Have you forgotten that you are sick Hearing Huang Zhes prompt Ren Feng subconsciously raised his hand to look at it oh its too bad

Our protagonist, Huang Zhe, whose father is the ace sniper of the Panther Assault, was deeply influenced by his father. From a recruit to a scout, there were almost twists and turns, and his good brothers participated in the training of the Panther Assault team, and finally successfully joined the Panther Assault team, the Black Panther Team.
They are strong men who frighten the enemy and charge on the front line.
In addition, the protagonist is also a hot commodity. He is just, chivalrous and courageous.
Nightmares disturbed the quiet night, the air was clean, and the citizens of the city fell asleep peacefully.
Only Huang Zhe was lying on his bed, sweating profusely, breathing rapidly, his expression was hideous, because he had a nightmare, and this nightmare had haunted him every year for ten years.
Today, Huang Zhe would be better than death, Mom, don’t want mom, don’t turn on the light.
In his sleep, Huang Zhe was awakened.
He was sweating profusely, sat up with his mouth open, and kept comforting himself. The tense breathing made him unable to fall asleep again. This dream reminded him once again. It started ten years ago. The scorching summer sun was shining on the earth. In such hot weather, the people on the street were rushing along, as if they didn’t want to stay here for a moment longer.
But for Huang Zhe’s family, today is It’s colder than winter because on this day Huang Zhe lost his loving mother and Huang Yaozong’s father Huang Yaozong lost his loving wife.
On this day, son, mother, go out to the supermarket to buy something, stay at home, don’t move around.
Mom kindly reminded me, I got it, mom, don’t worry, Huang Zhe, who was playing with toys, didn’t even turn his head.
When he heard the creaking sound of opening the door, the mother who got things ready left the house.
Don’t let me touch anything. I’m already eight years old. It’s true that other people’s children can help with housework. They throw away the toys in their hands and run to the kitchen.
I also want to help my mother with housework. Let me cook. When my mother came back to give her a surprise, I stretched out my hand and turned on the gas switch.
I wanted to pick up a match and light it, but the eight-year-old child’s clumsy little hand stroked it three or four times, but there was no flame.
At this time, the liquefied gas of the gas had already been released in large quantities.
The smell from opening and frothing is overwhelming.
Little Zheer in the kitchen can’t stand the smell anymore. I want to change the gas switch, but it’s too late. Although I turned off the gas, a lot of gas has leaked out.
Xiao Zhe suddenly remembered that her mother used to I said that if the air in the house is not good, open the window to let in the air. Xiaozhe thought of this and immediately wanted to open the window, but an eight-year-old boy is not tall enough, how can he easily grab the handle on the window? Little Zhe didn’t even touch it. After thinking about it, he ran to the living room and took a small stool and stood on it, just enough to grab the handle and pull it hard. As a result, he lost his footing, fell off the stool, and fell to the ground in pain. Zhe started crying. At this time the door opened. Mom bought something and came home.
As soon as she opened the door, she heard her son crying. What’s the matter with you, Xiao Zhe? Mom doesn’t know what Xiao Zhe did at home, and the kitchen is full of liquefied gas, so she turned on the energy-saving lamp at the door.
You must know that if a closed lamp filled with liquefied gas is placed at home, it must not be opened. The light is because the light switch will generate sparks in the circuit.
Mom, don’t turn on the light.
Xiao Zhe yelled in a hurry.
There was a loud bang, and the liquefied gas in the kitchen was ignited at once.
Shocked by the sight, he rushed into the kitchen in a panic, picked up his son, and ran out, but the fire was too big. After rushing in, he couldn’t get out.
Both mother and son were trapped in the fire, and the smoke filled the mother and son.
People were choking enough, so they shouted for help, come on, help us, people on the street heard the call for help and hurriedly dialed the fire alarm, some rushed upstairs and knocked on the door to save people, because the liquefied gas spread widely, and the fire was getting bigger and bigger.
Extended to the living room Zhe’s mother tried to rush out with her son several times, but was ruthlessly pressed back by the fire. She had no choice but to open the window, picked up a kitchen knife and hit the window railing with all her strength. At this time, the fire rescue vehicle also arrived.
The fire-fighting operation was carried out freely, and the ladder truck was raised to save Xiaozhe, mother and son. With a bang, the protective railing on the window was completely shot down.
Please, please save my son first. The firefighters hurriedly reached out and hugged Xiaozhe.
When the gas exploded suddenly, the driver of the ladder truck immediately retracted the telescopic ladder to avoid injuries to Xiaozhe and the police.
But Xiaozhe’s mother was put out after a while.
The scorched and blackened body was beyond recognition, and you can’t tell the beginning from the end. Huang Yaozong, Huang Zhe’s father, just asked for leave today to buy fruits and melon seeds. When he returned home, he collapsed and burst into tears, but he had to be strong and calm to comfort the little child. It’s okay, I don’t blame you, Xiao Zhe cried aggrievedly until it was me, I did it, I did something wrong, mother, mother, oh, oh, oh, oh, Huang Yaozong comforted my son, busy and tidied up, and the onlookers also dispersed at night Huang Yaozhong hugged Xiao Zhe and said, “Sleep son, let’s sleep with you at home today. Huang Zhe’s mother, Shen Fei, was buried in a sea of ​​flames because Huang Zhe was naughty and ignorant.
At that time, Huang Zhe was only eight years old. So this incident has passed for ten years. But every year On this day, Huang Zhe can’t help recalling the past, and at night, he would have nightmares and dream about the scene at that time.
Now Huang Zhe is an eighteen-year-old lively and cheerful boy who studies and is also one of the best in school. He has loved martial arts since he was a child.
He has a good martial arts and is now the only trainer of a well-known martial arts club in the city