane, Jurassic Park target plane is strengthened, and the countdown is counting down. You have ten days to prepare.
After a series of words, Chen Yu frowned and said, What is plane enhancement? The strength of the beast’s blood is increased, and the extracted blood is naturally more concentrated.
Compared with it, the strength of the beast will increase to a certain extent. Hope the host is ready. Chen Yu is too lazy to complain. Anyway, he can see that this compass is oil and salt at all.
Those who didn’t enter turned over and sat up on the bed. Chen Yu planned to take advantage of the time to go to the treasure house of the palace to pick a few good guys as weapons.
He knew about Jurassic Park. Although logically speaking, those reptiles should not pose a threat to him. Compass’s inexplicable last sentence of plane strengthening made him vigilant, he could not be careless, and he needed a little preparation to stride out of the palace. As soon as he came to the corridor of the palace, he saw a beautiful palace lady in a long skirt.
This is a red The girl from the fox family is charming.
Tiancheng has a strange fragrance and a graceful figure. At first glance, she has a desire to rise. Chen Yu is no exception.
Although he is a prince, this prince was still doing something that could not be done a few months ago. To put it bluntly, the Fish King is just a little gangster, a hooligan, in the eyes of the elite, he is the scum of society, human scum, a thing that should be destroyed humanely, with a smirk, he looked at the fox girl who was walking towards him, and the palace lady gently lifted it A gust of wind blows through your fingers and lifts up the long skirt.
This is the talent to control the power of the wind.
In this world, there is no such thing as Nene, so the pink between the snow and white below is clearly visible, and a section of fiery red fox tail echoes with it.
What a beautiful scenery.
What a wanton life, until Chen Yu’s complexion turned dark and his joyful mood disappeared without feeling from his lower body, damn compass, Your Highness, the fox girl screamed and hurriedly covered her long skirt with her white and tender cheeks, patches of blush spread upward With a coquettish call, Chen Yu said with a straight face what’s the matter in a muffled voice, the fox girl kept a shy posture and said softly, Your Highness, the emperor, please hear this, Chen Yu finally showed a hint of surprise and said to himself, “Father emperor is looking for me.
” It is extremely rare, as the monarch of the Bimon Empire, he has his own things to do