He found that his skin had changed Slack and he looked at himself in the mirror his face was sallow and even a little black

Because my grandfather is the secretary of the village party committee, I was fortunate enough to witness these strange cases.
Tell me about the old tree murder case that I have personally experienced in the past few years.
The case of the hidden coffin in the well.
The case of dismembering children. Zhang Bleeding Indus Tree My name is Wang Yang. I was born in an ancient small village in northern Jiangsu called Wangjia Village.
Before I was six years old, Wangjia Village was always peaceful and quiet, at least on the surface, but I When I was six years old, a group of people suddenly came to the village.
Since then, Wangjia Village has never had a peaceful day. Strange things happened one after another, and the source of these strange things came from a tree.
An ancient sycamore tree that blocks the sky. This sycamore tree grows at the village head of Wangjia Village. Its trunk is tall and strong, and it takes four or five men to embrace it. Its branches stretch out to the sky, whether it is day or night, it will be in Wangjia Village.
Casts a huge, mottled shadow that’s daunting No one knows how long the sycamore tree has lived I just know that when I was a kid my grandpa told me about it when he was my age His grandpa was telling him about the sycamore The story of the tree is more than a hundred years ago. The Empress Dowager Cixi ordered strange people and strange men from all over the world to hunt down phoenixes and make fur coats for her.
It is said that if the phoenix fur coat can be worn on the body, people will be rejuvenated and reborn.
There is only one phoenix left. The phoenix is ​​a divine bird that can suppress evil spirits and keep peace forever.
Killing it will cause a sudden increase in evil spirits and lead to chaos in the world. Seeing that the golden coffin and jade bed had been prepared in the Houling, the Empress Dowager Cixi became more and more uneasy.
She didn’t want to die. She sent people to secretly arrest hundreds of Taoist disciples and family servants, and threatened hundreds of Taoist priests.
After a year of trekking, they used paper cranes to search for caves and traces thousands of miles away, and finally found the trace of the phoenix in a valley at the southern foot of Kunlun Mountain.
The phoenix is ​​a divine bird born with spirituality.
Hundreds of attacking Taoist priests formed a Liuhe Dao formation and beat the phoenix into a serious injury.
Hundreds of Taoist priests fled in a hurry.
Hundreds of Taoist priests cast Taoist spirit-seeking spells on the phoenix.
They chased after the phoenix desperately.
The sycamore tree on a very old-looking sycamore tree is exactly the sycamore tree at the head of our village. The phoenix pecked off a few sycamore branches and piled it under his body. From his mouth, he spit out a few light balls like sparks After a while, smoke and flames began to rise from the sycamore tree, but at this moment, the sky suddenly became dark and heavy rain poured down.
The heavy rain extinguished the fire on the sycamore tree.
Not long after, the group of Taoist priests who chased Phoenix arrived. Here, the seriously injured and dying Phoenix was heavily surrounded. Seeing that he couldn’t escape, Fenghuang sent out a shrill and utterly mournful cry to the sky. A few Taoist priests found something was wrong and wanted to stop it, but it was too late. There is no trace of the phoenix anywhere, only a burning fire is left, the phoenix forcibly attracted its own catastrophe, and committed suicide After the phoenix died, there was no plume left behind.
The Taoist priests who were reinstated and their family members were all beheaded, and among those Taoist priests who did not return to Beijing for pilgrimage, one of them stayed behind for unknown reasons and built a Taoist temple on the mountain behind our village, named Taiyin Temple Taiyin Temple now The owner of the village is the son of the person who built the temple back then, who is also my later master.
Let’s not mention here, because the legend of the phoenix spread in Wangjiacun, so many people called Wangjiacun Luofeng Village.
That’s when the village began.
Drought year after year, no rain all the year round, the originally great mountain village and water town turned into a dry land.
The several big rivers and Baishi mountain springs around the village have almost seen their bottom in more than a hundred years. The whole village relies on an old man not far from the plane tree. I don’t know if the legend of the sycamore tree and the phoenix is ​​true or not. I only know that my grandfather never let me play under this sycamore tree or even get close to it. Grandpa said that a Japanese military officer fell in love with it during the Japanese invasion of China. A sycamore tree, he ordered his subordinates to cut down the sycamore tree to make him a bed board.
The bed board made of the sycamore tree is not only good in ductility, but also light and elastic, and it emits a fragrance that helps sleep, especially the fragrance of the sycamore tree that is over a hundred years old. After a long time, it can cure all kinds of diseases, but because this plane tree is too huge, it takes four or five men to embrace it.
At that time, there were no saws that could cut such a thick tree. The Japanese officer ordered eight Japanese soldiers to use steel. Unexpectedly, on the same day, a horrific thing happened. One of the Japanese soldiers spent half a day cutting through the bark of the plane tree. There was a bit of blood oozing from the broken bark. Not much blood, but very fishy. The eight Japanese soldiers were frightened, why are the trees in China still bleeding? Among the eight Japanese soldiers, one of the eight Japanese soldiers was a literary soldier who was with the Japanese officer and could speak Chinese.
After seeing such a strange scene, he told the others to stop cutting down trees and complained. The villagers in Wangjia Village asked about the tree. After hearing the villagers in Wangjia Village tell him that the tree was a sacred tree, the art soldier went back to the camp and told the Japanese officer. All the villagers in Wangjia Village called and said that only China can do these old feudal things.
He said that he had gone through dozens of battles, big and small, with gunshot wounds and knife wounds all over his body.
What can a broken tree in a broken village do to him? So the Japanese officer rolled up his sleeves and cut down the tree with a steel knife. He cut the root of the plane tree into a palm-sized one.
The gap until the blood is dripping all over the floor