Guo Mengyu was very puzzled she called her husband Zhang Yi didnt respond Guo Mengyu patted his shoulder Zhang Yi suddenly vibrated turned around and

Chapter 1 Man on the moon just got off the spaceship Audience friends, what you are seeing now is the scene of our country’s young astronaut Du Xingyu landing on the moon on a manned spaceship.
This is a feat in the history of China’s aviation A big step forward Du Xingyu returned to the ground in a spacecraft after three days of scientific research activities on the moon.
The TV news is broadcasting the news that the Chinese astronauts have successfully landed on the moon. On the surface of the moon, the astronaut Du Xingyu has just stepped off the spacecraft and is communicating with the ground. What does it feel like for Du Xingyu to see the earth from the moon? Du Xingyu’s sweet female voice came from the headset. This is the voice of Xu Lianqiu, the liaison officer of the lunar landing command center. Du Xingyu, wearing a white spacesuit, is standing on the surface of the moon looking up at the earth. It is a blue planet dotted with white clouds and green. From the moon, the earth looks like a huge monster lying in front of him, as if it will crush the moon at any time.
Surrounding it is the boundless dark universe. Du Xingyu has never felt so small since he was born. Every astronaut who landed on the moon has this feeling. The universe is vast and we are too small. You are the first person to land on the moon, yes Du Xingyu said with deep emotion that he could not have imagined that his original dream could come true. A few years ago, he was a student at the Capital University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Today, he is an astronaut on a mission to the moon and has stepped out of China.
The first step to the moon, now please check the lunar module warning and found that there is no celestial body.
Xu Lianqiu said that halfway through the ground command center, an air defense alarm came. What happened on the ground? The approach of the celestial body is under investigation. Xu Lianqiu said that the big screen of the ground command center has switched to satellite monitoring.
On the video screen, an asteroid full of craters and composed of rock and ice is quietly flying towards the earth.
About 50 kilometers per hour, the speed exceeds 100,000 kilometers, and its orbital target is the earth.
Everyone’s face in the ground command center instantly turned pale.
As astronauts, it is impossible for them to understand what this means.
The asteroid hit the earth and wiped out the earth’s former overlord dinosaurs. Now this asteroid is five times as powerful as that asteroid.
It will hit the earth with more than a billion nuclear bombs and explode the earth at the same time.
Humanity is over. People in the command center are paralyzed. Falling to the ground, they know that no matter what they do at this moment, it will be futile.
The most powerful weapon in the world, the most powerful country, has no power to resist in the face of such a planetary disaster. Astronaut Du Xingyu requests contact. Du Xingyu was still shouting, but for some reason, the signal was lost and he couldn’t receive the signal.
The contact was interrupted. The smart computer he carried reminded him, how could the contact be interrupted? Du Xingyu wondered, he had checked the communication equipment several times.
Immediately activate the backup communication equipment, but there is still no signal. Calmly check the equipment to find out the fault. Du Xingyu remembered the content of the astronaut training and forced himself to calm down and prepare to check his own communication equipment. However, he could no longer calm down in the next second.
Du Xingyu opened his mouth wide and stared blankly. Looking at the sky, his whole body froze in place as if frozen in an instant.
He swore that the current scene had never been simulated in the astronaut training of any country. In front of his eyes, a frozen asteroid flew from the dark space.
Its flight track is right in front of the earth, just like a basketball in the middle of the blue frame.
This asteroid shows no sign of going off course. It doesn’t make a sound, like a traveler who has been silent for billions of years.
The doomsday catastrophe. Du Xingyu looked at it. Countless observatories on the earth were also looking at it.
Everyone held their breath. It came too fast and didn’t give humans much time to react.
People in the northern hemisphere noticed a huge black shadow covering the sky. What is the earth? Someone raised his head. The shadow seemed to be growing rapidly, and soon covered the sun. The whole world seemed to enter darkness in an instant Flying around in the sky, Mom, I’m afraid that the child will hug the parents and look at the sky in horror. Don’t be afraid, it may be a solar eclipse, but why haven’t you seen the news reports? Some adults also have some panic in their hearts.
Asteroids have entered the atmosphere, rocks, ice and air. The intense friction turned it into a blazing fireball in just a few seconds. Even on the moon, it can be seen clearly. Looking up from the northern hemisphere, the entire sky was burnt red, and even the southern hemisphere also appeared strange. What is the phenomenon of burning clouds? The sky lit up again, but it was not the familiar sunshine. People really panicked this time. They saw the fireball in the sky getting bigger and bigger, accompanied by a piercing sound, as if the flame demon devouring the world was about to swallow the earth.
Swallow the end of the world is coming Some people are scared and their legs tremble and kneel on the ground, praying to the Lord, forgive my sins, Amitabha, I beg Bodhisattva to bless and save lives.
The end is coming. There is no place for them to hide. Endless despair envelops the world. For a short minute, it seems like a whole year.
The asteroid ignored human prayers, animal cries, and turned into a world-killing fireball and hit the Pacific Ocean. Booming, booming, this is a huge sound that resounds throughout the world, millions of people are deaf in both ears and eardrums are bleeding from the sound of the explosion, an unprecedented big explosion