He just said I know him how could he not know about Lu Yuze The boy once stood in a position he envied a place

Chapter Chapter Actually In Her FaceChapter Even In Her Face Entertainment News A disfigured woman was lying weakly on a hospital bed, staring at the picture on the TV screen. The bottom of her eyes was full of hatred. She was Chu Mingyao’s fiancee Song Yiren who had been dead for three years and was mentioned on TV. Hehe, who knew that she wasn’t dead at all, but was locked up by Chu Mingyao and his lover and turned into a living specimen. At this moment, the door of the room was opened, and there was the sound of a man’s footsteps and a woman’s charming laughter.
Hearing the sound, Song Yiren struggled to get off the hospital bed and tear the person into pieces, but her lower body was already paralyzed and struggling, she just let her body roll out, and then fell to the ground in embarrassment, in front of the snuggling man and woman. The man’s voice is deep and gentle, he is about to reach out to help Song Yiren on the ground, why is she so excited every time she sees me, Song Yiren raises her eyes to look at the dressed beast in front of her, trembling all over, her damaged vocal cords make an unpleasant sound like a broken wind Chu Mingyao Yiren you His temper is still so bad Chu Mingyao sighed, squatted down and glanced at himself on the TV screen, and said softly that he didn’t like watching it, why did he still make himself unhappy? The woman next to him wearing red high-heeled shoes was the one on the TV screen. Supermodel Su Yunfei is now wearing a hot hip-wrapping skirt and a deep sleeveless top, which perfectly interprets her proud figure.
She holds Chu Mingyao’s arm and glances down at Song Yiren on the ground. There is a disgusted emotional voice in her eyes. But Mingyao is so whiny that it makes people feel crisp all over. Let’s stop talking nonsense with her. Hurry up and get down to business. It’s easy to do business. Chu Mingyao’s handsome face is a little more playful.
Go up to your ground, Song Yiren’s chest heaves, the only eye that can be opened is red, she supports her body with her hands, crawls to Chu Mingyao’s feet, opens her mouth and is about to bite down hard, but the man kicks her suddenly, and immediately she The dilapidated body slid on the smooth floor, and the back of the head hit the edge of the instrument. Warm blood immediately flowed out, and the metal sound of the belt buckle being undone was very clear in the room, followed by the male and female voices. Like a curse, it played back in Song Yiren’s ears. She was relieved from the pain just now and saw the shameless scene of the two of them. Ahhh, Song Yiren yelled angrily, but her voice was hoarse like a rusty bellows husband. Her voice was so ugly. It’s so scary like a ghost crying Su Yunfei gasped and said shut up Chu Mingyao yelled at Song Yiren, and then he suddenly thought of something more frivolous in his tone, did Song Yiren look very greedy and want to play with us Husband, she is so The ugly face was burnt to death with concentrated sulfuric acid, she is still a cripple, so I don’t want to play with her, Su Yunfei even complains, her voice is soft and coquettish, good baby, that’s me It’s a pity that she has never tasted a man. Thinking about how high she was at the beginning, she was arrogant and said that she wanted to get married.
Now I am afraid that she is a beggar and she is not willing to want her. How about sending you to meet? Chapter How about I send you to meet? Listening to the teasing of the two, Song Yiren trembled all over. Hatred almost burned her soul.
She saw the knife on the table beside her and held it up Stretched body, picked up the knife and crawled towards the pair of dogs and men, but Chu Mingyao snatched it away before she could sharpen the knife in the enemy’s hand It was a bit disappointing and said to Su Yunfei and Dao Feifei gently, let’s go home later and then continue talking, he quickly got up and put on his clothes, and then he looked like the well-dressed one in front of the camera again, now it’s time to do business Song Yiren pulled her up and threw her onto the previous hospital bed. Song Yiren struggled crazily, but she was paralyzed. How could she be Chu Mingyao’s opponent? He pushed her on the hospital bed, and Su Yunfei, who rushed over, directly opened the handcuffs on both sides of the hospital bed and took Song Yiren’s hand. They’re all locked in. Chu Mingyao is playing with the knife in his hand and teasing Yiren in a tone of voice. You said what would my dad look like if he saw his scalpel being used to cut off your tendons? Song Yiren struggled violently on the hospital bed.
Already blood-red, it seems that blood and tears may be shed at any time. She is the daughter of the Su family in Ningcheng.
His father adopted him years ago.
Chu Mingyao took care of him as his own son, and Chu Mingyao has always been obedient and sensible at home.
Song Yiren was even more caring and loving.
When he grew up, Chu Mingyao pursued Song Yiren. Song’s father was happy to see his daughter marrying his adopted son whom he had grown up with, so he held an engagement banquet for them when Song Yiren was old. Song Yiren’s father was Ning Guo.
The most authoritative neurosurgery expert is also the director of Ningcheng Shenshou Specialist Hospital. Song Yiren’s mother is the president of Ningguo Haisheng Group. In her generation, the man in the family died unexpectedly and she was the only one left, so she inherited Song Yiren of Haisheng Group. Yiren also has a younger brother who is younger than her this year, so the Song family can be said to be a happy family at first, but three years ago, shortly after Song Yiren and Chu Mingyao got engaged, Song Yiren broke through Chu Mingyao and Su Yunfei’s love affair In exchange for his hideous real face, he tied up Song Yiren, broke her hamstring, and brought her to this room on the yacht.
Afterwards, he brought Su Yunfei to Su Yunfei, and even poured concentrated sulfuric acid on Song Yiren’s body.
On the face, Song Yiren can still clearly remember how painful the burning of the cheek was at that time. It was a pain that made life worse than death. After that, a TV was installed here.