He has been adjusting his state for these years there is no more time for him to accumulate he has to start otherwise if there

Chapter 1 Inexplicable Heavenly Soldiers Ancient Star This is an irregular star, somewhat shaped like a head, connected with other nearby stars, like an ancient corpse Everywhere you can see the majestic, continuous and majestic mountains here, the majestic mountains, many giant mountains towering into the sky, tens of thousands of feet, surrounded by chaotic air, like a land in the beginning, there is the sound of the roaring of the avenue, this area is very vast, and there are all kinds of ancient people living in it Beasts are the territory of the monster race and some primitive tribes. Generally speaking, the human race rarely set foot in the mythical age.
The Lingbao Tianzun’s head fell and turned into an ancient star.
The frontal bone of the immortal platform is vast and boundless. Inside there is a strange liquid that is bright and crystal-like. It looks like a flame. Jumping submerges a divine egg inside and it is hatching. This is the only immortal divine power left behind after the death of the Supreme Supreme. It is definitely a world-shocking huge Supreme Supreme. On the immortal platform of the Supreme Supreme, there is only this water. I can’t see that it is misunderstood that the flame contains a strong vitality and is full of powerful power. There are powerful life fluctuations on it that are shocking. If someone finds out, they will definitely feel horrified.
Is it possible that this head has life fluctuations? What kind of fire is it breeding? The crow is as huge as a mountain, covered with black feathers flickering and flowing with celestial brilliance, standing motionless in the flames, as if sleeping His bloodline inheritance is a great sage of the Golden Crow tribe, the great sage of the fire crow, the fire crow is extremely terrifying, every feather in his body is flowing, the divine splendor has a kind of avenue fluctuation that seems to be able to suppress the nine heavens and ten places, and the divine fire dances on the fairy platform dazzlingly dazzling The Great Sage Firecrow did not live in the center, but left a crystal clear golden egg.
The Great Sage Firecrow slept here just to protect the egg.
It was born for more than ten years and fell into a deep sleep. If there is no disturbance, it will not Waking up a majestic saint just to protect a golden divine egg, what is his identity? Where is this? Ye Chuan opened his eyes and suddenly frowned.
Intertwined interpretation of chaos, the scene of birth and multiplication of all spirits is full of auspiciousness, while in the void, strands of strands, like silkworms spinning silk, continuously derivate into white cocoons, wrapping around Ye Chuan’s body, making him full of connotations. With a kind of indescribable fairy charm and ethereal, and near Xianyechuan, he can feel that his body is full of powerful power that he can’t help but explode, and there is a very strong life breath hovering around his body, constantly pouring into his body.
He’s improving his whole body, damn it, I’ve turned into a bird man, what the hell is it still a dream? Ye Chuan’s eyes dropped, and his head was as big as a hammer. He felt bad, and he was a normal person who suddenly saw himself turned into one. No one would feel good if the bird wanted to come, but at this moment Ye Chuan felt this way, it’s too fucking nonsense.
At this moment, a divine bird appeared in Ye Chuan’s eyes Its shape is like a crane or a crow with feet naked and a golden beak, but it is white, and the whole body is full of brilliance, which is dazzling.
Although this bird is somewhat different, its body is golden and looks like it is made of gold. It is like a mythical beast. Charming, but Ye Chuan’s breathing was still short, his heart was ups and downs, and he couldn’t calm down. He not only couldn’t accept his current image, but also felt a sense of horror from the bottom of his heart, because he clearly felt that he was not in a dream, this was reality, reality, reality, but what about reality? It will be like this, Ye Chuan is just an ordinary post-90s who rose from the ordinary. Although he has made some achievements in a few years of hard work after graduation, he is not the kind of big man who is known all over the world.
He doesn’t know which master did it.
I can’t figure out what’s going on here.
How did I become a birdman? Who is Ye Chuan? He shook his head vigorously, trying to come up with an answer! An inexplicable force tore his head apart, and a vast river of memories poured into Ye Chuan’s sea of ‚Äč‚Äčconsciousness.
It was vast and boundless, thousands of times worse than ordinary people’s memories, and it shattered Ye Chuan’s soul. Ancient Star Lingbao Tianzun Xiantai’s only immortal divine power Nirvana Ye Chuan extracted a few things from the huge amount of information.
Could this be covering the sky? It’s so awesome, Ye Chuan guessed uncertainly, but soon he I got the answer from the huge and boundless information network. This is really a world that covers the sky, and he has traveled through it, but it is thousands of years earlier than Ye Fan’s time. He has integrated everything of the Golden Crow, including his Tao and Dharma.
He looked strange, wondering if this was a blessing or a curse, how could this be done by someone who did it? Is this the same world? Ye Chuan had a lot of questions in his head and kept asking himself for answers.
After ten years, Ye Chuan opened his eyes again, only this time. What is different from the last ten years of Enlightenment is that his whole body has integrated and digested all the memories of the Golden Crow, including his Dao and Dharma. This time, he has completely transformed into a human form. His figure is slender and straight, and his long golden hair is naturally scattered on his chest and back.
Surrounded by divine brilliance all around, Yingwei’s eyes are filled with the scene of the creation of the universe, which is extremely profound. At this moment, Ye Chuan’s aura is like a god, which can suppress the sky and cover the nine heavens. Who made me travel through this inexplicably? Ye Chuan put his hands on his back, let go of all his thoughts, and melted himself into this body in this world. At this moment, Ye Chuan’s whole body is restrained, but his eyes are open and his eyes are flickering. The scene of stars disillusioning and opening up the world is more than half of it. It’s all because the abilities of the former Golden Crow were only used by Ye Chuan.