Greeting Uncle Qin Uncle Cheng Jin Yu ran out of the South Wing to greet him stood up and stood up Qin Qiong didnt help

Others crossed over and were rescued Jin Yu crossed over to save others and the unremarkable loli he saved was actually the youngest daughter of Emperor Sui Yang.
I’m not as good as Guanghuer, but let’s see how Jin Yu embraces the left and the right and trains the martial artist Meiniang How to cultivate the future emperor Zhengtai How to develop a sullen road to the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty Chapter 1 There are always some accidents that will lead to Jinyu being an orphan after crossing Abandoned on a country road years ago, Grandpa Tang picked him up and brought him up. Grandpa Tang was a veteran who participated in the Anti-Japanese War and the Huaihai Campaign.
Later, he was honorably discharged from the army because he was wounded in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea.
Grandpa Tang’s family was killed by this devil. Since then, Grandpa Tang has never remarried. When Jinyu was young, his grandfather often took Jinyu into the mountains to fight. He also taught him some fighting skills. He said that learning these would help him defend himself. I usually do the housework by myself, and I always change the way to make some delicious food for Grandpa Tang to make up for.
During the holidays, he also goes to the small factory run by the village to do odd jobs.
The village leaders don’t care about Grandpa Tang’s face.
It is not a minor who is paid an adult’s salary, so Jinyu is very grateful for the care of the folks. In the year of Jinyu’s college entrance examination, Grandpa Tang asked his old comrade-in-arms Wang Yuliang to get him a weapon for self-defense. A paratrooper knife Grandpa Tang said that the military thorn was too domineering. He said that the paratrooper knife was enough for self-defense, so he let his old comrades take back the military thorn.
In the same year, Grandpa Tang passed away.
Before he died, he asked Jin Yu to keep a low profile and study hard, and asked his old comrades to take care of Jin Yu.
The comrade-in-arms promised with tears in his eyes that Jin Yu was finally gone. The old yellow dog that Grandpa Tang raised didn’t eat or drink after Grandpa Tang passed away.
Jin Yu buried it next to Grandpa Tang’s grave. After May 7th, Jin Yu cleaned up and went to the city with Grandpa Wang. After coming to the city, Jin Yu was not used to being silent every day, holding a photo of Grandpa Tang for a day. Later, Grandpa Wang got some for Jin Yu from nowhere. Only the Tibetan Mastiff let Jinyu take care of it. The next child, Jinyu, slowly came out of the grief of his grandfather’s death. Jinyu named it Lion King.
Grandpa had a precious granddaughter named Wang Guo, a beautiful and fashionable girl. I always felt that my grandfather’s love was taken away by Jin Yu, so I always looked at each other coldly until Guozi was molested by a group of hooligans on the way home from study at night. Although the crowd had a lion by his side to help in the battle, Jin Yu was disfigured because of his disfigured face. He stayed in the hospital for a week.
It was Wang Guo who took care of Jin Yu and the relationship between the two quickly heated up.
I am not satisfied with this, but because of Grandpa Wang’s opinion, I dare not speak out. In the same year, Jinyu entered the university majoring in computer science and technology.
He performed well during school. Although he did not hold any position in the student union, he has been the class leader respected by his classmates for four years. Thanks to the efforts of the whole class, it has always been an excellent class collection of the school.
In terms of personal life, Grandpa Wang takes good care of Jinyu, but every winter and summer vacation, Jinyu is thrown into the special forces by Grandpa Wang.
Training is considered a benefit brought by Grandpa Wang’s privilege. This kind of welfare is not a good thing for Jinyu. Training starts from five to three o’clock and often sleeps at three o’clock.
At the beginning of the field training, he yelled that he couldn’t bear it.
Once Jin Yu went to Grandpa Wang and wanted to tell him to give up. Before he could speak, Grandpa Wang gave him some ideological education. Jinyu, when Grandpa Tang is here, he can take care of you. I can take care of you when I am here. But if Grandpa Tang leaves, who will take care of you? If you can’t even hold on to the training, how can you rest assured Grandpa Tang and me? Since then, Jin Yu has been training in the army with peace of mind. Because the foundation he laid down since he was a child, although he was only a jumper, his performance was well received by the instructors and comrades.
The intern Jinyu was arranged by Grandpa Wang to witness the production of cold weapons for the first time in the military factory.
Jinyu cherished this opportunity. While studying, he also made a little personal gain for himself. He made a paratrooper knife for himself with special steel, which is wear-resistant and sharp. He can’t put it down. After the internship, when Jin Yu walked into the special forces barracks for the last time, the instructor offered very high requirements, including arranging employment, etc.
in exchange for this special paratrooper knife. Jin Yu did not agree because Jin Yu’s heart has always been in the valley where he grew up.
In the end, Jin Yu handed over the blueprint he had drawn to the instructor, believing that he would have a way to copy another saber.
During the winter vacation of his senior year, Jin Yu accompanied Grandpa Wang back to his hometown to visit Grandpa Tang. Grandpa Wang talked a lot. Grandpa passed away. After Wang Guo’s memorial service, Wang Guo’s parents had a conversation with Jin Yu. Guo Guo was several years younger than you, and she was still a child who didn’t know what she was doing. You, as an older brother, took care of her a lot, and we, as parents, are very grateful. Although Jinyu always had a glimmer of hope, he never thought that the hope would be shattered so quickly, but he still suppressed his sadness and nodded.
I understand.
Thank you, uncle and aunt, for taking care of me in the past four years. In the future, I will treat Wang Guo as my own sister.
If you think like this, do you want me to help you find a job? Father Wang nodded in satisfaction, thank you uncle for his kindness. I plan to go back to my hometown after graduation.
I am not suitable here. Jin Yu rejected Father Wang’s kindness.
This graduation thesis was praised by the tutor. I found several software companies and agreed that I would only do a part-time job at home. After I finished it, I would send it to the company to earn some living expenses. With the money, I bought a forest eagle crossbow and some camping equipment.
When there is no entrustment, I still take care of it.
The dealer often cooks some delicacies according to the recipes on the Internet and takes care of my mouth.