Grinding Ah Jing in a closed place I am in Ah Jing Ah Jing he still calls her word by word as if the last

Shen Zhiyu is gentle and polite to the outside world, he is calm and self-reliant, he is the most famous young man in the circle, but only Cong Jing knows his true face The palms were sweating.
Cong Jing and Shen Zhiyu had been with Shen Zhiyu for almost two years. They had been guarding their well-known underground relationship. In the end, they didn’t want to be Cuscuta anymore. Under the pressure, they broke up with him. Didn’t even lift up to look at her Are you sure Cong Jing’s expression hasn’t changed? He bent his lips and said, I’ll let you go. Cong Jing walked away without a sound.
Cong Jing’s life went from bad to worse, and everyone lamented that after leaving Shen’s house, Cong Jing’s life was not as good as it used to be, until someone saw with his own eyes the elegant Shen Zhiyu in front of the door of Cong Jing’s rental house, holding the door of her house almost in embarrassment. Cong Jing’s attitude Indifferent Mr. Shen, I already have a boyfriend My brother now calls me Mr.
Shen All eyes are down Shen Zhiyu stretches out his hand and slowly hugs her into his arms almost reverently Ah Jing I really miss you Once I hope you belong to me Now I only hope that your life will go smoothly Paranoid gentle outside soft inside cold After the age difference, they reunited after parting in a broken mirror.
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The long trees and cicadas were scorching the sun, and the aged Cong Jing just put the suitcase on the back seat of the car, and it was so hot that she raised her hand to stroke the hair on her cheeks, opened the door and got on the car.
With a sigh of relief, Uncle Wang can go back to Aunt Shu’s house.
Cong Jing said in a warm voice, “Well, Uncle Wang is the driver in front of him. He is the driver at home. He has a kind personality, but Cong Jing has become acquainted with Uncle Wang since he moved into the Shen family’s mansion. Maybe he is forty or fifty.
” The friendly middle-aged man and her deceased father look like Cong Jing. He has always been respectful and polite to him. The driver uncle naturally did not treat her like an outsider like others. It has been seven years since Cong Jing came to the Shen family.
From the little girl who suffered the misfortune to the grown-up girl who has gone to college, the help and care of the Shen family is indispensable all the way. Among the children who lost their parents is Cong Jing, who is also a child from a poor family I don’t want to care about her, it’s still Mr. Shen who decides to take her home to have a new life now.
For Cong Jing in the past, I was grateful to Grandpa Shen.
It’s just that living under the fence is not better than her own child.
Even if the Shen family treats her better, she also knows that she is only an outsider. It’s just a matter of studying hard to make money while the old man is still caring for the old man.
In the future, he will repay the old man. Today is the birthday of Shen Shu’s aunt, Shen Shu. She hosted a birthday party. Cong Jing, who had just been rummaging through his bag, was inconspicuously slowed down by the name that popped up suddenly after rushing back from other places. He heard that Ah Yu had just negotiated a deal worth several hundred million yuan. How long did he take over his father’s property? He is more resolute than the elders, with his father’s demeanor back then. Cong Jing said softly, brother Zhiyu, he has always been very powerful, yes, Ah Yu, he has a good temper and has always been gentle, calm and rational.
We watched how he came over these years. It’s also what everyone expects. Well, Ah Jing is going to follow you this summer, Brother Ah Yu. Although he’s a little less talkative, he’s not bad at heart. Don’t be afraid to be in front of him. Know that Uncle Wang’s Cong Jing’s school is in Shencheng, and it will soon open. Shen’s family lives alone.
The area of ​​the villa is several hundred square meters, and the backyard is a clear and transparent swimming pool.
Today, there will be a birthday party here. It was very lively in the morning. After Cong Jing got off the car, Uncle Wang helped her carry her luggage, and someone from the Shen family immediately came to say hello. How about that is Shen Zhiyu’s cousin Song Shansi who is in the second year of high school and has a good relationship with Cong Jing She smiled and ran over to hold Cong Jing’s arm and said, Jingjing, I miss you so much Cong Jing smiled and went back to college, just like that every day Playing with you, you’re already in the third year of high school, how are you studying? Song Shansi pouted and said that tomorrow I have to go to school for tutoring. Every day I just study and study. I wish I could fly to college right away like you. Of course, I bought her a watch, but it’s not expensive, only tens of thousands of dollars. How about you? Let’s stop talking. Cong Jing is dependent on others.
She was already struggling and prudent. After going to college, she tried her best to rely on her own part-time job to pay for her tuition.
She didn’t have much money to buy gifts, so she made them by herself, and she felt more considerate, but when she really faced the richness of the Shen family.
Cong Jing said that I, Song Shansi, quickly reacted and said that I am not really a person, just go back, my mother doesn’t care about these, let’s go, I will take you in to eat Song Shansi dragged Cong Jing in all the way They also received the attention of many relatives. The two walked through the tables and chairs and entered the door, but suddenly they met a few people who were chatting with wine glasses, and their impatience and silence collided.