Gu Yuxi lowered his head and just met Luo Panzhi his eyes were reddish his aggrieved appearance looked more like a big dog he shouldnt

The Yinhe Group has already possessed absolutely mature technology for more than 20 years in the Rejection Conducting Agent project. Those who have received the Sex Conducting Agent can successfully differentiate into pheromones. The success rate is at most 100%, and there will be delayed differentiation.
There was such a severe rejection reaction as fatal.
Managers of all departments in the high-level conference room of the Galaxy Group looked at their Xiao Luo, who was furious.
The overpowering aura oppressed everyone silently bowed their heads, not daring to breathe out, for fear that the sound would also irritate Luo Luo. Pan Zhi threw the indictment in his hand back on the table with a blank face, and a few pieces of paper fell on the floor, but he didn’t care about it. He walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, rubbed the back of his head irritably, and put one hand on the hip.
Perhaps he felt that the suit was stretching his chest. Feeling bored, I raised my hand to unbutton the top button, and the collarbone of the shirt was slightly open. The top hormones and strong pheromones filled the conference room.
Although blockers were injected, it is a star for some groups of high-quality genes.
Every bit of pheromone smell can feel uncomfortable oppressive feeling. Xiao Luo Zong Ruixing Hospital is now suing our Galaxy Group for providing unqualified medicine for the phenomenon of 100% sex agent rejection and death.
Hundreds of hospitals joined forces early this morning.
I hope that our Galaxy Group can provide the sex guide formula for them to check, otherwise they will suspend the cooperation with the Galaxy Group.
Xu Wen, the assistant to the president, looked at Luo Panzhi in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and told everyone this news that made everyone more anxious. Luo Luo, the suspension of cooperation with the Galaxy Group Pan Zhi let go of his hand, only to see him sneer, and slowly turn around to look at the managers of more than a dozen departments on the conference table, with somewhat disapproving expressions but full of ridicule, do they dare? The cooperation between the world’s top medical device suppliers and pharmaceutical research institutes and the Galaxy Group is priceless.
It is a dream for many hospitals. It made this matter more and more serious. Now the major media want us to give a statement whether it is the reason of the sex agent or what.
The indictment has already been sent.
We have to give an explanation to the public, otherwise it will be We have let down people’s trust in us. Now more and more public opinions are fermenting on the Internet.
You know that those people who don’t know the truth on the Internet are very easy to be misled, and finally spread rumors that they may really become the sex guide of the Galaxy Group.
There is a very high risk of repulsion, everything in the past will be overturned, and even other research project assistants Xu Wen nodded. Yes, Mr. Luo. This matter has brought a black spot to the Galaxy Group.
I have already asked the medical warehouse for Ruixing Hospital to transfer the batch of medicines. It is estimated that the relevant departments will ask us to take out these medicines in two days. Our best way is to follow the instructions. Go through the procedure first, stabilize the group operation first, and not let the matter ferment again.
Luo Panzhi silently looked at everyone, and his few words made his chest stuffy and gloomy. He couldn’t relieve his rampage and felt powerless His brain was buzzing as his rational judgment was consumed.
Two years ago, his fathers entrusted him with the responsibility of managing the Galaxy Group and entrusted their life’s efforts to him.
He was the same as before. He was entrusted with three children. The existence of high hope is accepting the strict education given to him by his fathers, and he follows every step of the way.
Of course, he is voluntary.
His elder brother, Chu Guzhi, naturally hopes to protect his elder brother.
He does not want his elder brother to be as tired as his father, Chu Yiqiao.
Although the younger sister Luo Yuchu has an unstable personality, now it’s because of her brother-in-law’s pregnancy, she has no scruples about him. With such a big group, he often wakes up in the middle of the night because of the heavy burden, and he can’t breathe because of his bad temper and too much pressure.
Pheromone is not stable.
He didn’t have a partner to help him through the susceptible period, so he really didn’t focus enough on things, but now the Galaxy Group has such a drug accident in his hands, and even asked him to hand over the formula of the sex agent. He can hand over the hard work of his fathers.
Is this absolutely impossible? He doesn’t believe that it’s a problem with the formula anyway.
Galaxy Group’s pharmaceutical company can guarantee absolute safety with his life, so what is the problem? The door of the conference room is ringing, Xiao Luo frowned slightly, Mr.
Yuan Nian, Luo Panzhi froze him, why is Uncle Yuan here? This is his father’s chief secretary, who is no longer in the group to help him, but is in charge of foreign affairs, why is it suddenly difficult? If it doesn’t work, his two fathers abroad have already known about it.
The door of the conference room was slowly pushed open, and everyone’s eyes fell on the door, and then they heard the amazing sound of inhaling, and saw Yuan Nian’s figure at the door.
Standing beside him is a man I have never seen before.
The man is tall and slender. He wears a well-pressed black suit and gold-rimmed glasses.
His whole body exudes aloofness and rigor, but because he is too beautiful, such rigor is full of contradictions and a sense of abstinence. Luo Panzhi’s eyes flickered with amazement.
This is a very handsome man.
Yuan Nian, who is nearly fifty years old, is still the chief secretary of the Galaxy Group.
He looks dusty, maybe he just came back from abroad with his helpers, and Yuan Nian looked at him.
Luo Panzhi, who was a little tired in the conference room, seemed to feel that the place was filled with top-level irascible trace pheromones. He comforted him and said with a smile, Mr. Luo, look who I brought for you. This is the chief lawyer of the Galaxy Group, your fathers. But ask me to bring him back, he will definitely help you through this difficult time, he said and motioned for the man next to him to come forward and say hello Luo Panzhi didn’t know such a beautiful man, he thought to himself that if he knew him earlier, he wouldn’t be in trouble He is the widow and nephew in their family portrait every year. If his nephew and nephew grow up and he is still widowed, he may become the widow and widow in the children’s photo.
I think his father is not loyal enough.