Haha Lao Li also I’m back oh it’s not bad it’s about to cross the catastrophe it turns out it’s the Supreme Treasure you’re not

Immediately afterwards, a golden finger called the Tianwanjie chat group sent an invitation to him, so the painting style of the Tianwanjie gradually became a bit off. Dong told him that I have been looking for him for a long time and rose to the end of the micro-chapter.
I am the first person in the prehistoric land.
Mountains and rivers are undulating and endless. Mountains that are billions of feet high abound.
The mountains are full of strange flowers and plants, ancient trees, strange vines and stalks. In the east of the mainland, there is a mountain range named Qingqiu Mountain, which is ten thousand feet high and stretches for thousands of miles. The sea of ​​clouds in the mountain is vast, with strange peaks and steep mountains.
There are many auspicious clouds in the mountains. Although the name of the river is unknown, it meanders and circles for tens of thousands of miles.
The water is so clear that it nourishes all living beings within a radius of thousands of miles. On this day, a woman dressed in a palace dress came to the river beach.
Her dignified and elegant face exuded an air of inviolability. The sacred charm is the queen of the demon race, Nuwa.
She took out a jade box with a click, and the lid was opened. A strong chaotic atmosphere rushed in. I saw a handful of fine sand with colorful halos shining in the box.
Nuwa gently After pinching, the brilliance flashed randomly, but it felt as tender as pinching flesh and blood. This sand was named Nine Heavens Breathing Soil. Looking at it, a smile appeared on her face, and then she casually cut her arm, letting the blood flow into the box and blend into the Nine Heavens Breathing Soil. There was a burst of colorful brilliance bursting out of the jade box, and when it was about to soar into the sky, it was pressed by the jade hand, and the brilliance gradually returned to normal Nine-day breath. Nuwa stretched out her hand and made a move. A small and exquisite tripod suddenly appeared suspended in the palm of her hand, and she blew a breath.
The small tripod exuded a hazy brilliance and fell to the ground, turning into a giant tripod as tall as a person. Nuwa reached out and pointed at the jade box and flew up.
The mixture of the nine-day breath soil and the woman’s blood essence immediately fell into the cauldron.
She made a formula with both hands and punched it into the cauldron of heaven and earth. After a while, the Qiankun Ding stopped refining, and a multicolored fluorescent light shot out and landed in front of her. After the fluorescent light disappeared in mid-air, a mass of soft, unusually moderate humidity and already somewhat psychic Nine Heavens Breathing Soil appeared in front of Nuwa’s mouth.
Pick up a small handful of soil, knead it carefully, throw it on the ground, and suddenly there are two naked people on the ground, a man and a woman, both naked, but they don’t feel ashamed.
The two opened their eyes and looked around.
After seeing the woman in the palace costume, Qi Qi prostrated himself to him and shouted reverently, “See the Holy Mother, Empress, get up, get up!” Two people become clothes Wearing clothes on your body, you are for Luo She pointed to the man and said, but the name of the river is Luo, so he got the name and then pointed to the woman and said, You are for Jiang, both of them bowed their respects happily when they heard the words, and thanked the Holy Mother for giving the name Nuwa gently Nodding, they were obviously very satisfied with their masterpiece.
The two stood up and stepped aside. The woman named Jiang looked around in a daze. Her eyes were full of childlike innocence. She was full of curiosity about everything in the world.
The name on the other side Wei Luo’s man lowered his head and his eyes flickered.
There was a faint flash of shock, ecstasy, excitement and other emotions. Li Luo could never have imagined that he had transmigrated, and his status after transmigrating was not low at all. The innate human race created by him is something that he naturally understood after transmigrating.
It seems that he knew it from birth.
Through some information in his mind and combined with the online novels he read in his previous life, he already knows some general conditions of this world. At this time, there are Liches.
During the catastrophe period, Daozu Hongjun has attained Taoism and became a saint of Zixiao Palace. The world is also fortunate to be the first innate human being born with an innate spirit body. This is a world full of dangers. If you are not careful, you will become a ration for monsters. It is too dangerous, even if it is because of the innate spirit body. Life expectancy can exceed ten thousand years, but without memory inheritance, you can’t cultivate.
After all, you’re still an ordinary person. I want to hug my thighs and join some powerful sect to learn the method of cultivation. I want to become immortal and holy. I want to live forever.
I want to be immortal.
But it’s not easy to worship a teacher without following your feet! If you put it in some small worlds, it’s a great physique. It must attract countless sects to compete for income, but it’s not worth mentioning in this prehistoric world.
Li Luo Secretly pondering aside for the time being, Nuwa has a clearer understanding of the way of good fortune after creating two human races, a man and a woman. Now that she has understood the way of good fortune, she no longer squeezes the soil with her hands, but takes out a piece of soil. But the rattan was obtained from Zhoushan Mountain.
On Zhoushan Mountain, there is a congenital spiritual root named Xiantian gourd, on which there are seven gourds. The seven gourds were sent to Nuwa by other powerful people who came first.
She took the gourd vine and it came in handy at this time, and the vine was in her hand. She flicked the vine casually, stained a little of the mixture in the jade box, and then shook her hand in the air. Countless muddy water was sprinkled on the ground, and a large group of naked people appeared on the ground.
It seemed that she had found something interesting.
Nuwa kept shaking the rattan one by one, and people appeared in the field. She stopped and nodded in satisfaction after the mixture in the jade box was used up.