He can immediately rub his palms to warm up and entertain himself happily Yu Zhile Don’t you think you have nothing to talk to me

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When she arrived at Zhongshan Square, she was flipping through magazines in a convenience store. The convenience store was not close to the hotel, but she was still passing by a lot. At night, her colleague Yu Zhile, who was waiting for orders, threw the magazines back on the shelf and The acquainted cashier said goodbye, stepped on the balance car, and slid towards the hotel.
In the middle of winter, the whole Ningcheng was soaked in the cold night air. From behind the hundreds of windows, material desires and extravagance are pouring out everywhere.
It’s really cold. Yu Zhile stops at the entrance of the hotel. Yu Zhile pulls up the zipper of her jacket.
There are very few women in this line of work, Yu Zhile’s figure and appearance are relatively outstanding, so several colleagues who gathered together and chatted immediately recognized her.
One of the men with one foot on a scooter called out to her and asked the clock with a smile. It was you who took the order at the Shan Square, Yu Zhile hummed, her nose was buried behind her collar, it was so muffled that it was almost inaudible, you little bitch, how can your hands be faster than ours? Friends, the vulgar cross talk between the two of them made everyone in the circle laugh out loud, their eyes wandered back and Yu Zhile was too lazy to pay attention to them, and they walked towards the hotel without squinting. There are those who are slightly tipsy and gossiping, and those who can’t straighten their heads and want a stretcher. The sober majority are laughing, and at the same time, there are many blushing women who are hooked in their arms.
Zhile has long been used to it. Yu Zhile took off a glove and took out her mobile phone. The other side hasn’t called her yet, she can only dial it and wait for it to be connected. As expected, there is a man with a vague voice, who is young? Yu Zhile, the driver, come back! His bewildered voice seems to be able to call the unpleasant smell of wine along the receiver It seems to take away the phone to ask a friend around me, because the voice of the next sentence immediately becomes far away.
I called the valet driver. I called him for you. Ah, what is the price? The owner of the machine is very puzzled.
What did I do? I have to pay the price. Yu Zhile, the mentally retarded men who drink too much are all mentally retarded. Wait for this brother to figure out the cause and effect.
It will probably be dawn before Yu Zhile finds it out by herself.
Hang up the phone and then ask where you are.
The phone was taken over by his friend and changed into another voice, which is more sober.
We are at the bottom of the elevator. Yu Zhile walks to the direction he said with ease and quickly.
When we found them, the two men were already drunk and talking nonsense. The owner of the car seemed to be in his early twenties. He was leaning against the wall.
Cheeks are flushed, groaning, drunken people are generally so sleepy and irritable, the man next to him who answers the phone wears rimless glasses, seems to be a little older, looking around should be looking for her Yu Zhile pressed the call and stopped In front of them, the man wearing glasses put the phone back into the coat pocket, Yu Zhile nodded, it was obvious that the man with glasses looked at her again, raised his eyebrows slightly, and pushed the wall, that person is coming and going, Yu Zhile followed her and glanced at her. Noticed that a large area of ​​skin from the man’s neck to the collarbone had turned tender pink, because he tilted his head up against the wall, so he could see clearly.
There are wet and shiny things flickering in the slits of the eyes, but Zhile didn’t stay on Zhile’s face for two seconds, he looked away and raised a hand to rub his hair anxiously, the man in glasses who messed up his bangs Handed him the gray coat and told him to put on the coat so he wouldn’t catch the cold. The man took it obediently and put on the condom with his hands and feet uncoordinated. He couldn’t put on the condom, like a three-year-old child learning to dress for the first time. The man with glasses couldn’t stand it anymore. The man with the glasses is looking at Yu Zhile again, can you get him out? There is something undisguisedly fresh and doubtful behind the lens.
She is three times his size.
Thinking like this in my heart, but I only said one word on my face, and put one of the young man’s arms on my shoulders. The movements were skillful and swift. Her face was still fair and clean, and her expression was relaxed.
No trace of strain was seen. The man in glasses bent his lips. Feeling relieved, I handed over the car keys in my hand to Zhongshan Square. Don’t go wrong.
Jing Sheng woke up from a dream of falling sharply.
His whole body was so hot and uncomfortable that he wanted to explode his shirt. Where is the back seat of the car? The windows on all sides of the car are closed, and the heater fills the entire closed and cramped car. It is so hot that it is almost suffocating.
Jing Sheng, whose throat is burning, cursed twice. The person driving in front of Xiao Songshui didn’t respond, and soon a bottle of mineral water was delivered. Jing Sheng raised his chin with difficulty to catch the water, and when he saw the hand holding the water, he couldn’t help being stunned.
The woman’s hand is narrow and slender, and it looks particularly clean and eye-catching in the dark environment. It is also during this observation gap that the person in front thought he had fallen asleep again and put the water back where it was. Jing Sheng sat up straight and wanted to return his own water to me. Ah, why did you take it away? The woman who was driving didn’t explain a word, but just brought the bottle of water over in the same posture again.
Jing Sheng took it and poured down half of the bottle, refreshed, and some memories of before falling asleep.