Gu Bai appeared in front of everyone and the males also smelled Wang Tuantuans aura on him Gu Bai was indeed Wang Tuantuans partner they

She traveled through the world of this book.
As a die-hard fan, she knows the plot of this world like the back of her hand, but what is the use of this? She is not the heroine, but the heroine’s enemy. The most beautiful female Sophia is against the heroine. The female villain who was cast aside by many fans The villain who made her die early is also the biggest enemy of the heroine in the early stage of the novel She almost killed the heroine with one dead body and two lives, but in the end she gave birth to six dead tiger cubs and none of them survived My own life is gone.
Why did she have to die when she was given the life of wearing a book? After waking up, Wang Tuantuan decided to change her destiny and stay away from the hero and heroine so that she could save her life. Chapter 1 She became the most beautiful female Sophia congratulates reader Tuantuan for being the king and becoming the first leader of this book.
After subscribing to the whole book and giving various rewards, Wang Tuantuan finally became the first leader of a man from another world who came to farm.
She is a die-hard fan of this book. Repeatedly watching the plot, she can be said to be familiar with it, Wang Tuantuan holds the phone and stares at the screen, and she becomes the leader. The author will definitely remember how happy she is. It’s about to take off. At this moment, a message appeared on the interface of the phone. Does the word enter the world in this book? As long as Wang Tuantuan is related to the book, she will want it. She clicks on it and enters the phone interface.
A burst of exaggerated special effects makes Wang Tuantuan dizzy before her eyes, and then a white light suddenly appears, and she does nothing. I don’t even know the name of the first lord bound by the system.
Wang Tuantuan’s level is zero.
Welcome readers, Wang Tuantuan enters the world in this book. There is a mechanical sound in my ear, without the slightest emotion.
The thatched huts she lived in were never seen before. Where is this place? Wang Tuantuan silently asked in her heart, is she dreaming? Who and what is the inner world? Wang Tuantuan looked around and didn’t see anyone, could it be a ghost talking? The word “traversal” is like thunder and thunder. The sky collapsed and the ground collapsed. Zijin Hammer Wang Tuantuan was still in shock. The system involuntarily played the song and stopped.
Are you poisoned? Wang Tuantuan thinks his system is so unreliable, can you? It shouldn’t be a defective product, right? Wang Tuantuan’s system can only leave the factory after a strict review. I just opened the network association search according to your mental activity. You can also turn off the mental activity association and close the mental activity association according to your needs.
Am I the heroine Mi Qing now? Since it’s time travel and not the heroine, what are you doing? Bear’s Paw One is a little stuck.
I don’t know if I should tell Wang Tuantuan Sophia you’re awake.
Wang Tuantuan is waiting for Bear’s Paw No. 1’s answer.
To be precise, the man should be a male who walked in. This male has snow-white hair and green eyes.
Wang Tuantuan is not sure who he is for a while, Sophia, you are still angry Sophia Wang Tuantuan was only interested in guessing who the male was, but ignored him calling his own name.
She is the enemy of the heroine in Sofia’s book. She was the most beautiful female Sophia who died tragically. No, she’s about to vomit. Sophia got angry and chose a male of the snow wolf tribe named Harry, Wang Tuantuan cried, it was him, Harry, he was also miserable, and he didn’t end well in the end.
Mi Qing, she needs to understand the current plot first, even though she has become a villain, she still I don’t want to die when I read a book on weekdays, I wish Sophia would die sooner and die the next second, and now it’s her turn, but she doesn’t want to be so exciting when the second chapter comes? Harry frowned and stepped forward to hold Wang Tuantuan’s hand. Extraordinarily gentle Mi Qing is pregnant with a cub and can no longer hurt her. Before helping Sophia to frame Mi Qing, he has been expelled from the Snow Wolf Clan. In this life, he will never be blessed by the Snow Wolf Clan.
Now that Mi Qing is pregnant with a cub, the patriarch will never allow him. The cub king who hurt her filtered the information in his mind.
In the book, Harry tied the pregnant Mi Qing to the forest of giant beasts in order to get rid of Sofia’s rival. Harry hurt the pregnant female and she was locked up in a small dark room and became a production tool for the tribe.
After that, Sophia’s biological father came to her to get her pregnant with snake cubs as soon as possible. The cubs fed her abortion pills, and finally Sophia had a miscarriage and died several times.
The contact recalled Sophia’s final ending, and she couldn’t help but shudder. This is the fate of going against the heroine.
She doesn’t want her to die. She wants to live a good life. Sitting on a beautiful man, there are only two roads in front of her now, one and the other.
The Lord established a good relationship and continued to live in the Tiger Clan. Second, he left the Tiger Clan and started a new world with all kinds of beauties. What happened to the cold Harry didn’t speak, but he kept looking at Sophia.
It’s the first time for her to be hugged by a handsome guy, but it’s the first time for her to be hugged by a handsome guy, but she really feels like a handsome guy warms her up, she’s still very shy, Sophia, let’s go together, Wang Tuantuan’s head is pink.
A little dizzy, Harry’s low voice reached her ears again, don’t you just want that and this when you’re together? It’s so shy, Harry, I don’t think it’s too embarrassing for her to confess herself after wearing it for a while, okay? Harry hangs his head down. Wang Tuantuan put a kiss on his head and let go of his hand. Harry gave me some time, and soon Harry nodded, turned around and left the stone house. Wang Tuantuan felt disappointment shrouded Harry’s whole body, and he felt a little uncomfortable. Since he has traveled to this different world, females must Rely on the male to survive and accept a good and handsome male