He muttered to himself But Zhou Yi why didnt you tell us about this in time Are you really planning to occupy that girl alone

The days around the club of only three people are always the same. For me, all I have to do every day is get up to school, hold the textbook, listen to the teacher’s nonsense, go home after school, do homework preview and review, go to bed, and then repeat it the next day. Please don’t compare me to the kind of person who never plays games and gets full every time in the exam Disciple, I’m sorry, the current Buddhist disciples are more fashionable than this guy. It is said that other people’s children are like top students. I am just a very ordinary student who has just entered the first grade of high school. I can’t be as happy as the head of the group. After that, I can’t get into car accidents more than a dozen times in a row like Touma, and I’m tied up like a mummy, and I can still use my right hand to grab a girl, and the most important thing is that I’m not a girl, so I’m going to take a step back and find something strange.
It’s impossible for a white cat-shaped creature to sign a contract and change jobs to become a magical girl, and then change its own destiny. The same day and I hate it from the bottom of my heart, but there is no way, this is life, this is life, unless you take the initiative to change it, it will not produce any change, so after spending a month in a daze, I decided to follow my own interests Participated in an association called the Internet Research Department. I sincerely thank the President of the Tang Dynasty for promoting the education system that stimulates students’ autonomy. I also sincerely thank my Huiming High School, which is one of the ordinary schools in the country. He pursues the rate of higher education and sings against the top leaders of the empire, so the name sounds like a few boys wearing glasses with profound myopia sitting side by side in a dim room in front of a fluorescent computer screen after school to check the results. Even the club with the scene of kneeling can be established, and it is said to be one of the earliest clubs in the school.
Regardless of which senior founded the club on a whim, I can only say that the name he or she gave is really good. It’s too domineering, and it’s too crazy. It’s obviously telling the teacher that we are playing online games. If you have the ability to check it, it turns out to be superficial.
I think things are too simple.
When the bell rang after school, I drove away Drowsy, the drowsiness left in my body is now cool in early October, the summer heat has basically dissipated, it is very suitable for finding a good place to take a nap in the afternoon, it is a pity that I did not openly skip class and run to The courage to sleep in the sun on the roof is something that anime and game protagonists do. Ordinary people like me can only obediently set the place on the desks and chairs in the classroom.
Anyway, I sit in the last row as long as it’s not too much. The teacher will probably pretend not to see it. Hey, Zhou Yi, don’t sleep.
Someone is shaking my shoulders.
The plan to keep me lying on the table to support the dead body is in vain. Is a wear degree does not Glasses that are too tall.
The skinny guy with natural curly hair is named Liu Tao. He is my classmate and a good friend who joined the Internet Research Department with me. The last one is just the other party’s wishful thinking. I don’t have the slightest intention to admit it.
Alright, let’s go now. I simply packed my schoolbag, stood up, put it on my shoulders, and said today, are you going to search for information about those gods and ghosts on the Internet? I also occasionally play games.
Why don’t you just answer Liu Tao if you’re not interested? My hobby is to collect all kinds of ancient myths and legends, no matter whether the content of the legend is gods and aliens or treasures with incredible power.
The image of a slovenly expert who stays at home in a musty library is right, but the times are advancing. When countless piles of ancient Chinese materials as high as hills and a delicate and compact computer are placed in front of me at the same time, I think no matter which university it is Sages will definitely choose the latter, right? I really don’t know why this guy chose to join the Network Research Department.
Is it just because there is a free network for him to use? They’re both the first friends we made in high school and we get along pretty well.
He likes to hunt around for things that look like urban legends to me, and I like to play a game that looks like him.
It’s just a time-wasting online game. I really don’t know how the two of us communicated smoothly in the first place, and finally formed this strange combination.
Maybe it’s because Lan Yu-senpai played a mediating role in it. The second-year senior is from the club. The minister’s physique is relatively weak, and her personality is also very gentle. I heard that she is the daughter of a wealthy family. I also saw with my own eyes that my senior sister was riding in a high-end and elegant car when she went to school, but I couldn’t even pronounce her name. Most of the rumors about your car are true, but these are nothing. In my opinion, Lan Yu-senpai is just an ordinary person, and often all kinds of weird ideas pop up in her mind, which makes people dumbfounded, but she usually falls down even when she walks on flat ground. It’s just a bit special and natural.
When I opened the door of the club activity room and saw the senior sister sitting on the floor next to the file cabinet in a standard duck posture, and there were countless scattered binding papers scattered around, I couldn’t help feeling even more. I’m sure about this matter. Although this cuteness, coupled with her beautiful appearance, slender and delicate figure, prominent family background and gentle and elegant temperament, the senior has become a school idol that girls envy and boys love, but for me and Liu Tao But it’s a headache. Natural stay is indeed very cute, but after you get blood on your face, won’t her overturned debris go back to the original place by itself? Let me guess