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It’s not your own, so what if you don’t feel disgusted? It’s best not to regret it. How to relieve your worries? The only way to get rich is to get rich. The ruined walls around the murder and the howling cold wind didn’t affect Jiang Qiao’s good mood.
Even though there were traces of war everywhere, her heart was It’s stable, this is the Kuomintang-controlled area, at least it’s my own place, unlike in the enemy-occupied area, I’m always on guard against being followed, and I’m very careful for fear that an omission or something wrong with me will arouse the suspicion of the enemy.
After so long, she really enjoys this moment. Rarely relaxed and peaceful, seeing the figure exposed in the distance, she felt a little uneasy for no reason. She didn’t know why she had important information on her body. Shouldn’t she hurry up and report to her superiors at this time? Why is she waiting here? She really couldn’t understand what the other party was thinking. After confirming each other’s identities, the other party also said the reason for handing over the information here, but she never expected that when Jiang Qiao turned to leave, there was a sudden gunshot from behind, covering herself.
Jiang Qiao slowly turned around and asked with a puzzled and unbelievable face why the man snorted coldly and looked at the woman who was slowly falling in front of him with cold eyes. Someone offered a better condition, so You shouldn’t be alive Jiang Qiao never dreamed that she had found the feeling of going home, but she never thought that this meeting would be the last moment she stayed in this world Jiang Qiao didn’t give Jiang Qiao a single extra look, but what he didn’t know was that a strange scene happened behind him.
The Buddha beads on Jiang Qiao’s neck, who was lying in a pool of blood, suddenly emitted a ray of light, and then the white mist covered Jiang Qiao’s body. The soul tightly wrapped around Jiang Qiao.
She didn’t expect it to be like this, and she couldn’t figure out what was going on.
She had heard a lot of anecdotes and strange things before, and it still made her feel unbelievable that this happened to her.
I heard from her parents that when she was just born, an old monk came to ask for water and gave her this bead, saying that it could keep her safe. The parents ordered her to wear it all the time, but she didn’t expect that there was another mystery behind it. I don’t have time to think too much, my life is gone, it’s useless to think too much, she has to get revenge, she abandoned her pen and joined the army because she had a heart to serve the country, and she didn’t want to watch this troubled motherland suffer from the devil’s iron hooves Trampled on, she didn’t think about leaving a name in history, as long as she did her best, but she didn’t die in the hands of the enemy, but was buried in the hands of the traitor, no matter what she thought, she was not reconciled, so the soul rushed over directly from behind, she wanted to strangle It’s a pity that she passed through the opponent’s body so lightly that she didn’t hurt that man at all.
Jiang Qiao was so angry that he wanted to beat her.
What’s the matter with her? It’s better to let her see it for nothing. Watching the murderer swagger away, Jiang Qiao, whose eyes were blazing, can’t do anything at the moment, not even able to avenge himself, pointing at the sky and yelling at the thief hatefully I have free time to pay attention to her, a lonely ghost who is so busy, how can she have time to take care of her affairs? Jiang Qiao wants to continue to follow her, she wants to know who this traitor is connecting with, but unfortunately, she is just a ray of soul and a gust of wind blows over her, and she can’t help herself Floating in the air, she follows wherever the wind blows.
She can’t wait to see the military supplies of those devils. She can’t wait to blow up these things and keep them as disasters.
They are specially used to deal with her compatriots.
It’s a pity that she even avenged herself.
No, let alone these things, staring at those supplies with fiery eyes, and muttering to herself, if you take all these things away, I see what kind of arrogant and weird things you have happened, those supplies suddenly appeared under her nose Disappeared, even Jiang Qiao thought it was amazing, she was still a little smug in her heart, she could not be a relative of some fairy family, she had such a smart mouth, she should have said death to that traitor before she thought of this, she started to attack those people again The ghost soldier cast a spell, but it didn’t work at all. Then she tried it again.
Only when she said to collect those things would disappear. As for people, it’s not easy to work.
As for where those things went, Jiang Qiao didn’t care if she was a ghost.
It’s useless to remove those things.
It’s good that they disappear. At least she can help her fellow citizens kill the devils.
A gust of wind blows and she arrives at the pier again, but there are all materials that the devils want to transport.
What is going to be transported back to the island country is all kinds of things. Jiang Qiao, no matter what is inside, let them disappear, even the trucks on the pier.
You said that the things in broad daylight disappeared out of thin air. Not to mention the workers on the pier, even the ghost soldiers were taken aback. Things disappeared without warning before their eyes. How could so many supplies disappear all of a sudden? This is too incredible, except for those chaos Calling the little devils who shot around indiscriminately, those workers suddenly knelt down on the ground and kowtowed in the hearts of the Chinese people. I am afraid that the gods in the sky can’t stand the devil’s burning, killing, and looting, and they appeared to help them.
It’s a pity that Jiang Qiao was not there.
How long has she stayed here? She has drifted away with the wind. Wherever she goes, as long as it is managed by devils and can make things disappear.
Bai’s dead, as for the consequences brought by Jiang Qiao, it became a headless case.
It’s even more evil to say that the gods have opened their eyes and the Bodhisattva has appeared to clean up these murderous demons. Afterwards, these events can only be regarded as supernatural events, because no one can draw a correct conclusion, but I am worried that public opinion will affect people’s hearts.