Han Yu smiled awkwardly Han Yu I think you seem to be preoccupied if you have something to do you should

My younger sister is still in high school, so everything in the family basically has to be handled by my mother, and the real important thing is the livelihood of the family.
Before, I had my father to support me and I couldn’t worry about it. Life was a little easier, but now there is no one to pick him. In school, my mother has worked so hard for most of my life.
Han Yu really can’t bear to let her take care of the family’s livelihood. I am a college student who usually goes out to do part-time jobs, such as distributing leaflets as a waiter, but that is just earning living expenses and earning money to support the family are completely two concepts. In this cruel real life, how will I earn money if I don’t have any skills? When I think of this Korean Yu’s head was so big. After getting off the train, he changed to a black car and sat in a black car for several hours before he finally arrived home. At this time, there were many people gathered in his yard, and the white curtains with filial piety flags had already been hung up.
Han Yu couldn’t help but feel his nose twitch.
Sour last time when I went to school, my grandma’s body was still very strong. Unexpectedly, that was the last time I saw her old man.
Grandma passed away so hastily, it took almost an hour.
At that time, Han Yu was still at school, and there was no time to come back The next day, he learned that his father was hit by a car when he was shopping for funeral supplies.
His leg was injured and he would have to recuperate for at least a few months.
He lived up to the old saying.
Greeting him enthusiastically, Han Yu hurried home, put down his things, immediately put on hemp and filial piety, kowtowed in front of his grandma’s coffin, and kowtowed to show his filial piety. Looking at the black and white photos of his grandma’s death, she still had a kind smile on her face. I cried out. Grandma has been very kind to me since I was a child. Every time I go to school, my grandma will secretly give me a hundred dollars. It’s not much, but that’s the money my grandma put together every time I go shopping for vegetables.
Fifteen cents. The two pieces were put together little by little, and when they were all together, they went to the bank to exchange for a hundred-yuan bill or new money.
She said that she wanted to use the new money to make Han Yu happy.
Grandma had never read a book in her life, but she also knew that reading is very important.
So every time she has to tell Han Yu to study hard so that he will be successful in the future, when he thinks of these things, Han Yu will cry silently.
He doesn’t know if he is unfilial now that he has dropped out of school. When the day came for her old man to be buried in the ground, Han Yu knelt there and refused to get up.
He watched helplessly as the neighbors who came to help filled grandma’s coffin and repaired the grave. From then on, she never saw grandma again.
When that person was there, I didn’t think there was anything, but once I saw that he passed away, I would never see him again, and I felt empty in my heart, as if something was missing. After everyone left, Han Yu finally couldn’t help it. Knocked his head in front of the grave and cried loudly.
Only when no one was around, he could release his emotions. After crying for a while, Han Yu went down the mountain in despair. In the evening, the family of four gathered together Dad, your leg injury is nothing, the doctor said it will be fine in a few days, Han Yu’s father, Han Desheng, laughed and said with a relaxed face, and said that your grandma’s funeral is almost done Go back to school tomorrow. Han Desheng gave Han Yu a look. At this time, Han Yu’s mother, Wang Hui, got up and went back to the house. When he came back, he had 10,000 yuan in his hand and handed it to Han Yu.
You take the money. Grandma’s biggest wish in this life is to hope that you study hard, even if she was chanting about this at the end, Han Yu clenched his fists, he gritted his teeth and lowered his head, unable to speak.
I let go of my fist, I dropped out of school, the news is not shocking, Han Desheng never thought that Han Yu dropped out of school, why does he want to know now that this family has no money to give you good education, why did you drop out of school, is it you I caused trouble at school and got expelled, right? Why is Han Desheng so angry? I can’t figure it out. You are the first person in our village to be admitted to university, and also the first college student in our old Han’s family. Everyone is looking at you.
Everyone is looking at you.
When talking about you, you said that you will definitely be promising in the future. Why did you drop out of school? I don’t know about the situation at home.
Even the money for grandma’s funeral this time was borrowed by you. Although you received some gift money, you still haven’t paid off the debt at all. With such a great pressure, I can’t even if the sky is falling, I don’t need you to control Han Desheng’s anger, but I can’t help my face getting hot. You go back to study and go back to my father. I’ve already dropped out of school. What are you doing when you go back? Besides, you need to recuperate now. If you can’t go to work, let me come back to help you.
I also want to do something for the family.
What do you do? Having a son is also kind. Han Yu’s mother persuaded me that I worked hard to earn money to let him study.
He dropped me out of school without saying a word.
What kind of heart is this? It hurts my heart.
Said Han Desheng stared angrily Han Yu is getting more and more angry. If he doesn’t do his business all day long, he knows that he will make trouble for me. Go back to study and leave tomorrow. After finishing this sentence, Han Desheng picked up his walking stick and limped back to the room slowly.
His right foot can’t move at all.
When he landed, he could only walk on crutches. Wang Hui wanted to help him, but Han Desheng pushed him away. He was very angry. Only Han Yu, Han Yu’s mother, Wang Hui, and Han Yu’s younger sister, Han Xing, were left in the hall. No one spoke.
Seriously, Han Xing looked at his mother, then looked at Han Yu and asked in a low voice, brother, you really dropped out of school, Han Yu nodded, then what are you going to do next?