Hatsune grunted dissatisfiedly at the back obviously saw me and that little girl Silent communication between young people I watched another car pay attention to

Going to the sports school for a year delayed my studies. Although I worked very hard to catch up with the grades when I graduated from junior high school, I only reached the admission line of ordinary middle schools.
My parents who hoped that my son would become a dragon spent money to send me to a key high school in order to live up to their high expectations. I used the energy I had when I was training in the sports school to study hard.
Fortunately, my talent is good.
In the third year of high school, my grades were finally among the best in the school.
My homeroom teacher told my dad that as long as my grades can perform normally in the college entrance examination, Tsinghua University and Peking University are my picks.
After filling out the application form, I fell ill due to an accidental food poisoning. The doctor saved me from the death line of high fever.
I stayed in the hospital for half a month, and the college entrance examination was ruined.
This happened to my family and I. The class teacher was very unwilling, so I did not accept the invitation to enter the second-rate university without examination and chose to repeat the study for a year.
Unexpectedly, after repeating the study, I found that the high fever burned my brain.
Although it did not affect my daily life, my memory was not as good as before.
I can’t learn the formulas, I can’t memorize the texts, I can’t memorize the foreign words I used to memorize, and I forgot all the foreign words. Not to mention Tsinghua University, Peking University, and even entering a junior college, I struggled to repeat my studies for a year. My life also used up all the calories with that high fever, and then it was lifeless and never shined any light.
In the year I entered university, Junichiro Koizumi became the first Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of Japan.
From that day on, I had to share my fate with Koizumi, my exclusive nickname, and continued to joke with me. After Koizumi Junichiro visited the Yasukuni Shrine several times, the Chinese called his Koizumi a puppy, and my nickname also changed. The joke of fate is still going on.
I bought a lottery ticket but failed to cross the road and crashed into a car to chase a woman.
I received a good card to help the fallen old lady, but she was framed and blackmailed.
God of fate, when will you take pity on me? I look forward to it. When will the turning point of my life come? When will my bad luck end? The Olympic lottery I bought won a lottery and I didn’t even see a consolation prize. Sighing about the injustice of fate, I was once again alone in front of the barbecue stall on the corner of the street. I was drunk and worried.
After drinking a dozen beers, I didn’t know anything.
Wake up, Koizumi, you are so Sleeping here, um, get up, go home, go to sleep, um, how did you drink like this, did you miss the lottery again? How many times have I told you that life depends on skill, not luck? What am I thinking about one day? I am thinking about what. I see you drinking like a bear. Hurry up and go home.
I want to live again. Shi Chengjin’s harem manifesto is welcome to criticize. There is a saying that men are not hooligans and abnormal development. There is also a saying that men are not bad and women are not. Love these two sentences, right? Some people say that these two sentences are pure fart, and some people say that these two sentences are too right.
It is simply a guiding light to guide men to be human.
Let me say these two sentences.
Sometimes they are right, but sometimes they are not.
When is it right? When is it wrong? This requires a specific analysis of the specific situation.
Let me first say the first sentence. Should a man be a hooligan? Before discussing this issue, we must first define the meaning of hooligans. Let’s put these explanations aside for the time being.
If we only understand it literally in the sentence that men are not hooligans and have abnormal development, since the word hooligan has been added to the category of men, it is obvious that the word hooligan in this sentence is the same as that of men.
The relationship between men and women is related to sex. It is related to the relationship between men and women. It is related to sex. It is easy to think of another word.
If you explain it in a popular way, it becomes a man. If you don’t play hooligans, you are not a normal man.
The words are obviously wrong, because if this sentence is true, the gentleman will not be a normal man. If ordinary people do not play hooligans, they will also be abnormal. They are not normal men, so where do their children come from? Are they all green hat professional households? But if you look at this sentence from another angle, it is correct again.
In traditional Chinese education, men and women are taught and received. If you don’t kiss or kiss, you’re a hooligan, you’re a hooligan, you’re a hooligan, you’re a hooligan, you’re a hooligan, you’re a hooligan, and you’re a hooligan. How can a normal man have no sexual interest in women when he is young and middle-aged? How can he control his eyes not to look at those women that he yearns for? Don’t you think that some parts of your body don’t react at all after being stimulated by the senses? In traditional education, don’t see evil, don’t think.
If you see it, if you think about it, if you react It’s okay to be discovered by others.
It’s okay to be discovered and no one will report it. But if it is publicized, congratulations, you have joined the ranks of gangsters gloriously, what do you want? If you don’t respond, I can only tell you clearly that you are either saying You are lying to me, or you are really abnormal. From the perspective of traditional etiquette, if you see a beautiful woman and you get an erection, then I am sorry you are a hooligan. You did not get an erection, but looking at the beauty again increases the rate of turning heads.
That is also hooliganism. Comprehensive superior