He humbly said to Amitabha he was so tired that he didnt bother to talk haha the competition between the junior brother and the Taoist

After a while, Wang Qi slowly got up and glanced around, and found that he was in an unfamiliar environment.
What kind of place is this? Didn’t I die saving that little girl? What caught my eye was an antique room that looked like a TV series I was watching.
In the costume drama in the room, there are sandalwood-colored tables, chairs, and benches on the wall, and there is a sword hanging obliquely on the wall. This is where I rescued a drowning little girl in the lake in the park before I lost consciousness. Even if I was rescued, it should be in the hospital or At home, Wang Qi’s thinking gradually began to recover. Why is my hand so small? Wang Qi screamed. Wang Qi lifted the quilt and looked carefully, and found that his body was as finished as a child.
After timetraveling, he must have timetraveled, not wearing clothes, but a soul.
Chuan Wang Qi murmured to himself, just as Wang Qi was staring blankly at everything in front of him, a man’s voice suddenly came from outside the door, and then the door was opened, and the middle-aged man in Taoist robe quickly walked towards the bedside junior brother Brother Lingxu, you finally woke up, you made us and the master very worried, Wang Qi was awakened by this man’s voice, his whole body became alert, and he immediately returned to his body Wang Qi looked at the head of the man in front of him and told him to spin, thinking about how to do it Not to be seen through Well, just like this, who are you and where am I? Wang Qi asked innocently, little junior brother, why don’t you even know me? The room, the man who called himself senior brother Wang Qi hurriedly grabbed Wang Qi’s hand and started to take his pulse to see if he hit a rock when he fell into the water or was it a serious symptom of drowning? Why don’t you even know me? Tao, it seems that I have indeed crossed over. This person in front of me should be my elder brother, and according to what he said, I should be in the Wudang school.
Is this body also drowned and died? Is it a coincidence? Then what era is it now? He said This is the Wudang faction.
The Wudang faction only came from the Yuan Dynasty. Is this history or a novel or something? At this moment, countless thoughts flashed through Wang Qi’s mind.
He must know more information, otherwise he might be in big trouble for Wang Qixin. Wanting Ling Yuzi to see Wang Qi with a look of despair and asked anxiously, junior brother, are you suffering from loss of soul disease, ah, ah, my head hurts, my head hurts, Wang Qi pretended to have a headache, and said in pain, little brother, lie down Seeing Wang Qi like this, Ling Yuzi hurriedly helped Wang Qi lie down, turned around and ran out quickly, apparently looking for his master, Wang Qi saw Ling Yuzi ran out, he lay down slowly thinking All the things that have happened, he can now be sure that he has time-traveled, but why he can time-travel here Most of the time-travels in the novels are not for no reason, there are certain reasons, not all people can calm down when encountering time-traveling Forget everything before. Wang Qi’s parents are still worrying about his affairs. He still owes so much foreign debt and hasn’t paid it off. Should his parents in their fifties help him earn money to pay back the money? What about his fiancée who is disappointed in him? I can let go of you Good host, I am the Heavens Traveling lottery system is very happy to serve you. An electronically synthesized sound rang in Wang Qi’s ear, what? Did I have auditory hallucinations? The lottery system is very happy to serve you. This voice once again appeared in Wang Qi’s ears. Wang Qi is now a little confused.
What are you, Goldfinger, the self-traveling system? Wang Qi asked cautiously. The host came to this world and brought the host back to life. Wang Qi was excited when he heard that he was brought into this world by this system. System system, please tell me where this is and how can I go back.
How about my parents? How about Xiaojia? How can I go back to the host? Don’t worry about your questions. I will answer them one by one for you. The world you are in now is the world of the TV drama version of Swordsman, and the host needs to complete the tasks issued by the system before leaving this world.
Every time you complete a world The task will get a lottery chance and reward, and at the same time, you will leave this world and go to another world to complete the task.
After you complete the tasks in ten worlds, you have a chance to make a wish. Then you can make any wish, including returning to your original world. System explanation Dao Wangqi calmed down when he heard the system’s explanation. He was thinking about every word the so-called system said. What is certain is that I am now crossing into the world of Swordsman and I am not fixed in one world.