He gasped for breath and said bitterly Chu Hao don’t come here I’ll tell you he pointed at Ruan Bai you guys must move out

Agents traveled through ancient times.
Civilians switched to raising donkeys, mules, and horses.
Farmers started delivering letters and parcels.
But why are the contents of the parcels so weird? Letters, fruits, dead heads, and even valuables like the prince of the royal family. Consciously don’t become a dangerous product, soul is weak. Content tags Strong court marquis travels through time and space and rises steadily. Leading role Ruan Bai Chuhao Supporting roles Other sweet pets Silver medals Editor’s comment He is not alone in the battle On a certain day when the Great Zhou was flourishing, the former little friend turned into the prince of the Great Zhou His Royal Highness Ruan Baierkangshou, the Royal Highness, don’t go, let’s sign the contract of express delivery for the Great Zhou. The life after a modern person suddenly came to the ancient border. The two protagonists, one is a modern agent and the other is the son of the royal family. The collision of different concepts between the era and the living environment makes them rub off a series of sparks. The plot makes people look forward to the first chapter. The whip cracks accompanied by the sound of breaking through the air. There seems to be a crackling sound in the air.
Ruan Bai only feels a dull pain coming out from the cracks in the bones. A bush hurts. The boy who is waving a whip in his hand is still a young man riding on horseback, scolding something loudly with a childish voice, but his ears are like two balls of cotton stuffed, and he can’t hear clearly. A voice seemed to come from a distant place.
The young man rode his horse around twice and scolded him twice before he walked away unwillingly. Ruan Bai lay on the ground, and what caught his eyes was a pair of dry, cracked, black and yellow hands with thick knuckles.
Rough soil particles can vaguely see the sparse grass roots.
Here it is, it’s good. He’s not dead yet. His throat is dry. After coughing twice, a tingling pain appeared in his throat. He suppressed the itch in his throat and swallowed it.
With a sip of saliva, he wobbled and followed the long-distance team.
Herds of cattle and sheep carried tall burdens. Behind him was a group of people with disheveled hair.
It was almost impossible to distinguish between men and women, let alone their expressions. Several men and women rode horses as tall as men. Cruising around the team and saw someone leaving the team, they whipped it off, some fell directly on the person, but most of them fell on the side as a warning, heavy breathing spread from the ear, and the hearing was gradually clear with the sight.
The voice of the people on the restored horseback was strange and high-pitched, even under the noise of so many animals, it could be heard clearly Ruan Bai wrote down what they said word by word and recited them silently over and over again even if he didn’t understand the specific meaning. Many emotions can also be revealed in a person’s voice, love, sternness, cruelty, coquetry, joy, longing, combination of dressing and grasping By the time the camp was approaching, Ruan Bai already knew a lot of information, but he didn’t know if it was useful or not.
There was another explosion in the air, and it landed beside Ruan Bai, who was still the boy who was waving the whip.
After the previous reprimand, this time the whip did not fall on anyone.
This time it was not Ruan Bai who was targeted by the boy, but another young man walking beside him.
Gathered a little distance and continued to unload the luggage from the cows and horses honestly. The boy asked aloud in their own language why, seeing the bewildered expression of the hunched young man, he had to ask again in broken Da Zhou Mandarin.
What are you hiding? Ruan Bai breathed a sigh of relief, even though the young man had a strong accent, he finally understood a sentence. He was never afraid of not being able to learn a language, but at least it would be good to have a reference or even a cultural heritage that does not violate his own.
What happened to him is so weird that it can only be explained by time travel in popular novels.
As far as the current situation is concerned, although the master is not easy to get along with, he obviously has no plans to kill them, as long as his life is safe, even if it is only temporarily.
The so-called master is not a threat to him.
What he is worried about is the lack of information in the surrounding environment, so he doesn’t know where this place is. He doesn’t know what caused the current situation. He doesn’t know who are the slaves together.
He wasn’t sure if someone would stab someone in the back when he reached out to his master.
The harsher the environment, the more human nature would be tested. While thinking, the young man who was questioned stretched out a hand similar to his, with a handful of grass seeds on it.
The young man’s voice was hoarse, almost out of breath. Seeing the result, the hungry young man snorted and left without interest.
It was on the grassland. The most common grass seeds are not very rare. Thinking of his father saying that he would save these people in the market and sell them in exchange for beautiful silk for his sister to make a wedding dress, he called out to his mother who was cooking, okay? These are my sister’s dowry. If she is dead, she can’t sell it for money. His sister is going to marry a tribal warrior. She can’t be underestimated because of the small dowry.
The aroma of the pancakes soon permeated, mixed with the aroma of oil and milk, and what fell on Ruan Bai was a bowl of hot soup. There was nothing in it, like boiled water for washing a pot, but there was a little bit of oil in it.
He closed his eyes and huddled in the barn with the others for the night. The smell was indeed intriguing.
At least it was sheltered from the wind and kept warm. In this situation, there is really nothing to pay attention to.