He jumped on the chair and rushed towards Big Brother Mitsuyu before he could understand he saw a flash of silver light Big Brother Guangyu

Hiruzen Sarutobi presided over a Jōnin meeting on the stage.
Underneath sat a crowd of black figures, all of them with serious expressions, except Uchiha Mitsuha Shinyumon, a sixteen-year-old boy with a very deceptive face. The face is delicate and full of affinity, and a pair of round-rimmed glasses on the straight bridge of the nose adds elegance.
Anyone who sees Mitsuha Uchiha’s current appearance will mistakenly think that he is listening carefully. In fact, he is now in a trance, just like countless stories.
Mitsuha is a traverser with a system. Original Uchiha Mitsuha’s father was the comrade-in-arms of the contemporary patriarch Fuyue, who belonged to the relationship between a teacher and a friend. In a certain war, Mitsuha, who was only three years old at the time, was sick and orphaned by Uchiha in order to protect Fuyue. Fufugaku adopted and showed amazing talent.
However, due to premature birth, his eyes are highly myopic, so Guangyu, who is already sixteen years old, has not yet awakened.
Among the new generation of ninjas of Yu’s outstanding performance, Mitsuha has always been the number one. After graduating, he entered the Ministry of Education very quickly. Looking at Konoha, only Kakashi, who is four years younger, can compare with him. After joining the Ministry of Education, Mitsuha relied on Bin The courteous demeanor quickly won the favor of the seniors, who regarded him as one of their own. The fans who pursued him called him the noble son of Uchiha.
Finally, the third generation of Kazekage disappeared. The ninja world is about to fight. Uchiha Mitsuha lowered his eyes under the table. My hands are clenched slightly, a sense of anticipation is born in my heart, war means sacrifice, and it carries more opportunities.
As a member of the Uchiha in this life, he can’t just sit and watch the Uchiha go to destruction like the original plot. The middle-aged man with high cheekbones lightly touched Guangyu and reminded Guangyu with a low voice.
The man next to him was called Yuhi Zhenhong. What impressed me the most was his beautiful daughter, who looks like a normal man, but his daughter Yuhihong is a beauty. The embryo is about to graduate from the ninja school.
The assessment instructor is Mitsuha. Please report the situation of this year to the instructor in charge of the ninja school. Masashiro Michimitsu stood up from his seat, bowed slightly to Hokage’s position, and then reported in an unassuming manner that this year’s graduation Ninja Koto, based on the past situation, should have more people promoted to the next Ninja, and the gentle voice of the excellent performer echoed in the conference room.
It is not blunt, and it sounds like a spring breeze.
Most of the ninjas looked at Uchiha Mitsuha with a touch of curiosity.
Some of these people may have never been in contact with Mitsuha, but absolutely no one has never heard of his reputation.
The gentle Uchiha is well received by the public.
Welcome to the end of Mitsuba’s report Hirizaru Sarutobi nodded slightly with a smile, and his eyes showed appreciation. The arrangements for this year’s Ministry of Education are as follows. Strengthen the study intensity of students and reduce the graduation time to half.
Konoha’s manpower is very tight.
Hatake Sakumo, the strong man who once led Konoha to victory, committed suicide.
Tsunade Hime and Jiraiya also left the village, and the backbone is also in short supply.
The higher-ups decided to squeeze the potential of the new generation. Hearing the deployment of Hokage, everyone in the Ministry of Education looked stern.
Although they couldn’t bear it in their hearts, they firmly agreed, and then there was another cumbersome arrangement. Hiruza Sarutobi announced the end of the meeting.
Filed out of the meeting room, the atmosphere is dull and full of awe After the sound of footsteps, all the ninjas in the Ministry of Education panicked for no reason when they saw their expressions, but some girls still focused their attention on Mitsuha Uchiha who was in the crowd and followed them with peachy eyes.
It’s Mitsuha-sama, look at me, Mitsuha-sama is waving to me, I want to die of happiness, nonsense, Mitsuha-sama is clearly saying hello to me.
Children in the ninja world are very precocious, since Uchiha Mitsuha joined the job a year ago, the Ministry of Education has seen him more Being Prince Charming is far more sought after than his unborn nephew Sasuke. The little girls gathered together on tiptoes to look at Koyu. If the teacher hadn’t stopped them, they would have rushed out.
At this moment, a slim figure quietly slipped away from Koyu. Brother, what happened? Also, I want to invite you to my house to taste my new dish, Yuhihong, bypassing the other ninjas and standing in front of Guangyu, and finished speaking, fluttering around the big watery eyes The ninjas let out good-natured laughter, and some narrow-minded ninjas even squeezed their eyes at Yuhi Makoto.
Seeing Yuhi Makoto, she smiled wryly but didn’t say much.
Hong-chan, your graduation assessment may have to be advanced.
Well, if it’s tonight, I will Mitsuyu smiled slightly and rubbed Yuhihong’s fluffy hair. For him, both Yuhiko herself and her father’s identity were worthy of a good relationship. The big hand thought for a while and pretended to be fierce, then said, well, we have a deal, and you are not allowed to mess up my hair, and then ran back to the training ground with a twisted waist The reason for staying, this girl has not noticed until now that he is looking at the back of Kuroyuki Yuhi leaving, Mitsuyu nodded slightly towards the distance, and the little girls suddenly boiled again This scene is no surprise to the ninjas, the gentle and gentle Mitsuyu-kun treats everyone It is a matter of course that you are polite and popular, so tonight I am going to bother Uncle Yuhi, Mitsuha pushed his glasses and showed a harmless smile, and said to Yuhi Mako, you are welcome, I welcome Mitsuyu’s arrival, Yuhi Mako shakes Shaking his head and leading the ninjas into the Ministry of Education building, he obviously didn’t want to talk to him. After climbing to the fourth floor, Guang Yu and three colleagues entered an office