He knew Zhang Chongshengs intentions but what could he do Getting out of the car Zhou Wenzhi gritted his teeth and ordered the people in

In the torrent of history, many brilliant big men and great heroes have emerged, but under the halo of these great heroes, there are also some unknown little people who have profoundly or shallowly affected the course of history.
Zhang Hao is such a person without a prominent background and without an outstanding battlefield. His merits are that he is just a small spy. Chapter 1 Yang Ye was captured in the southwest of Shuozhou. At dusk, a team of more than 30 people galloped from the direction of Shuozhou.
The leader was an old man with a golden helmet and a layer of dust on his armor.
With blood stains, the tiger’s eyes and silver beard covered his face with exhaustion, the purple-gold knife in his hand was covered by blood, and he saw a dense forest in front of him. The old man, with the purple-gold knife, pointed at the woods, followed the path leading to the woods, and galloped into his father first. Behind him, the old man wore a silver helmet and silver The middle-aged general A whispered, as if reminding the old man that when the middle-aged general and others entered the woods, the old man had dismounted and stood under a leafy tree, with a purple gold knife poking in his palm. Stretching into the distance, more than ten steps away from the big tree, below is a steep slope covered by half-person-high grass and trees.
If you don’t pay attention, you may fall down.
Everyone dismounted from their horses, one by one, they were so exhausted, they lay directly around the tree.
The old man walked to the edge of the steep slope and faced it. Shuozhou turned his head, looked in the direction of the path under the tree, looked southwest, and sighed, thinking that I, Yang Ye, might not have the chance to go back to Yanmen, and the old man who claimed to be Yang Ye was Yang Ye who followed the West Route Army Panmei’s Northern Expedition. Unexpectedly, Cao Bin, the East Army, retreated unexpectedly, and Pan Mei’s pressure on the West Road suddenly increased. In the early stage, Pan Meike Shuozhou, Xia Yingzhou, and Poyunzhou, but soon three cities fell into the hands of the Liao people.
Then, a thousand strong crossbowmen guarded the entrance of Shijie Valley to block the Liao army to ensure the safety of the people of the Song Dynasty and retreated southward. Strategy: Yang Ye lured the enemy in Chenjiagu Pan Meiwang responded, but he did not expect that when Yang Ye successfully lured the enemy to Chenjiagu, Pan Meiwang had already breached the contract and ran away first.
Yang Ye and others were surrounded in Chenjiagu and fell into a helpless situation. Pan Meiwang and the two thieves came to meet us, didn’t they also break through? The middle-aged general still proudly replied Yanyu amidst grief and indignation, look at us Yang Ye pointed under the tree and said sadly Xiao Darin broke out from a 100,000 ambush with all his might, that’s all there is left, I, Zhang Chongsheng, would like to follow the general until death Stand up under the tree, and a man answered loudly. He stood up slowly, using a knife in his hand as a crutch, and walked to Yang Ye, knelt on one knee, Yang Ye was full of worry and tears in his eyes, and pulled Zhang Chongsheng up. The old man is ashamed of you.
Now the Liao bandits are chasing after the generals.
How many people have fought on the battlefield in ancient times? Although they failed to seal their wives and sons, they follow the generals. Although they die, they have no regrets. If it wasn’t for the general’s willingness to take me in, I’m afraid there would be no Zhang Chongsheng in the world. As Zhang Chongsheng said, his face would already be full of tears, Yang Ye looked up and sighed.
There is a faint ominous smell in the air, here he is, Yang Ye gave a wry smile, who Zhang Chongsheng and Yang Yanyu asked at the same time, Xiao Darin, Yang Ye muttered to himself, he came for me, Zhang Chongsheng’s heart trembled suddenly Privy envoy Yelu Xiezhen’s powerful general Zhangde’s military Jiedu envoy Xiao Darin is the one who set up an ambush in Chenjiagu and nearly killed Yang Ye’s 50,000 men. General, I’m going to lure him away. With a knife in hand, he walked out of the woods firmly and came back Yang Ye ordered in a low voice Zhang Chongsheng stood still and turned his head to look at Yang Ye with grief and indignation If he takes my life, he wants to force me to surrender. Of course, he may have other plans.
Yang Ye suddenly stops and looks at Yang Yanyu meaningfully. Shocking, Yang Ye walked up to Zhang Chongsheng and pulled him out of his arms.
He took out a cowhide-covered dagger and handed it to Zhang Chongsheng. He solemnly said that this thing has been with me for many years.
Today I give you the right to treat you for more than ten years. Abandoned thoughts You still have two children in your family You want to go back alive The defeated general Even if you return to Yanmenguan Yang Ye sighs again Zhang Chongsheng understands that this Northern Expedition could have played a triumphant song and defeated the Liao people, but he didn’t want Pan Meiwang to betray his promise Even if he returned Yanmenguan cannot escape the punishment of General Yang, a famous general who will become a disgrace. Zhang Chongsheng was about to say something more.
Yang Ye’s eyes flickered.
Without saying a word, Yang Yanyu leaned over, stuffed the dagger into the armor in front of Zhang Chongsheng, put it away, turned around and walked towards the tree to mount a white horse, the other soldiers had already stood up and stood under the tree, and were about to follow Zhang Chongsheng out of the woods. They calmed down Yang Yanyu followed up and asked in a low voice, Yang Ye turned his head and stared at Yang Yanyu sternly Yang Yanyu quickly shut up, he knew his father didn’t want him to continue talking Yang Yechuo turned the horse’s head with the knife in his hand, pointed the knife to the southwest of the woods, and ordered to go in a low voice. As soon as the words fell, Yang Ye sat down on the white horse and let out a long hiss. His front hooves were raised high and he fell to the ground.
Three sharp arrows shot straight into the back of the white horse, Yang Yanyu Frightened, he dismounted from his horse and leaned over, trying to help Yang Ye who had fallen off his horse. Then several sharp arrows whizzed forward and shot them in the back.