Han It seems that its not your turn to worry about it Lan Xinyu originally didnt want to say what she said later but when she

At this time, Nandu has been harassed by the high temperature for half a month. The heat wave under the scorching sun makes people a little breathless. The period from 2:00 p.
to 3:00 p.
is the hottest time of the day in Nandu.
On the provincial roads in the outskirts of the city, there are few vehicles passing by the hot asphalt road, but there is a young man who is walking unhurriedly towards the direction of the southern urban area.
There was a sound coming from behind, the young man turned around, instead of evading, he took a step across and opened his arms to block the middle of the road. A bright smile appeared on his face, as if he was waiting for something he longed for.
After a long time, the same surprise finally appeared.
There was a sudden sound of brakes, a black car stopped in an instant less than one meter away from the boy, the car window was rolled down immediately, a middle-aged man poked his head out and shouted at the boy angrily.
Hee hee, who said that I don’t want to kill uncle, but of course I want mine.
The boy pouted and came to the door with a smile.
At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the back row of the car, asking Uncle Liu what’s going on. The driver called Uncle Liu respectfully replied that the eldest lady encountered someone blocking the way. Look, he was blocking the way. As the voice fell, the rear window was slowly rolled down, and a beautiful face was immediately reflected. The young girl is wearing a clean as new police uniform, her hair is oval, her face is fair and fair, she can be said to be the beauty of the country, her natural beauty, her name is Nangong Yinxue, she has just been transferred from the provincial capital and is about to go Southern Metropolis Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Brigade reported to take up the post of captain, this beautiful sister, I want to take a ride, can we go together? The young man lay by the window, blinked his eyes and smiled sweetly.
Why don’t you take a bus or a taxi? Nangong Yinxue asked faintly You see, there is no such thing on this road. It was hard to wait for the beautiful sister, your car, and I have no money. The young man pouted with a slightly melancholy feeling in his heart.
It can be said that a penny stumps a hero.
No money is right, otherwise.
I won’t stop the beautiful sister, your car, isn’t that interesting? Nangong Yinxue smiled, patted the empty seat beside her, nodded her head and signaled, come on, Miss, this is not right, Uncle Liu turned his head and said hastily Let’s let him come up if we are in a hurry. Besides, I’m a policeman. He looks young. There’s nothing to worry about. Nangong Yinxue obviously made up his mind. Uncle Liu didn’t dare to refute. He glanced at the back row through the rearview mirror and had to wait.
The boy got into the car and continued to drive. The boy got into the car and said with a smile, thank you, beautiful sister, I haven’t introduced myself yet. Let Xia Qiu come up, not only because I am really in a hurry, but also because of Xia Qiu’s appearance.
At the age of sixteen, he looks so cute, handsome and charming. Although his face looks a little pale, this slightly embarrassing feeling has not weakened.
On the contrary, his charm has added to his A somewhat pitiful and different temperament, let alone a woman, even a man who sees Xia Qiu and stares for a while will be deeply fascinated by his temperament without knowing it. It is this kind of temperament that makes Nangong Yinxue The first time I saw him, I felt very comfortable and kind. Why did you choose such a name? Nangong Yinxue put down the phone in her hand and plucked the hair in her ears to ask Xia Qiu. Xia Qiu replied that this name was given to me by the fairy sister. My sister said that she found me at the turn of summer and autumn, so the fairy sister named me Xia Qiu, so that’s the case, then your fairy sister, why didn’t she stay with you? Perhaps it’s a professional habit. Nangong Yinxue subconsciously continued. Asked a question, the fairy sister left, she said that she would help me find something important to me, she would come back to see me after she found it, Nangong Yinxue looked out the window and looked at the blue sky, and continued to ask Xia Qiu that What are you going to do in Southern Metropolis now? Going to relatives is not considered pondering for a while Xia Qiu took out a broken ancient jade worn around his neck from his collar. Sister Taoist Immortal gave me this half piece of jade before leaving and asked me to find the other half piece of jade.
The owner heard from the fairy sister that she had received the favor of that person’s ancestors and that their family had a hereditary strange disease.
The fairy sister couldn’t completely solve her at the time and asked me to help her cure the ancestor’s strange disease before she came back. Treatment So you are still a doctor, Nangong Yinxue was surprised, but also a little bit confused, yes, my skills are all taught by the fairy sister, she is amazing, but the fairy sister said that my attainments in medical skills have already surpassed hers all these years So I didn’t teach me any new medical skills anymore. Speaking of this matter, Xia Qiu’s eyes still revealed a little bit of disappointment at this moment. There is no unique pattern engraved on the jue, but judging from the color, it should have been quite a few years ago, do you have that person’s address? Who is the man or the woman? What is the name or surname? Xia Qiu scratched his head as if thinking of something, and replied with a flash of inspiration, it seemed to be a woman called Su Sucheng.
To Su Cheng, almost the moment Xia Qiu finished speaking, the car suddenly came.
Uncle Liu, who was driving with a sudden brake, almost bumped his head on the steering wheel Xia Qiu was a little confused, then he smiled and his eyes lit up, thinking that Uncle Liu suddenly braked suddenly because he mentioned Su Cheng, so he hurriedly asked Uncle, do you know him? Su Cheng didn’t know Uncle Liu, he simply replied, then turned his head to look at Nangong Yinxue and said a little nervously, miss, look ahead