He couldnt help pinching the envelope in his pocket and praying inwardly Mom quickly bless your son and cheat his wife back again good grandpa

The sofa chair made of logs has a delicate touch, and the leather is wrapped with copper rivets. The ceiling is painted black. The thick water pipes and air outlets of the air conditioner are criss-crossed on the ceiling.
The crystal pendant on the small European-style chandelier reflects the shimmering light, adding a touch of grace to the simplicity Ji Wan reclines on the sofa chair with a full two-meter-high back, skillfully separating the seats into hidden spaces to look around Going outside the window is a spacious small square. Fountains and corridors along the river can be seen faintly.
The boxwood trees in Yangchun and March show a different kind of fresh green. If she hadn’t been waiting for someone, it would have been a pleasant afternoon. She raised her hand and looked away from the agreement. It’s been five minutes past two o’clock, and her obsessive-compulsive disorder has started to strike.
She needs patience to control the desire to look at her watch from time to time.
The cafe is a bit more noisy Ji Wan frowned, but the noise still imprinted on the eardrums involuntarily, do you think my buddies are stupid? Talk about a partner and worship her like a fairy.
As for it? What’s the use of being pretty, you don’t know he’s suffering in his heart? His wife is a strange thing. Plato, don’t get married, don’t get married, you have to take it to see your in-laws, and you have to make an appointment first.
Don’t worry, you don’t understand that woman’s heart is not living with my buddy.
My buddy complained that she wants to refrain from interfering with each other’s privacy and make friends before and after marriage. After marriage, she lives separately from her parents.
Parents must get permission in advance when visiting relatives.
Did you say it’s not too much? Is this marriage inviting a Bodhisattva to come to your door? Ji Wan, who was drinking mango juice, was startled, and then a faint smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. She picked up the straw in the glass and stirred up the mango sediment Slowly took a big sip of the mango, it was very sweet, it must have been imported from the south, the group of people in the corner chatted more and more enthusiastically, discussing why the woman made such an appointment, even the psychopath moved out to persuade her That man hurriedly asked his buddy to break up with his girlfriend, otherwise a good family would definitely be messed with.
I gave my buddy an idea.
This kind of woman just needs to clean up first and then say she doesn’t want to get married. Well, then don’t wait until she turns thirty and becomes a leftover woman, and she can still blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, bla. Always take turns with left hand and right hand Come on, big man can let this suffocate to death and steal a fish so that no one can catch it, it’s fine, why don’t you let your buddy find a way to sleep with her first, let me tell you, every woman sleeps with her A few obedient people laughed again, and then the voice was a little quieter, maybe they were exchanging secret recipes for stealing sex.
Ji Wan’s mood became more and more restless.
She looked at her watch and it was half an hour past the appointed time. She was hesitating. Do you want to make a phone call in a disguised form to urge you to hear a burst of noise at the door? When the wind chimes sounded, she looked back and saw the person she was dating walked in quickly. The manager of an investment company surnamed Zheng Jiwan had dated him several times. This time he finally agreed to take time out of his busy schedule to have an afternoon drink together.
After graduation, she started her own business and set up a small micro-planning technology company, responsible for the promotion of several companies’ WeChat public accounts.
Recently, she developed a very good project but lacked funds. If she can attract venture capital funds, it will definitely make her The company has made a qualitative leap. Manager Zheng is a typical urban elite in his thirties.
He has an ordinary appearance but fair complexion. Under a pair of black-rimmed glasses, there is a shrewd light shining.
Ji Wan met him at a college startup promotion meeting.
She was very enthusiastic about her project and had two interviews, but when it came to the specific investment details, there was nothing.
The other investment companies I found below have all declined.
This is the last one she has been busy for so long. I hope Miss Ji is sorry for being late Manager Zheng apologized gracefully and handed over the menu in a gentlemanly manner for Ji Wan to order.
I don’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional. His fingertips brushed Ji Wan’s skin. Ji Wan was stunned again. Then she calmly ordered some snacks and coffee.
While the waiter was placing the order, she sincerely introduced her project and expected prospects again.
Manager Zheng smiled inexplicably. There are so many people who have blown the hype to the last place.
Manager Zheng, I brought the company’s financial statements, as well as the evaluation profits and prospects of similar domestic and international projects. You can make a comparison.
Please believe that we will definitely make your investment worthwhile.
Wan pushed the materials he brought in front of him. He was neither overbearing nor humble. With that fledgling persistence and sincerity, Manager Zheng took it and flipped through it at will.
I understand the urgency of you young people wanting to start a career, but investing.
There are so many promising projects, why do you have to come up with a special reason to vote for your family? Let’s talk about it. His eyes moved on Ji Wan’s body, inch by inch, and finally stopped at the collar of her tightly buttoned shirt. Ji Wan was silent for a moment, the corners of her mouth turned up slightly, this slight smile made the originally indifferent expression come alive, what Manager Zheng meant was that her ending sound was prolonged and her tone was slightly raised. Very flirtatious, Manager Zheng was so tickled by the voice and smile that he coveted Ji Wan, a female college student who just graduated for a long time, has no capital and background, and there is a green onion on his body, and his face is even more permeable.
The most rare thing about the exquisiteness of classical ladies is that they are exquisite and handsome, but they are wrapped in decent fabrics and refuse to show a little freshness without losing their softness.
He has been coming and going for a while to whet the appetite.