He let go of Su Su held her face in his hands and said seriously don’t forget to breathe you are a human being who

On the first day, Su Su gave a bag of marshmallow cakes to a down-and-out man suspected to be a homeless man.
On the second day, the homeless man washed himself and wore a robe like rags, holding a bouquet of white wild flowers to her solemnly. I propose to ask you to live forever with me. Only then did Su Su know that this homeworker is good at housework, shy, introverted, cooks, delicious, and a dead house with an explosive girlfriend.
He is a real demon king. He knows magic, has horns, and a god-magic grid.
Su Su’s daily guide Use the magic version of the mobile phone specially made by the devil to communicate with her boyfriend every day. After work, the devil passes through the space door placed in the bedroom and comes to the earth to cook and feed his girlfriend. On the rest day, adults go shopping like a normal couple.
Appreciate the beautiful scenery of the lava mountain spraying sulfuric acid, Su Su, what kind of beauty is this? Food guide, special reminder illogical Sweet to DeathSweet to DeathContent TagsFantasy SpaceSweet EssaysErasFantasy Special Favor for Protagonist Su SuSupporting RoleOther Daily Chapters Demon King Su Su saw that person outside the house When she came back it was evening and the setting sun set the sky and the earth together Dyeing warm yellow outside the iron fence of her courtyard, a man suspected of being a homeless man sat against the wall of the courtyard and looked up at the falling red sun.
He was tall and tall sitting outside the fence like a wall Wearing a black robe riddled with holes, his long hair was messy and tangled into a mess, and the color couldn’t be seen clearly. Beads of blood dripped down his cheeks and splashed all over the ground.
Su Su, an injured homeless man, hesitated for a moment and finally walked up to him.
The smell of blood suddenly hit her face, she asked you softly, do you need help, you seem to be hurt, the homeless man turned his face, dust covered his entire face, only a pair of eyes were shining in the setting sun, but those eyes were extremely weird The white part of the eyes turned out to be black, but the pupils were exceptionally pure gold! Su Su screamed and stepped back quickly to take a closer look at the homeless man’s eyes, which were just normal black. He watched Su Su quietly, with clear eyes, no trace of panic The emperor, who is as calm as resting, then opened and closed his lips as if murmuring something. Su Su heaved a sigh of relief, hesitated for a moment, and handed over the pine nut cake in his hand. The tramp’s eyes followed her for a long time.
Stained with a little dust, the skin is actually fairer than Su Su’s.
It doesn’t look like a pair of homeless hands. He took the pine nut cake but didn’t let it go. Instead, he held up Su Su’s hand. The dust on his fingertips was immediately stained. The homeless man on the back of Su Su’s hand stared at him, then he stuck out his tongue under Su Su’s shocked gaze and licked the dust off her hand like a puppy licking fur. What are you doing? She withdrew her hand forcefully, unconsciously waved her palm towards the homeless man, and just slapped him on the face with a crisp sound.
Her palms were numb from the pain, she quickly moved away and covered her palms, her heart was like ten thousand alpacas galloping past, a homeless man suddenly got up, his expression was very concerned, as if he wanted to come over and have a look at her hands, and he talked about Su Su again, completely listening I’m sorry for the language I don’t understand.
I don’t understand Su Su. Holding back her anger, she avoids homeless people. It’s wrong to lick people casually.
It’s difficult to find the police.
Thank you for letting me go. Goodbye.
Only then did he let out a long sigh of relief and covered his chest to wipe off the sweat on his forehead.
God, he met a pervert.
After resting for a while, Su Su calmed down a little.
She held her breath and quietly looked out from the peephole to see that the fence was empty. She paced again.
I went to the corner of the window and opened the curtains. I looked around carefully and didn’t see any suspicious figures. I finally felt relieved. Of course, the pine nut cake was gone too. Damn, if I knew it was a pervert, I wouldn’t have given him the pine nut cake. I waited in line for half an hour. The food I got, Su Su felt her heart ached.
She dawdled and washed her hands and was about to go out to eat a bowl of rice noodles to appease the sadness of losing the pine chestnut cake.
The sunset has completely sunk into the horizon, but the sky is still bright After Chi Susu left for a while, she broke into a thin sweat.
She walked to a vending machine.
The Sprite in the freezer seemed to be silently inviting her to drink some carbonated drinks once in a while to be healthier.
Su Su was full of this thought. Looking forward to watching the coin fall, there is no one around except her.
She can even hear the sound of the machine running.
When the Sprite falls, Su Su bends down with one hand, but is faster than her and snatches the bottle of air-conditioned bottle before her.
The soda was taken away from the vending machine, and his figure was reflected on the glass of the vending machine.
The tall black robe, the disheveled hair, and the eyes staring at her extremely intently, Su Su suddenly jumped away from her and jumped a few meters away. Looking up, it was indeed that one. Weird homeless man, why are you again? The homeless man still has a calm expression. He holds Sprite in his arms, that’s right, it’s the kind of wrapping it up with his hands like he’s holding precious jewels, holding the bottle of ice soda in front of his chest, Sue. Su is speechless, take it if you want, she covers her forehead and walks away from the homeless man, only to find that the moment she moves, the homeless man also moves, almost stepping on her footsteps, following her step by step, like her shadow, please don’t follow me Su Su She had to stop, she turned around, and then her eyes widened.
The homeless man stood behind her quietly and bent down. Su Su turned around and her face was almost pressed against his chest.
She screamed and punched him. Not long ago, she unconsciously slapped the tramp’s eyes. She had a deep understanding of that stone-like hard face, but this time it felt as if she had slapped him on a soft surface.