He also knew that the female cultivator was taken away Jian Guiyuan attacked the frenzied extreme northern snow bear Nine Realms Farm Chapter 10 Walking

Working from nine to five, working hard to earn money to repay the mortgage, I thought I would spend my whole life like this, but one night, I was assisted by the Lord of the Nine Worlds Farm to find her. I worked hard to earn money to live, practice martial arts, acquired talent, and finally she walked out of the magic mirror, cultivated immortals and became stronger. Small problems, the Nine Realms are slowly returning to normal Chapter Farm Cocoa Continental Planet This is a water-blue planet Earth’s parallel world Year Month Day Friday morning A light spot flew from a higher civilization outside the Milky Way. It has passed through a long time and space The trip finally found its goal, Wu Siqi who was sleeping soundly on the bed, the light entered Wu Siqi’s brain without anyone noticing, the system binding was successful, the mechanical sound sounded in Wu Siqi’s mind, but it didn’t wake her up from her sleep, the system prompted The network system prompts that the network is successful. The system prompts entering the farm. The second-hand house is much older than the one she was born in. She is located in Tong County, a county outside the sixth ring road of the capital.
In order to buy a house, she has worked in the same position in the same company in the capital for six consecutive years and has never changed.
I have been working for five years of continuous social security and have the qualifications to buy a house. With the small savings I saved in addition to the salary expenses of these years and all the savings of my parents, I finally paid the down payment for the house and finally became a homeowner in the capital. Fushang Bank’s loan plus interest is nearly ten thousand yuan per month. I am a house slave who is almost overwhelmed by life. I don’t have a car. I have a driver’s license. To buy a car in the capital, I need a lottery. Wu Siqi has applied for a lottery for almost a year.
Wu Siqi was not woken up three hours later by the sound of a ringing call, Wu Siqi woke up from her sleep Wu Siqi picked up the mobile phone that was charging and saw that it was a call from her colleague and best friend Zhao Yimei Hey, as soon as I picked up the phone, I heard Zhao Yimei’s voice from the phone. Hey, where are you? The company didn’t see you. Wu Siqi looked at the time displayed on the phone and instantly lost her energy. Today is Friday, a working day, and now it’s already It’s ten o’clock in the morning, how could she oversleep? Wu Siqi stammered and said, “I overslept and haven’t woken up yet. You are in the Ministry of Health. Okay, so you can finish your work in the morning.
The meeting in the afternoon.
Don’t forget that President Li sent an email a long time ago.” It can be heard that there is someone next to Zhao Yimei who is covering up and making excuses for Wu Siqi. Thank you. I will definitely be there before the meeting.
Wu Siqi, who hung up the phone, is puzzled.
I guess it’s because I’m too tired from work and under too much pressure, so I didn’t hear the alarm clock. Hurry up from the bed. Wu Siqi got up and suddenly felt a trance.
A farm interface opened in Wu Siqi’s mind.
Wu Siqi felt that she might be too tired recently, causing hallucinations in her mind. Should she go to the hospital to see the neurology department tomorrow weekend? Wu Siqi soon stopped thinking about it.
tested many times She found that she got something amazing and good.
The legendary farm space. Wu Siqi can see her current farm level, level, experience, growth progress, gold coins and spirit stones. The parameters are very simple. Her current level is level. It needs seven points of experience to upgrade to level growth progress.
Maybe it refers to the growth progress of the crops on the farm. At present, there are no gold coins or spirit stones.
The gold coins may be gold spirit stones. There are two warehouses in the developed woodland. The warehouse marked with a roof made of straw is marked with a roof made of tiles. A small tile-roofed house is in front of the small tiled house. There is a small piece of yellow land not far away from a clear road Bottomless river farm is very simple Wu Siqi wants to see more things but can only see the surrounding area is gray and gray She can still live to the age of the year, she can live to the age of the year. After nearly two hours of research, Wu Siqi has a preliminary understanding of the functions of this farm. At present, there are three main functions. One is that the planting farm sent her a novice gift bag inside.
There are six wheat seeds.
She plants the wheat seeds on the farmland.
Only one wheat can be planted on each piece of land. The maturity time of wheat is five days. The second is storage. The tile house can be used for storage.
Everything in the house can be put in The tile house includes her big bed, but she can’t get in herself. Living things can’t get in the farm.
She searched the community for a while and caught a few ants, but they couldn’t put them in the farm. The ants were crushed to death, and the ant corpses could still be put in.
There is no fish in the river of the farm, and the two warehouses can only store items produced by the farm. The third is the identification monitoring, which can identify the closed and open video surveillance locations in Wu Siqi’s environment and which surveillance she is exposed to. For this reason, she also specially tested a circle in the community. The water in the river can be used to water the wheat in the farmland. It can be watered once a day to make the wheat grow for an hour. The water in the river can be taken out to be clear.
Seeing the bottom, she didn’t dare to drink. The two hours of tossing let her know for sure that she really got something great and good. Since then, she has reached the pinnacle of her life, but in reality, she is burdened with huge debts and repaying loans, which puts her under enormous financial pressure. She needs to think about how to use the farm to earn money.
Time enters twelve o’clock, and it takes an hour and a half from home to work. Seeing that there is too little time for the journey, Wu Siqi has not thought of a good idea to make money before that