He may Unable to let go but unwilling to let it go like this sadness struck his expression also became painful Liantangs lips began to

The film king Yan Lang can’t get along in the entertainment industry. Going back to his hometown and opening a resort is to find a place for him to retire. The God of Cooking system will teach you how to become a God of Cooking. I didn’t expect to open a resort, but it looks like a boom.
Accidentally, he was promoted by the media as the successor of God of Cooking.
The grandson of God of Cooking, Shi Yang, smelled the fragrance and ran over to meet each other. Damn, isn’t this the guy who wanted to run away and take care of him? Almighty Goldfinger attacking training slag Shouzhu main plot bias farming Shuangwen content label gourmet system entertainment circle inspirational life protagonist Yan Lang Shi Yang Chapter Authentic Yan’s Yellow Braised Chicken Willows Xikou Can’t walk or take a ride Ten yuan for a person Ten yuan for a purse car If there is anyone in the chartered car, get on the red grid for eight yuan.
If there is only one person missing, then go away.
Yanlang stands in the middle of the line at the exit of the railway station. The bustling passengers gather and come out of the underground passage.
Here, it is divided into six one-way lines. Slowly move out of the station.
I haven’t been on a train for many years.
I have to say that compared to the cleanliness and order when getting on and off the plane, the train station is indeed a bit messy.
Unfortunately, there is no airport in Hengshi. He wants to go back to his hometown, except for the plane and only the bus.
The way of meeting is nothing more than the eldest brother saw the second brother, there is nothing comparable, Yan Lang and a big rooster met eyes for a while, the fiery red rooster is full of energy, and now it is standing proudly on the back of an older sister with her back behind her Staring at his sharp beak from the basket gave off an awe-inspiring feeling.
Yan Lang smelled the smell and walked slowly a few steps away from the big rooster. A middle-aged man smoking a cigarette came up from behind and saw Yan Lang. The half seat in front of Lang was vacant, and he confidently inserted himself into the line. Mr.
Yan Lang frowned.
Before he could finish speaking, the middle-aged man turned his head and gave him a fierce look. Maybe it was the first time he only saw Yan Lang’s chin. So he raised his head and finally saw the whole face, but he couldn’t see anything. On Yan Lang’s face, there was a big black lens and a peaked cap, especially exaggerated.
In the midsummer season, he even wore a mask. After a while, he cursed, Yan Lang took off his mask, covered his mouth, and started coughing, his body was trembling slightly, especially his feet seemed to be overwhelmed, shaking like he was about to fall to the ground at any time, then he put his hands on his hands He took it down and opened his lips, as if he wanted to say something, but he didn’t make a sound, and there was a series of coughing. The curled up back and the bulging veins on the neck seemed to be really terminally ill. The middle-aged man who was coughed up with saliva After being stunned for a moment, I wanted to say something with a stern expression on my face, but when I saw Yan Lang’s sickly look, he seemed to think of something, his face changed, and he ran away in a hurry while wiping his face, looking in the direction as if to go After leaving the bathroom, the figure of the middle-aged man disappeared. Yan Lang immediately changed from hunched over to straightened back.
Amidst a group of sideways eyes, he calmly put on his mask and followed the team out of the station, got into a taxi and drove away. girl with long hair Looking at the taxi going away thoughtfully, her companion asked her what’s the matter, she said, did you say that person just now was the actor Yan Lang Yan Lang, right? Just now I was standing on the side, and after he took off the mask, he could vaguely see his eyes It’s really similar. No way.
I haven’t heard that there are some places in Heng City that are making movies, and Yan Lang was scolded like that on the Internet. It seems that the radio and television have banned him.
A big star like him shouldn’t go abroad to develop or something.
Who did you hear about the radio and television business in a third-tier city like ours? Is Yan Lang the kind of person who can do that kind of thing? It’s okay to laugh, I know you are a salt powder, but what can you do when you encounter this kind of thing? People who can make such a big noise must be rich and powerful, and ordinary people can compete.
I am not a salt powder. I just think there is a lot of gossip in it. Don’t you think? If Yan Lang really came to Heng City, wouldn’t you wonder why he came? Curious, curious, let’s go, the car is almost full, the two girls left, the voice gradually disappeared in the wind, Yan Lang sat in the car Looking at the scenery on the road quickly retreating, the dark eyes behind the sunglasses looked at the familiar scene in front of me, and I couldn’t help recalling bits and pieces of this period of time in my mind. A black and white line came from an out-of-key singing voice.
When I came back to my senses, it turned out that the driver was humming a song while driving. The expression was relaxed and joyful. The familiar and simple songs, none of them were tuned into the joyful way of interpretation, quickly dispelling the haze in his heart.
After dispelling most of them, I’m right.
We’ve come to this point.
Why are we thinking so much? Yan Lang took off his mask and hat, and finally took off his sunglasses. The driver glanced at the car inadvertently and drew a thrilling arc Yan Lang smiled at the driver brother, the driver was surprised and said, “You are you, you are you, yes, yes, yes, that, uh, Yanlang, Yanlang kindly reminded him that yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, Yanlang, I have seen your filming of the champion king.” At that time, our whole family stayed in front of the TV at 9:00 every Friday.
Our whole family liked you very much, especially the episode recorded in Yangzhou.
You answered wittyly and the singing was swiping in my head for three or four days. You don’t know, I remember clearly the flowers on my head, the hat on the ground, put on the hat to cover the flowers, accidentally you have a bag on your head, hahaha, right? It’s a pity that I haven’t watched Today because I changed jobs.
Today is just Friday night.
I’m going to watch. What are you doing in Hengshi? Are you here to film a movie?