He couldnt help but twitched the corner of his mouth he didnt even have a girlfriend where did he come from He looked at Yan

Article points copywriting always has such a man who looks handsome and behaves like a gentleman and is polite.
Inside, he is a tacky man.
This article is about the story of the rebirth of such a man The time, place, and characters have nothing to do with reality Yan, Liang Deyou, etc. Chapter Rebirth, Strong and Strong Chapter Returning Lu Chengyu’s grandfather named him Chengyu, hoping to make him rich and prosperous, but his life was full of abundance.
After graduating from university, he was not lucky until his death. Sitting on the public seat and watching blind couples pass by one after another, it took a long time before I patted the non-existent dust on my clothes and walked towards my dormitory building at a leisurely pace A clean shirt, a woolen vest, well-fitting jeans, and casual shoes. The very ordinary outfit made Lu Chengyu wear it with a gentle and clean taste, which won the hearts of many girls on the road.
One of the roommates was playing a game and one of the roommates saw him coming back without looking back and asked the third child where were you? He couldn’t calm down in the dormitory, but for his own image, he had no choice but to stroll outside the dormitory silently to vent his shock and ecstasy.
This kind of speechless impulse.
In the memory of the previous life, Chen Jin seemed to confess to him when he was about to graduate from university.
After he refused, he rarely appeared in front of him, but I don’t know if it was his illusion.
Since then, his luck It got worse and worse, and finally became a hotel lobby manager who could still meet Chen Jin and his partner Liang Deyou. At that time, with Liang Deyou’s disdainful eyes and Chen Jin’s disappointed expression, he was still able to treat the two of them with a standard smile. I personally delivered it to the room, I couldn’t bear to look directly at it, and when I turned to leave, I also received a look from Chen Jin who had such a poor vision from me back then. Life should not be too miserable, but who is he, Master Lu? Even so, he can still turn around with a graceful smile and leave.
After playing a game, I turned around and saw Lu Chengyu squinting his eyes against the wall in a daze You raised your chin, the third child, you don’t usually take care of the fourth child, he was looking for you just now, and your mobile phone couldn’t get through. You came back, at least give him a call.
Lu Chengyu took out his mobile phone and walked to Zhang Hong’s computer to call Chen Jin.
I made a phone call and looked at the game Zhang Hong was playing. He was not very interested and asked about this game.
Are you still playing the game? I found a job.
I went to the same company as Guanglin and I will report to work next Monday.
How about you, Zhang Hong, knows that Lu Chengyu is not interested in this game, so what’s the point of throwing an orange on the table to him casually? Let’s not be polite, buddies.
It’s better than work, no problem My brothers think I’m being polite to you Lu Chengyu patted Zhang Hong’s shoulder with a smile and then talked while peeling the oranges Zhu Guanglin, who had been on the game all the time, stuck his head out.
He didn’t see Chen Jin behind Lu Chengyu, so he said yes. When the fourth child comes back, Chen Jin is introverted, but they don’t have much contact with Chen Jin, and Chen Jin’s family conditions are not good. It’s great that they want to help him but also take into account his self-esteem, so in the past four years, their relationship with Chen Jin has been more than gentle and not close enough. The elders should always pay attention to other people’s delicate thoughts. It’s fine for a while.
One thing, Lu Chengyu has always acted like a gentleman, so he takes care of Chen Jin the most.
Among the three of them, Chen Jin is also the closest to Lu Chengyu, so of course there will be no missing party tonight.
Chen Jin heard Zhu Guanglin mention Chen Jin and Lu Chengyu nodded.
In the previous life, after he rejected Chen Jin, he rarely saw Chen Jin. Whenever he saw Chen Jin, he was unlucky. It’s sad, it’s a little bit sad. It’s no wonder people vent their anger. It’s not what men should do. Put on a white shirt and relax at night.
Lu Chengyu and three roommates in suits ordered a table of food in an off-campus restaurant and drank a lot of wine before they returned to the dormitory drunk. As soon as they returned to the dormitory, Zhu Guanglin and Zhang Hong fell asleep. Lu Chengyu shook his head and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Turning around after brushing, I saw Chen Jin looking at him with wet eyes, he felt something bad was about to happen, Lu Chengyu shared the same dormitory for four years, why did you take care of me so much? Chen Jin stood leaning against the door frame.
Lu Chengyu put down his toothbrush and cup and wanted to squeeze past Chen Jin. He really didn’t want to hear this confession. If I said I like you, would you believe it? Chen Jin was silent for a moment, Chen Jin smiled wryly Said, I know you don’t believe me, but I’m serious Lu Chengyu walked up to him, patted Chen Jin on the shoulder earnestly and said, Chen Jin, let’s stop making jokes like this, took out the phone in his trouser pocket and shook it in front of him After a while, we are all good young people of the New Heaven.
What good is April Fool’s Day like this tacky festival? Chen Jin looked at the date displayed on the phone, it was April 1st, and looked at the other party’s careless expression.
The original nervousness turned into annoyed Chengyu Do you still not know who I am after all these years?