Guess Zhuohua frowned in distress Dad is too popular took the summons Fu Zhuohua Tiangong Xiaoju Xiyan Liu Lianhua and Guixiu have already started the

An Ran, who grew up in an orphanage since childhood, regarded the orphanage as her own home. An Ran had a very happy childhood, with a gentle dean and mother, accompanied by a group of friends, caring people from the society, and some returned to the orphanage after graduation.
Originally, she planned to go back to the orphanage to be the next dean when she reached the age, but now An Ran sighed, forget it, die, there is no other way, but An Ran continued to walk step by step in the darkness. As time passed, she herself didn’t know how long it took, she just walked aimlessly like this, without impatience or anxiety, An An walked steadily, step by step, until gradually there was light in front of her, a very warm feeling made An Ran unknowingly attracted After passing through a transparent membrane, An Ran stepped into a strange place. She looked around and it seemed like a room was empty.
There was nothing there. Hello, host, I am your system Xiaoqi. A mechanical sound was in An Ran’s ear While there was a sound, An Ran looked around in surprise, a little curious and a little scared, and asked hello Xiaoqi, my name is An Ran, where is this place, am I not dead? Why am I here and what is the system doing? Isn’t this a hell? Host, please go Go forward and push open the front door, and Xiao Qi will answer your questions one by one. An Ran walked forward a few more steps, and she saw a door.
She stretched out her hand and pushed it open, and saw a glowing ball of light floating out, host you Well, this is Xiao Qi’s body light cluster floating up and down in front of An Ran. An Ran was surprised to find that it also has a tail floating around like a meteor host.
This is the praying space. This is your room.
I am one of the systems of the praying space.
One is your future partner.
Everyone has a soul after death.
The prayer space will select a suitable soul to guide the hosts into the space to complete the task. Complete the task.
An Ran doubts that yes, complete the task. Every world will have a person who belongs to this world.
The center is the protagonist you mentioned. Because they support the world, the way of heaven can operate normally, but because of an accidental loophole, they are full of negative energy for life.
If there is too much negative energy, it will pollute the way of heaven. Over time, the way of heaven will be destroyed Crash and collapse, what the praying space has to do is to fulfill their wishes for these praying people, and let their lives have no regrets, eliminate negative energy, purify the soon-to-be-polluted heavenly way, so I am the host you have chosen, yes, the host Are there many hosts like me? That’s right.
If you can’t complete the task, will you be wiped out? Then An Ran sees the system in front of her flickering. I don’t know why she seems to see the system’s thoughts.
That’s the helpless host. I’m thinking about the prayer space, it’s not a devil’s treaty, if I can’t complete the task, the big deal is that I’m downgraded, how could it be obliterated? We’re helping others fulfill their wishes, not a slaughterhouse. The lights flicker more ok ok ok I was wrong I wasn’t the first Times? You see, I’ve been walking in the dark for so long, so I’m inevitably a little scared.
Finally, I hope I don’t ask how the system has moved. It seems like this. It remembers the previous system predecessors and it said every new host. I seem to be asking this all the time. Well, Xiao Qi forgives you.
After all, those who don’t know are innocent. Then I have one last question, will there be any rewards for completing the mission? Of course there are rewards for missions. The better you complete them, the more rewards you will get from heaven.
There are a lot of details, and I don’t even know about them. You will only know when you complete missions. I understand.
Then I have to do missions now? Rest for a while and adjust your mind before you can complete the task better An Ran nodded and sat down cross-legged, thought of something and then asked, will I not stay in this room with nothing all the time? You can buy furniture and decorate the house by yourself. You can upgrade this house if you have enough points.
This house is bound to Xiao Qi. You can also upgrade Xiao Qi.
Then it will be so bare that it will make people panic. The resting room was quiet again, and the mission began.
In the quiet space, with Anran’s breathing, wisps of white mist slowly appeared around, repairing Anran’s soul. As the mist melted into the transparent soul, it gradually solidified. The mist suddenly rose violently and directly wrapped An Ran into a giant white cocoon, Xiao Qi was terrified, seeing the last moment, since such a thing happened, Xiao Qi immediately cut into the system chat group in a panic, Senior Xiao Qi Are you there? Xiaoqi has something to ask me about the host.
What happened to Xiaojiu? Xiaoqi, didn’t you just find the host? Ah San Xiaoqi finally found a suitable host.
Don’t worry about it. Xiaoqi, what’s wrong with your host? It’s no different from what the seniors and I said, but seeing the host’s soul condensed successfully, the mist suddenly boiled up, the host was wrapped in a cocoon, and the system group suddenly fell silent.
Xiao Qi is anxious, Xiao Qi, what’s going on, don’t scare me, Yun Fourteen, your host is fine, she met a chance to reshape her body, Senior Seventy-Four, is it true? Yun Fourteen, my host is also like this, Xiao Qi is lucky, and I met a host with a combination of aptitude and luck, Xiao Qi, thank you Fourteen Senior Xiaoqi will continue to guard the host, Yun Shishi, let’s go, Xiaojiu, hurry up, envy you, Ah San, follow your host, the white cocoon in the space at this time is getting thinner and thinner, and you can vaguely see a cross-legged person inside And the figure of the girl sitting was getting thinner and disappearing with the mist. An Ran also opened her closed eyes.