Half of his face was smeared with blood it hurt so bad to fall On the ground Jian Shao covered his face with his hands

Chapter 1: Liu Fengliu’s surname is Liu Fengliu’s Siam Mountain villa community, where nearly half of the wealthy gentry and celebrities in Donghai City live, and the super mansion-like mansion on the mountainside is where all Donghai people look up to because this is the heart of Donghai. The residence of Yang Ding, the chairman of the richest man, Dingsheng Group, is nothing more than the Yang family’s mansion, which should have been beautiful. At this time, the atmosphere inside is as gloomy as the weather outside.
In a living room on the second floor of the villa, two doctors who are over half a century old are arguing red-faced.
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the young lady is invaded by external evils and infected with a certain virus.
She usually behaves like a cold, chills, lethargy, and when she develops, she looks like epilepsy. I suggest that Miss Yang be sent to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.
Nonsense, Miss Yang must have been checked in the hospital if she was sick.
If there is a solution in the hospital, do you still need to invite our two experts to come here? A middle-aged man with a Chinese character face furrowing his brows. His face was very ugly. He kept sighing and completely ignored how the two expert doctors were arguing. Behind the middle-aged man stood two strong bodyguards with serious expressions. At this moment, an abrupt voice sounded outside the door, “Hey, is Yang Ding there?” Shua, everyone’s eyes were turned towards the door. The two arguing doctors stopped attacking each other at this time, and even their faces were pale. A look of astonishment appeared on Yang Ding, the owner of this villa, the richest man in Donghai City! Who in this house would dare to call him by his name so carelessly? Then the door was pushed open from the outside by a man in sky blue A young man who is nearly 1.
8 meters tall came in from the outside with a smile, boy, who are you? How did you come in? What do the security guards outside do? The boy standing there is not allowed to take half a step forward, otherwise the two bodyguards behind the middle-aged man will step forward neatly to block their master and look at the person coming with hostility.
My name is Liu Fengyouth, still smiling haha You can call me Brother Feng, or you can reverse my name and call me Brother Fengliu, which means being romantic and not dirty.
If you dare to move forward, you boy will go to hell. Well, the two bodyguards reacted very quickly, and two big fists had already hit Liu Feng in front of him.
The two doctors who had been arguing just now had a mocking expression on their faces, didn’t they dare to break into Yang’s house? Isn’t it courting death? The two of them had already seen the scene of this young man named Liu Feng being beaten all over the floor looking for his teeth. It was only when the middle-aged man who had been sitting in the innermost part of the living room realized that the name Liu Feng reminded him of a super The important thing is that when he spoke to stop Liu Feng, he was not as fast as the two bodyguards. However, when the fists of the two bodyguards hit Liu Feng three inches in front of him, they suddenly stopped.
These two were not stopped by their masters.
It’s like being casted by someone The body petrified like a curse, and even the facial muscles were stiffened. Military fists, it turns out that you have been soldiers. Liu Feng stood calmly in front of the two bodyguards. No one could see what he did.
He only saw that he made a recovery with both hands at the same time. It’s a pity that the action is too weak.
Your level is only the level of ordinary special forces in the army.
Compared with me, the king of the military world is really far behind. Those two experts who are over fifty years old are already I was stunned to see what ordinary special forces are. Isn’t a special soldier the king of soldiers? The middle-aged man sitting in the innermost place ignored the two immobile bodyguards, stood up and greeted Liu Feng with an excited face. You are really Mr.
Liu Feng.
I have been waiting for you for a long time, yes.
Now, I am Yang Ding.
While talking, Yang Ding has already walked in front of Liu Feng and enthusiastically held Liu Feng’s hand.
I just wanted to go back to China for a vacation, but I was tricked by my uncle, that old pervert, and now I am forced to Come to be your daughter’s personal bodyguard for half a year. My time is very precious.
When Liu Feng spoke, he withdrew his hand covertly.
It’s the first time I’ve seen that Mr. Liu. Don’t blame me for being reckless. Your uncle is an old man. He is an old fairy.
Liu Yang Ding asked tentatively. Is it right? Speaking of it, what do you ordinary people call him, the old god? If he is compared to my master, he is not as good as even a piece of my master’s toenail.
Cough cough Yang Ding coughed twice again. Through testing, he has confirmed that Liu Feng in front of him is what he wants. I have been looking forward to solving all his troubles, so I hurriedly asked Mr. Liu with a smile, why didn’t you call me in advance when you came to my house, so that I could go out to pick you up in advance? Didn’t tell me his address, don’t mention his phone number, don’t mention him, I suspected he was confused, Liu Feng shrugged his shoulders, Yang Ding smiled awkwardly, then my house has security guards at the front and back doors, how did you come in, I didn’t know beforehand I was notified that Liu Fengdao was troublesome to walk through the door, and I didn’t have your contact information, and the security guard at your house might not let me in, so I jumped over the wall and came in. It is definitely a fully intelligent super mansion. A wild cat ran in. I’m afraid it was discovered by the security guards in the monitoring room, but Liu Feng, a big living person, jumped the wall and came in, but he was not found. Is this guy still human? Liu Feng seems to have seen through Yang. Ding’s thoughts