Haha The girl smiled brightly but spoke a little bit hesitantly but Liu Tu was very patient and said it should be the spoils of

Forget it, it’s the first day of the first month of the first lunar month, and the golden light of Qingming Mountain will flourish, but don’t worry too much. There are no strange treasures born, no people born with destiny. It’s just that the Golden Crow Patriarch, who has been living in seclusion, has finally been promoted and officially entered the Tribulation Realm. Since then, the Golden Crow Patriarch has no need anymore You only need to wait for the thunder calamity to ascend from time to time, but the matter of thunder calamity is easy to say, but it is actually a narrow escape, otherwise, how can it be called crossing calamity? The thunder cloud will come to attack you, but if you are ready, you have to wait for the schedule of the thunder cloud, and when they are free, they will come to attack you again. As for how long you have to wait, it depends on your luck. It’s also called chance. Some people’s luck will advance smoothly within three to five months. The thundercloud will come as soon as it is said. This last one is still rare, and it is generally considered by the world of cultivators to be a great evil, so even the gods will look down on you, and it would be too dirty to hack you. Let’s get down to business, it is said that our Jinwu ancestors have retreated for dozens of years.
I have to visit relatives and friends and go around. After all, it is not known whether Lei Jie is alive or dead. It is just that the ancestor of the Golden Crow is different from others. There are nine times out of ten thunder disasters, the problem is not big, plus the monster race has a long lifespan, waiting for the thunder disaster is really not a big problem, just a joke, from ancient times to the present, there really is no monster race that can’t wait for the thunder disaster, so in others In the eyes of the unreachable, the ascension to immortality is only a matter of time. On the tenth day of the first lunar month, the Golden Crow ancestor set off for the Yaowang Valley.
During this trip to Chu State, firstly, you can experience life and see the beautiful scenery of Great Chu, secondly, you can also do good deeds and accumulate some good fortune.
Maybe with these merits, when the sky strikes him, it will be easier to attack him, but who knew the ancestor of Jinwu? Although the heart is always kind, but the character is really not very stable. I don’t see the girl selling herself to bury her father.
Not only did the Jinwu ancestor not give money, but he also chased away the buyer. The reason is that the buyer does not look like a man. The good thing is that the girl is weak, and seeing that the buyer really looked fierce, she was a little panicked, so she didn’t have a conflict with the Golden Crow Patriarch. It took a full three days for the Golden Crow Patriarch to watch the girl sell herself to a gentleman with peace of mind.
The handsome young man, speaking of it, it’s just winter, otherwise let alone the girl’s temperament, even the corpse of the girl’s old father will stink to you Although the money from the shop is not much, it can buy a thin wooden coffin and buy this girl back home just to take care of the sick old mother at home, so the ancestor of Jinwu consciously did a great deed by the way Then I followed the girl to the mass grave in the west of the city to help bury his deceased father, but who would have thought that in this unremarkable mass grave, the ancestor of Jinwu would accidentally pick up a baby? Bai Ri is white and fat, has good arms and legs, didn’t cry, didn’t make trouble, if it wasn’t for the good eyes of the Golden Crow Patriarch, it wouldn’t be easy to find out, but it’s a pity that the Patriarch is a demon clan after all, and he hasn’t practiced divination even if he takes this child carefully After a closer look, I can only see that this child has a very good foundation in cultivation.
I think his talent is not bad. If he can be trained by a famous teacher, he must have a bright future. As for the most important family background of this child, it cannot be calculated at all.
The old ancestor could only carefully discuss with the girl while hugging the child, girl, do you think this child is white and fat, is he cute? The old man said that if this child can be taken care of by you, he must have a bright future in the future. The girl said The tactful but the Golden Crow patriarch was scared and hastily confessed his farewell, girl, I am such a bad old man, how can I take care of any children, should I take it back with you? Kneel down and cry, old man, please don’t harm me, you know what’s going on with me, how could I have a child with me as a slave? Old man, you should take pity on me, pity on this child, if I’m an innocent girl today We both took him away so we were afraid that we would not be able to survive. The girl said that she was pitiful, and she even cried in the end. I can see that the Golden Crow Patriarch is really upset.
There is no way what the girl said is reasonable. What kind of person is Jinwu Patriarch himself? The old ancestor sent the girl back to the young man’s home smoothly and returned to the inn where he was staying, thinking about going back to the inn to ask the waiter to inquire about it, so as to find a good home for the child, right? However, the waiter’s words were endless Old man, you didn’t bring this child back from the mass grave in the west of the city, did you? Then look to see if there is a lightning-shaped birthmark on the sole of this child’s feet? Hearing this, Patriarch Jinwu frowned and thought to himself, what else is there to pick up the child? After tossing and fumbling for a long time, he clumsily unwrapped the quilt, and sure enough, the baby’s right foot had a birthmark in the shape of a thunderbolt, and it wasn’t a birthmark.
Old man, tell me where did you come from from other places? Why are you so bad that you have to go to some mass grave to pick up children?