He asked him softly amidst booing and booing when will you come back There is still more than a month left do you miss me

I hear the wind coming from the subway and the sea of ​​people I stand in line holding the number plate of love Said that the dream is very plump, the reality is very skinny, the slacker Ji Yunjian very much agrees with the warm and cool rainy season, counting the raindrops on the window. At this moment, she is boredly putting the mobile phone on her lap and stretching out a finger with her left hand to cut. Watermelon is holding a bottle in his right hand, but he can’t help him. He is playing vigorously. With a slap, the phone leaps in a perfect arc.
Lying on the marble floor, although it is not broken, Ji Yunjian is still very distressed. Only a tall figure appeared. Bending down in front of him to pick up the phone, what kind of hands are these? The back of the white hands are clean and the fingers are well-articulated but lacking the delicate luster.
Ji Yun raised his head in a daze, and then messed up a pair of eyes as deep as the dark blue night sky, showing alienation. It is a mixture of various temperaments, and it also independently adds a bit of ethereal and handsome.
A good appearance! The pure white white coat is spotless. Somehow, I think of the line in the Book of Songs, Zhan Biqi, Ao, Green Bamboo, and Yi. It’s unbelievable that even in the face of Zhang Yizhe and Ji Yunjian, he was only evaluated as handsome and unrestrained. The man in front of him was absolutely unbelievable. When he bent down, Ji Yunjian saw the signboard of Yu Jiepu Surgery on his chest sharply. The attending physician, the handsome doctor, glanced at her indifferently, and handed over the phone.
His fingers touched like an electric current running through his whole body. Ji Yunjian hurriedly grabbed the phone, retracted his hand, and thanked her politely. She could clearly feel that her ears were hot and red. The handsome doctor was still the same.
With a faint expression, he found that his brows were frowned as if disapproving.
Ji Yunjian followed his gaze and looked at the big bag of snacks that Lu Weiwei and Tang Shaofeng bought when they sent her here in the morning. Did the handsome doctor like it? Just when Ji Yunjian wanted to speak When I said I wanted to eat, I could take it. I heard the handsome doctor speak lightly.
My tonsils are inflamed. Why do you still eat this kind of food? Drink more boiled water.
There, Ji Yun opened his eyes weakly and stared at him secretly, wondering why there is no tender heart under such a stunning appearance? For the doctor, how do you know that my tonsils are inflamed? The handsome doctor simply pointed to the side of her hanging bottle If you have a bad voice, don’t talk too much. Eat something bland. You’re such a beautiful boy. What will happen if you say a few more words? Ji Yunjian rolled her eyes in depression, and then saw the handsome doctor sitting on the wicker chair beside her.
Watching the old love movies on the TV, there are not many patients in the hospital in the early morning, and there are only a few nurses coming and going. Ji Yunjian naturally turned his head to Dr. Yu Jieyu, you don’t need it.
Are you going to work? Yu Jie glanced at her.
I came early. I had an operation at 8:00.
Come on? Ji Yunjian said secretly in his heart, “Hey, don’t move your hands.” Immediately, Shang Jie turned around and approached her, raising his hand to tighten the switch. Ji Yunyan looked nervously at his right hand, which was pricked by the needle, and there was a section of air left in the dropper.
The red blood flowing out along the tube doesn’t seem to be swollen.
Ji Yunjian’s white and tender paws have already swelled up like a small steamed bun.
Don’t move. Staring at the suffering right hand without blinking, I saw the handsome doctor gently remove the white adhesive tape and band-aid tied on his hand little by little.
Yunjian couldn’t help but touch the silently hot face, the handsome guy glanced at her, Ji Yunjian nodded, then squinted his eyes with a bitter face, leaving only a gap to watch secretly, and before her brows were furrowed, he snapped a needle The handsome doctor has already pulled out the hand and pressed the back of his hand tightly, inserting the needle into the rubber stopper of the bottle and pressing it hard, otherwise the blood will flow out.
The warm thumb pressed firmly on the back of her hand. Ji Yunjian is very nympho I really thought that it was worth it for this handsome guy to be sick today. I stretched out my thumb to take over from the handsome doctor’s fingers and touched slightly.
The handsome doctor directly pressed her hand and pressed it tightly on the needle eye, just like that. Ji Yunjian nodded and waited for me for a while.
Go get the rubber tube and alcohol cotton, walk away quickly, and leave her with Zhou Zheng’s back. Fortunately, my sister’s determination has not been lost by the handsome guy. Ji Yun gradually rejoices inwardly. The morning light sprinkled down made his whole body seem to be bathed in gold.
In the middle, Ji Yun couldn’t help but lose his mind God, what kind of world is this? How can a man grow up like this, which makes her feel ashamed as a woman? The left hand is slightly clenched and lifted up, and even the voice is so magnetic. I saw the handsome guy tied her left wrist Squatting down in front of her, patted the back of her hand lightly, and it became heavier and heavier. Ji Yunjian frowned and yelled in his heart that it hurts, top doctor, can’t you be gentler? It’s just because Ji Yunjian’s blood vessels are so pitifully thin.
The blue veins gradually swelled up. For a moment, Ji Yun gradually gritted his teeth and turned his head to one side, as if he had received a faint gaze from the handsome doctor.
Ji Yun gradually opened his eyes. Yu Jie was pressing the needle while adjusting the switch on the top. The bright red blood slowly flowed out and gradually changed.
Dan then took off the rubber tube on her wrist and reattached the Band-Aid and white tape, carefully put her left hand on her knee so that it hurts or not, then slowly cast her deep eyes on her face