He came forward and took her hand stared at her and said softly Ive been back for a long time the air seemed to be

My life seemed to be full of tragedies like this until something happened that began to change my fate. It started ten years ago when I was fifteen.
It happened not long after my grandfather died. There are only two people in the family, I have a seventy-year-old butler, and the old butler looks terrible to me. He has a pair of bright eyes and is as thin as a skeleton. It’s like a layer of waxy yellow skin wrapped around the bones, but the old butler’s silver hair is always combed clean and shiny Because grandpa was criticized, few people came to me to play, so everything in the yard at home became my childhood playmates. For example, the red carp in the pond under the rockery was accidentally discovered by me in the pond. The red-tailed carp lost one eyeball, and the blood in the right eye socket turned black and empty. Occasionally, a little blood oozes from its side face.
I remember that time when I called the old housekeeper to see it, and the old housekeeper hurriedly covered it. My eyes then whispered anxiously, ghosts, ghosts, human beings, human beings, no children, too young, no wonder, no wonder, no wonder why the old butler said that, and I didn’t understand what the old butler was afraid of.
I just remembered that one day the red carp died suddenly. That day happened to be the day when my father and mother had a car accident. I was in the hospital looking at the two corpses covered in white cloth and couldn’t cry.
I don’t know what that means and I don’t know what death is. Maybe it’s because I’m too young. In addition, because I didn’t go to school, I begged the old housekeeper to help me wake up my parents.
I didn’t know until later that they were dead and would never come back. This sentence is the old housekeeper’s words. I told it myself on my 16th birthday, and he was even thinner than that. After a long time, when I asked about the red carp, the old butler just patted my head and said it was my grandfather alive.
The sin I owed at that time, my mother took it for me.
This debt has to be repaid.
I often beg the old butler to tell me stories about my grandpa. I think it is much better than fairy tales. The old butler also likes to tell me stories about him and my grandpa. When I was young, their job at that time was tomb robbery.
I remember I still laughed and said that when I grow up, I will also go to the tomb robbery and dig out good things. Maybe at that time I thought that the tomb robbery was no different from some treasure-hiding games.
Whoever finds the treasure first Whoever is the number one and whenever I say that, the old butler will squint his eyes and tell me sadly with a serious face, tomb robbing is to lose life, and digging a house will cost ten years.
I don’t understand the meaning of this sentence, it’s just stupid Afterwards, when I asked the old housekeeper what he was doing, he refused to say at first, and after asking for a few days, he told me that he said that the work he did was also a matter of shortening his life.
I would know when I was older. Sir, it is indeed a life-saving job. This word is what I read from a book.
What dynasty was that book written in? It’s impossible to verify what people wrote, even the old housekeeper didn’t know about it, but when the Red Guards came to raid the house, the old housekeeper said that all the valuable things in the house were taken away, and those that couldn’t be moved were also smashed into pieces. And this book It was the book I found in the rockery wrapped in a tattered tarpaulin. The cover of the book was old and greasy.
Only four large bold characters were clearly read. When I showed this book to the old housekeeper Sometimes the old butler was so excited that he almost cried, holding the book with his hands trembling, and told me his sorrow, the Lin family is hopeful, the Lin family is hopeful, I don’t understand what the old butler means, but judging by his appearance, this book should be worth a lot I have never believed in ghosts, gods, and demons. Maybe it’s because I felt this kind of thing when I was a child. Believe it or not.
Every day, I look at the big red letters written on the big wall of Marxism. One man is a soldier and the whole family is happy. The party recited the quotations from time to time, and I was indignant at some charlatans, ghosts and snakes until one winter, a major event that I will never forget in my life happened, that is, that event made me come into contact with things that ordinary people can’t get in touch with in their lifetime, and even more so.
I firmly believe in the theory of ghosts, gods and demons. My family lives in a remote village near Daxinganling in the northeast.
Frozen to death, not to mention some beasts, especially the snow that year was so deep that they lost their calves and it was so cold that few people dared to stay outside for a while, let alone people like me and the old housekeeper. An old man and a child wished he could not come out when he was under the blanket, and heard a sharp woman’s cry, “Xiao Linzi, there is a thief in your house! I just let you Uncle Liu catch it, and when I heard that there was a thief, old housekeeper.
” Quickly put on a dog fur hat and a military coat and walked out with a stooped body. I am young and like to watch the excitement, so I put on a padded jacket and a hat and went out of the house.
Uncle Liu stepped on the thief’s back and said fiercely that the old housekeeper is the only one surnamed Wang in our village and the longest-lived old man who is seventy-eight years old and has a tough physique. I tilted my head and looked at the thief who was stepped on by Uncle Liu.
The thief looked like a mouse in his thirties, especially his small eyes, and he wore a handful of rocks on his tattered waist.
The knife came out with two mustaches on its mouth.
Who are you? Why did you come to steal my dog? I yelled softly and grabbed the old butler by the corner of his clothes. It’s just a smirk, the neighbors standing next to them are all out to join in the fun, and they still laugh when they see the thief