He just pointed his hairy butt at the two of them while on the other side Yan Shuming was still anxiously waiting to see Shen

Apart from unifying the Three Realms, Lord Mozun’s main concern every day is what kind of posture he wants to use to tease his own relatives. Jun Shenzun’s main concern every day, apart from regaining the Demon World, is how to explain to his wife where he went during the day when he returns home at night.
Mistress The female gangster and the male protagonist are silly, white and sweet. Two very powerful people hide their identities from each other and pretend to be ordinary people.
The story of falling in love together Sweeping the entire mountain, the weather is not very good today, but the weather in the demon world has always been like this. Everyone has long been used to the gray cracked rocks on the cliff. The demon army is standing on the mountain. The demon army is wearing dark armor in this cold weather.
The next day is even more depressing, and among the crowd, there is only a touch of bright color on the top of the cliff to catch the brilliance of the mausoleum. Today, she is wearing a goose-yellow dress and long black hair, dancing lightly in the wind. Her black eyebrows are like distant mountains, and her eyes are like sinking stars, facing the empty sky ahead. She doesn’t look like a person in the demon world at all. No demon likes to wear all kinds of bright clothes every day, and no demon has such a noble and righteous spirit. As the demon king, Lingyan is the strongest existence in the entire demon world.
Irresistible, even sometimes domineering, but for some reason, there is always an awe-inspiring aura about such a person.
When fighting, he looks upright, when he kills, he looks upright, even when he suppresses his subordinates and talks nonsense. This made people in the entire Demon Realm respect her and fear her. Now Lingyan is waiting for someone with an upright face. She has been waiting for a long time. She has not spent such a long time waiting for someone for more than 10,000 years. Afterwards, Ling Yan put the famous Liudao back into its sheath, turned around and asked about your news, it was true, the demon general Qing Ming was sweating all over his head, and he didn’t know whether he was afraid that he would wait for someone or not, he looked up at the sky But he only saw the dark clouds all over his head, so he lowered his voice a little bit, and told him that the Demon Venerable could not be wrong.
Something happened to the Dongtian Pavilion in the God Realm, and he thought that those little fairies were caught by the Demon Realm. Well, after waiting for half a day, the clothes were stained with flying dust, and he flicked his hand and sneered, “What is Dongtian Pavilion?” Who is the person who came from the world? Qing Ming hesitated to speak, but Ling Yan raised his eyebrows to signal him to continue.
He just said that this time the god came to the god in person.
Ling Yan rarely retracted when he heard these words with a mocking smile on his face.
With a deep expression, she said in a deep voice that Qingguang is really dead.
Qingguang is the name of the last god.
With the two, no one can do anything. There has been no victory or defeat for 20,000 years.
However, not long ago, in a battle with the demon king, Qingguang was seriously injured. In order to protect all living beings, he exhausted his divine power and finally lost his soul.
At this time, it calmed down a little. Everyone thought that the demon world would take this opportunity to enter Attacking the God Realm, but for Ling Yan, she doesn’t bother to do this kind of thing, so Ling Yan stayed in the Demon Realm for a whole year, eating and drinking, occasionally dealing with a few fights in the Demon Realm, it’s not a big deal, no one thought of Ling Yan This rare kindness of hers was taken by the God Realm as something else.
Now that the Dongtian Pavilion of the God Realm is under attack, the God Realm immediately decided that this was done by the Demon Realm. Staying here wants to see what fallacies the God Realm can come up with this time, who would have thought that the new God Lord and the new God Lord will be waiting here? She has to figure out the details of the opponent, Qingming sighed, thinking that the gods have been replaced for half a year, and the Lord Mozun only now remembers to ask the new god Shen Yu is the same as the previous god, but the real body is Qianwu The phoenix on the mountain, the skyfire phoenix tree on the Qianwu mountain, can only produce a phoenix every 30,000 years. The phoenix is ​​born noble and possesses supreme power. All the gods and gods come from here.
Ling Yan couldn’t help laughing when he heard this.
Wasn’t Little Phoenix dragged away to become a deity just after he was born? Qing Ming buried his head in a wry smile and counted the days, then raised his head and said that he should be about nine hundred years old now.
Ling Yan laughed again, how old is nine hundred years old Tens of thousands of years old, nine hundred years old, in the eyes of everyone, she is indeed a little doll.
Is she really this tall? She reached out and gestured on top of her head, then waved her hand boredly.
The little phoenix might fly away.
No wonder it came so slowly Qing meditated and wondered how to respond to this sentence, but fortunately he no longer had to think about this problem anymore.
On the edge of the cliff, the two looked up at the same time, and the originally gloomy sky seemed to be lit up at this moment The feathers and feathers all over his body are full of brilliant colors, and the innate noble aura diffuses out from every feather.
He is condescending and looks at Ling Yan with a pair of eyes.
It’s the Supreme Being of the God Realm, and the aura is really in place. It’s a pity that this phoenix is ​​too small.
Ling Yan couldn’t help but laugh when he saw the little phoenix in front of him, who was half a person tall. This deity is not angry and arrogant, and his whole body is full of righteousness.
However, because his figure is too petite, in Ling Yan’s eyes, his image is immediately discounted. You are the Demon Lord Ling Yan, accompanied by Ling Yan’s laughter. The little phoenix finally spoke, the voice of a young man was clear and cold