Hateful damn it just a little bit just a little bit you come here Beastfan gave an order An orc ran over to block it

Chapter 1 starts with level 10, a famous scenic spot in the Fire Country, in a modest house on Tepu Street. A handsome man touches the game’s nutrition cabin with an excited face.
The game’s nutrition cabin has spent all my money.
Yang is finished, Chen Yang glanced at the time, it happened to be the test time of the large-scale online game, he lay non-stop in the nutrition cabin of the game, closed his eyes, bound his ID card, bound his bank card, bound his bank card, respected adventurer, get a glory for himself The name has been requisitioned, Bone Aotian, the name has been requisitioned, please adventurers re-name it clearly the old ruler, the name is successful, respected players, the old ruler, hello, the endless soul is officially open, please prepare your battle equipment, ding zi zi zi appears A mysterious energy, the system binding is successful, every day the sign-in becomes stronger, the system is online and loaded, the game is successfully loaded, before Chen Yang can react, he sees a girl floating in the air, she opened her mouth and said, Dear adventurer, you Which profession to choose: knight, physical skill, luck resistance, mercenary, physical skill, luck resistance, warrior, archer, archer, swordsman, physical skill, luck resistance, wizard Physical strength, skill, resistance to luck, Chen Yang looked at the dazzling numbers in front of him, and his gaze was fixed on the double swordsman. The warrior’s heavy weapon is paired with the double swordsman’s light weapon.
The system is so-so. Don’t wait, Dear old ruler player, your profession is warrior and dual swordsman. You have the combination of the attributes of the two professions. Enter Novice Village, Tianshui Village.
Chen Yang just entered Tianshui Village, and he was shocked by this game to the blue sky.
The real feeling of the air is exactly the same as the real world. This is a black technology game.
Ding, is the novice gift package open? Congratulations to the host Chen Yang for obtaining the Favorability Eternity Instrument Congratulations to the host Chen Yang for obtaining the Berserker suit Congratulations to the host Chen Yang for obtaining the Chaos Potion It doesn’t have any effect. Accumulate energy and sprint. Accumulate energy and sprint forward. It consumes five points of blue. The cooling time is five seconds.
The favorability of Eternity Instrument will automatically increase to the highest when facing any enemy. One soul fruit increases soul power by one hundred points, Chen Yang feels like he’s all over the place, this system is really powerful, he extracts the tenth-level medicine pill with a flick of his heart, eats it in one mouthful, pops it into his mouth, takes out a bottle of chaos potion and drank it, congratulations The host Chen Yang has been promoted to level ten, please select the attribute value you want to increase a little, and you can click ten times to fully upgrade the power host Chen Yang. Slightly increase the character’s life force, increase the character’s defense power, increase the character’s attack power, finely increase the character’s magic value, increase the character’s magic attack, increase the character’s magic defense power, and increase the character’s attack power slightly The value slightly increases the damage reduction rate Qi increases the character’s Qi value increases the character’s stamina Luck increases the character’s crit rate soul power Chen Yang looked at his attribute panel and was in a daze but didn’t hear the voice behind him Hey hey hey don’t block our brother Sen You can’t offend us on the way to pick up the mission? Get out of the way? Can’t you understand people’s words? A strong man rolled up his sleeves and was about to pat the shoulder of the passerby. Chen Yang came back to his senses and turned his head to look around him. There is no one, why should I make way? Brain twitching, he frowned, drinking in a low voice, obviously you can take a step to the left and bypass me, why should I make way? What the hell? When Chen Yang heard the words, anger arose in his heart. If you don’t offend me, I won’t offend anyone.
If anyone offends you, I will kill you. He suddenly raised his two knives and slashed at the game name Sen Ge, Niu Pi and Sen Ge. Normal attack, normal attack, two people They died suddenly on the spot.
Two white lights floated from their corpses and entered Chen Yang’s body. Is this the soul power? It’s interesting, but it only contributed ten points of soul power. Don’t panic, I’ll just see if there is a player who dares to come to death at level ten. He directly hangs his name and level on the top of his head and strides towards the village chief’s house. All the players along the way are pointing at Chen Yang.
Wow! Did I enter the wrong game? This game has just started serving. What the hell is level ten? Are you still missing pendants? Can I feel sorry for the boss who acts as a pendant? Do you lack a girlfriend? I can be your kitty. It’s no wonder that I felt uncomfortable in the experience.
As for the requests of these people, he just ignored the master, but I have the system in my hand to go to the pinnacle of life and marry Bai Fumei.
Isn’t it fragrant? Chen Yang walked to the door of the village chief and was surprised by many players Walking in with big strides, many players gloat over others’ misfortune Hehe, the stunned young man who doesn’t understand endless souls dares to come to the house even with red names How could the ruler take over? However, the scene in the next second stunned all the players. Dear village chief, I am here to take up the task. It is you, the old ruler.