Hao you don’t have a sister you don’t understand I’d rather draw Aladdin stop the car Looking left and right for a while I saw Ouyang

Teacher Hao is also early today. The gatekeeper of the park clattered and opened the door for Hao Ke with a bunch of keys. Yes, Mr.
Li, you also greeted Hao Ke early.
He rubbed his hands and looked in the direction of the school cafeteria.
A circle of iron chains opened the doorman, and the gatekeeper pulled open the three-meter-high British style iron gate.
Hao Ke thanked the uncle and walked quickly into the campus of Emperor Primary School. Today is Monday at 7:30 in the morning.
The theme of the first moral and legal system textbook this semester is the family.
Hao Ke ran through the lesson plan in his mind quickly.
With a big break, he can supervise the students to recite the sunflower.
Although he is not a Chinese teacher, he is the head teacher of the second class of the third year. For this year’s annual evaluation, all the students in his class must pass the assessment of seven courses. Teacher Hao’s record There is never an option that is not excellent The autumnal equinox is bright and the spiers of European-style buildings are in the shadows On the balconies covered with vines and roses The windows are already lit Up The elegant swan piano music pours into the empty campus like a stream of pruning A good lawn and a calm lake surface awaken the little animals that inhabit noble schools. What does the teacher want to eat? There are not many varieties of breakfast in front of the school cafeteria window Asked mustard green wonton soup and egg burrito, don’t you try the new Scottish chickpea salad? No, that won’t make you full. Hao Ke took the plate and caught two Chinese dishes, walked to the checkout machine, took out his teacher card and swiped the imperial nobleman. All kinds of material resources in the school are the most abundant.
The variety and quality of breakfast is no less than that of a five-star hotel, and the teachers can eat it for free. It is much richer than the No. 1 Middle School that Hao Ke taught before, right? You can pretend to be casual and ask if the master turned around and scooped up a large spoonful of butter wrapped in small balls with a spoon, put it in an empty bowl and served it to Hao Ke. Thank you.
Hao Ke nodded and came with the plate, blocked by a marble pillar Pour the butter balls into the wide pocket of the windbreaker.
After breakfast, Hao Ke listened to the news while taking a walk by Lake Rome. The Yangjiao Mountain in the suburbs of the city erupted unidentified substances on a daily basis. The city government has urgently set up a geological survey team.
Geological experts told reporters that Yangjiao Mountain is an extinct volcano and there is no sign of recovery.
The last eruption was nearly 700 years ago.
The situation has not changed significantly.
Citizens and friends, please don’t worry about the cool weather in autumn. It is expected that there will be a new round of precipitation this weekend. It didn’t even mention the root of the problem. Hao Ke took out his mobile phone and quickly typed on the touch screen with his thumb.
He quickly typed a large article questioning the investigation.
Click Send Taoist teacher Hao, what does it mean that there will be no eruption if there is no eruption in the year? What is the geological situation in the middle of the year without obvious changes? Is it possible that the members of the expert group have lived for a year? They survey once every year what kind of material is erupted in Yangjiao Mountain.
Why is there only one word in the news? Didn’t mention that it’s been an hour since the eruption of Yangjiao Mountain last Friday afternoon, and the expert group still hasn’t given a satisfactory answer.
Hao Ke’s comment, the number of tourists on the little red dot keeps increasing as soon as the message is sent out.
Could it be that the tourist is caused by the enchantment caused by the magic cultivator’s birth, which shakes the beautiful soul? It’s really not reassuring. Although Yangjiao Mountain is some distance away from the children’s school, the strange black smoke that spews out is disturbing no matter how you look at it. The school closed on Friday. The school was closed and the children went back. Now there is no reasonable explanation. As parents, how can we rest assured that the black smoke from the Gaoyuan Mountain is strange? Have you ever seen a tree branch being lit with fire in the wild? This substance is analyzed and I tell you that you don’t either. Awareness will only lead to ignorance and panic.
Even the expert group’s investigation results do not believe it. It’s ridiculous to believe a Taoist priest who engages in feudal superstition. What are you talking about? Are there so many nine leaking fish? Tourists, we didn’t take this class when we were young. Ahem, the age is exposed. The comments are as expected and turned into strange places. I was scolding for some inexplicable things, but no one cared about the problem itself. Hao Ke had no choice but to turn off the news, open Moments, and searched to find an analysis report on the eruption of unknown material in Yangjiao Mountain, which seemed to be relatively detailed. In the parent group of the class, the parents of the second class of the third year responded one after another.
Seeing a large screen of flowers and roses, the number Miao Lin Yongxin’s mother, Mr. Hao, has worked hard. She is a good teacher who cares about the students. The strong number Caifei’s mother, I also saw this article.
Reposted and liked the account, Caifei’s dad. Thank you, teacher, for forwarding the investigation and analysis report written by our colleagues in the teaching and research section. Screenshots have been taken to announce the good news. No. Caifei’s father’s article in Moments was careless.
For a bowl of water to be impartial. Hao Ke tried his best to avoid showing his preference for a certain parent in the parent group. Being impartial and impartial is what a teacher must have. Parents whose character can support their children to enter imperial and aristocratic schools have extraordinary social energy and financial resources. For example, Gao Caifei’s father is a young backbone of a scientific research institute, and he was rated as an associate professor at an early age.