He gave a low cry Xiao Xi and Bei Mingxi held the doorknob tightly tightened his eyes stared at it for a few seconds and

It’s pouring rain at night, on the deserted avenue, the street lights are dim, the heavy rain is splashing water on the road, there’s the sound of footsteps, don’t run, fuck this little bitch, how can she run so fast, time can’t be delayed, get this little bitch away, run away The girl in front was soaked by the heavy rain, her footsteps were drenched, Shan Shan ran forward with all her strength, I told you to run, and the man who caught up behind her kicked her down and fell into the rain, grabbed her hair and made her Forced to raise your head and make you fucking run, the person who came up behind spoke, Brother Hu, hurry up and get the person away, and the person who gave the money said to deal with it as soon as possible, and throw it back, Brother Hu laughed lewdly twice.
It’s so beautiful, tsk tsk, the girl who was tugging at her clothes struggled to grab his hands, the forbearance and stubbornness in his eyes and the piercing chill looked at Brother Hu, he was terrified, he grabbed her hair tightly and asked the people around him to drive.
Come here? Come on, here comes the beam of headlights, the group of people laughed even more happily, but after a few seconds, the smiles froze on their faces, accompanied by harsh brakes, six black cars surrounded them with body paint The lights on the car are sharp and the eagle-eye design looks very majestic and domineering. There is no brand logo or license plate number.
The pitch-black appearance blends in with the night.
The doors open one after another. The masks and hats held guns in their hands and surrounded them in a circle. Some of them were frightened to see the things that the group of people were holding in their hands, and they couldn’t speak smoothly. This country does not allow holding wooden warehouses. Behind these people, a car door opened.
Someone held an umbrella and opened it to welcome the people in the car. The woman who was lying in the rain saw the man under the black umbrella. She couldn’t see his face. Step by step stepping on the dew, step by step calmly, like her savior coming to save her, the strong darkness around him makes people feel panic, like a demon coming out of the darkness, getting closer and closer step by step, he squats down in front of the woman without any trace Regardless of her embarrassing and drenched body, she slowly reached out and gently hugged her into her arms. The movement was extremely gentle. Bei Mingxi raised her head and looked into his deep, dimpled black eyes, looking at her tenderly. Gently brushing her wet hair behind her head, she carefully wiped off the rain on her face. She wanted to speak, but felt a darkness in front of her eyes, and fainted. The man hugged the woman and got up without looking at those people.
Going out, it was cold and biting, solved Brother Hu, a group of people were terrified and hadn’t made a sound yet. People coming from nowhere covered their mouths and didn’t even give them a chance to shout. They just heard a click, and they fell limply on the ground.
The black convoy The ground before it gradually faded away was empty, as if nothing had happened, Bei Mingxi woke up from the warm light, and what she saw was the purple bed curtain.
She slowly got up from the soft bed and opened it.
With the curtains on the bed, the spacious bedroom is covered with a purple-gold carpet, and the hanging crystal lamp above the head shines a warm light.
She got out of bed and took two steps by herself.
The clothes are neatly placed on the sofa.
The arc-shaped European-style sofa with ebony wood and gold border is paired with exquisitely embroidered pillows.
The matching tea table is neatly placed with roses and the porcelain white tea set with gold border. There are simple paintings on the walls and dark green curtains.
This room is luxurious and solemn.
Come, come, come, he is really coming. She changed her clothes and folded the changed nightgown and put it on the sofa. She walked out of the bedroom full of doubts. Porcelain white Roman pillars hang from the ceiling and hang from the ceiling.
A long crystal lighthouse hangs on the high wall. Looking at various art paintings, she groped the road with some anxiety and walked down the spiral staircase with metal grilles.
The interior of the French palace was elegant and romantic, mixed with high-end solemnity, and the black and white servants at the sub-stations were ruthless and full of heart. Even more disturbing is the man from last night, Mr. The servant’s chorus changed back to Bei Mingxi’s thoughts. She looked at the past and involuntarily took two steps back. A slender and tall man came in with his back to the light. After a few steps, Bei Mingxi saw his face clearly, which shocked her beautifully.
The sharp edges and corners of the face are very beautiful and almost monster-like.
The pupils are black and bright like obsidian, and the phoenix eyes are dark and deep.
The line of frosty lips is sexy and the lip color is very red, which is very confusing. This face is wild, coquettish, charming and sexy.
Wearing a black suit with wide shoulders and narrow waist, standing straight and straight, full of abstinence, but can’t help but make people dreamy. Angry and overwhelmed, Bei Mingxi is the first time to see such a monstrous man, wild and abstinent, making her want to commit a crime, and his eyes are so beautiful, he was the one who saved her last night, why? Want to save her? In her memory, she didn’t know such a good-looking man. He leaned down and was very close to her at eye level.
She blushed when she heard it, and it took several seconds before she suddenly touched her eyes. She hurriedly looked for a place with a mirror.
The woman in the mirror had dark purple pupils. She lowered her head in a panic. The man behind her had already followed. Come on, your eyes got into the rain last night, so I took out the colored contact lenses for you. Don’t worry, I’ll have someone prepare another pair for you. Bei Mingxi’s face was even more beautiful, as if she was provoking people’s heartstrings, her face turned red, she quickly looked away from the man, the man smiled, and the line was gentle, eat breakfast first, I’m taking you back, Bei Mingxi was a little uneasy to be taken by the servant Sitting at the table for a long time without moving a hand, he noticed