He is helpless if he is on the side although he doesnt make trouble when he is drunk but it is a bit difficult to

Gossip movie queen turnaround author Su Shu copywriter This article is also known as love director Why do you always choose Shanru as the heroine? Feelings are messed up in the circle, then why does Young Master Lin invest in movies for her while being involved in the scandal, so instead of watching Shao Lin’s short-lived rumored girlfriends, he might as well bet on Shan Ru, who has been entangled with him all the time. But it is very popular. All the works are sold well. She is regarded as the weirdest movie star in the entertainment industry, but the gossip funder never helps her deal with the aftermath of the scandal.
She is known as the most unfavored actress despite the unspoken rules.
Divorce, divorce, I won’t let you wish. After three hundred rounds of fighting, I finally got divorced. What you gave me at the beginning, I have to pay back everything, even if I hurt my enemy by a thousand, and I hurt myself by eight hundred. It shows that this is about unswerving love and love. This is the story of a pure and infatuated woman who transforms into a cold and heartless queen. In the early stage, the fake scum, in the later stage, the loyal dog, the gold master. The main character in the entertainment circle, Lin Mochi, is like Shanru.
Chapter 1: On-set turmoil. There is no Shanru in the next scene.
The weather is too hot. She goes back to the rest room to rest and put on makeup. She feels that the makeup on her face will be washed away by sweat.
In the evening, I’m going to the Ling family’s old house for a banquet.
The assistant Xiao Yu flipped through the itinerary in his hand. Ben Shanru felt a little thumped in his heart. Today is the birthday of the Ling family of the Sanlian family. After a moment of astonishment for Chutu, he nodded and sat on a chair. Let the makeup artist smear on his face. Should I make an appointment with Lin Shao now or will I hear someone’s name later? I drew a line at the corner of my eyebrows, I’m sorry, the makeup artist hurriedly apologized, took a tissue to help her wipe the mountains, smiled reassuringly, said it’s okay, then closed my eyes and told Yu Xiaoyu that he should know, just go to him later If the two of you don’t show up together, you will definitely be criticized by the elders, and he won’t want to cause trouble for yourself. Well, Xiaoyu nodded, picked up a pen, and marked it on the schedule.
The makeup artist went out, and only Xiaoyu and Shanru were left Seeing that there was no one nearby, Xiao Yu came up to Shan Ru with a dissatisfied face and whispered, Sister Shan Ru, did you see Xu Sha today? The next scene should not be far away, and after a while I have to change clothes, so I casually said who it is, that female model who was in the news with Lin Shao yesterday, I don’t know why she joined our film crew today, it’s really shameless, Yu Xiaoyu is full of righteous indignation Buping Shanru opened his eyes, looked at her expression sideways, smiled and said, isn’t this normal? Xiaoyu, who is in the entertainment circle, likes to watch entertainment gossip, and by the way, Shanru also knows a lot about Lin Mochi’s lace news. The female partner who has changed in a few years is afraid that he himself does not remember who is who yesterday.
She glanced at the magazine, nothing more than just another gossip, nothing surprising, naturally, she didn’t care what her name was, Shan Ru, elder sister, Lin Shao, don’t you feel like someone like me is in trouble? My husband’s gossip is indifferent, as if it has nothing to do with me, but she, the assistant, is so angry. After thinking about it carefully, do you want to be angry? Wohuo? It seems that I have never experienced it.
The saddest thing is that it was too heartbroken a few years ago, but now I have practiced it It’s better to think about the Buddhist scriptures you carry with you when you’re invincible as a diamond After jumping off a building, life is so long, be nice to yourself, pat Xiaoyu on the shoulder comfortingly, look at the time on your phone, and you can rest for a while, Sister Shanru, you have such a good attitude, Xiaoyu is still very dissatisfied with Lin Mochi like that If the scumbag hadn’t been forced by his deterrence, she would have wanted to kill him, and he didn’t know why Shan Ru’s sister was indifferent. It really made the onlookers angry.
Shan Ru laughed helplessly. Should she blame Lin Mochi? Isn’t it her own fault? To be honest, she vowed not to regret it at the beginning, but today she really wants to admit defeat to him and say that I regret it, Sister Shanru.
Excuse me, let’s start filming.
Have you rested yet? In the last few minutes, there was a knock on the door accompanied by a deep male voice.
Xiaoyu quickly jumped up from the ground and opened the door. It’s Yin Yue, hello, sister Shanru, you’ll be fine soon, we’ll come and work hard for you. Walked out of the rest room, and Bao also helped Xiaoyu to bring it out.
Yin Yue was talking to Xiaoyu when he saw Shanru come out to take a look at her beautiful face with a faint smile. The friendly-looking little fish took the bag from Shanru’s hand and staggered away to let her come out. Shanru smiled faintly and distantly at Yin Yue It’s a newcomer in the TV industry who came here because of his popularity. For a newcomer, the film crew plays a small role. The size of a big director’s film role doesn’t matter. Just playing soy sauce is a great honor and resources. Being too close to the people in the circle, naturally I didn’t think about saying a few words to Yin Yue.
I just walked in front, but Xiaoyu was warm-hearted and warm-hearted, and said some polite greetings behind. Hey, isn’t this the Gossip Queen? Shan Ruzao is used to walking She didn’t look sideways at the sudden voice, although she was displeased, but she didn’t intend to pay attention to it, so she glanced over her lightly. She might not remember her name, but she could remember her face with a photographic memory.
That’s why this woman with delicate makeup but blurry face is in front of her.
The star is exactly what Xiaoyu just said, and Xu Sha just glanced at it