Grateful and said to Su Ran Su Ran was a little dazed didnt I hear you say to go to see the fun How did

In the middle of the night, there is a candle on the table. The pea-sized candle has been flickering since it was lit, as if it might go out at any time. Beside the candle is a wooden box, an oval wooden box that seems to be about to rot.
The wooden box has been on the table for an unknown number of years and has never been moved since the moment it was placed.
The wooden box is covered with dust and cobwebs which makes it look old and mottled especially by Su Ran. The moment he raised his elbow to clean off the dust and cobwebs on the surface, he even smelled a pungent musty smell. The wooden box must have been placed on the table for too long without being moved, or something else.
The material itself is indeed a little special, so it is tightly glued to the tabletop, and it can even be said that they have been completely integrated into one.
Su Ran wanted to separate the wooden box from the tabletop, but without any tools, he spent a lot of effort.
He couldn’t do it, so he had to give up. Then Su Ran took out a piece of slightly yellowed kraft paper from his arms, spread it out and placed it next to the wooden box. Text tried to open the wooden box, but it took him half a day for the wooden box to make two crisp sounds, and then a mechanical spring was activated, and then the wooden box opened in response, and then Su Ran saw the wooden box There is a knife lying quietly inside, a wooden short knife.
Naturally, the short knife does not have a sharp blade, so it looks like a child’s toy.
However, even though it is just a wooden short knife, its meaning is very extraordinary.
After arriving at the wooden dagger, it took a long time to realize that this is the dagger used by the ancestors to kill the god king? Because of being too excited, Su Ran completely forgot about an ancestral instruction left by her ancestors. The wooden dagger is very light.
After Su Ran holds it in her hand, she does not feel its weight at all. The wooden dagger is three inches and two cents long, and Su Ran has never seen it before. Such a short dagger, and this dagger seems to be just a hidden weapon no matter how you look at it.
The blade of the wooden dagger is as thin as a cicada’s wing, and there are imperceptible and fine serrations on the edge of the blade. Su Ran even feels that its material is not at all What kind of wood? Instead, the entire blade seems to be made of a leaf. The appearance of the wooden short knife is even more translucent. According to Su Ran’s grandfather who passed away not long ago, this wooden short knife was originally as crystal clear as a gem. Su Ran took the wooden dagger in his hand, looked at it carefully and stroked it, and at the same time couldn’t help thinking in his heart that now his grandfather’s bones are not cold. If I followed the customs here, I would have to keep my filial piety for at least three years, but he is dying.
Before, he told me to leave here as soon as possible with this god-killing knife, and to go as far as possible.
Could it be that this small mountain village, which has always been quiet and peaceful, will change soon? No matter whether it is so or not, Su Ran has to obey him.
Grandpa’s deathbed instructions, but before he had time to leave, he heard a dog barking.
It was the barking of the only hunting dog in the village.
The sound was originally a few years ago, for some unknown reason, the hound did not bark again, but today it suddenly barked, which is really unexpected. At this moment, Su Ran is in a cellar, and the place seems to be dark. After hearing the sound of the dog barking, he resolutely blew out the candles on the table, and the cellar was completely plunged into darkness. He couldn’t see his five fingers.
At the entrance of the cellar, they planned to leave the small mountain village in the dark, but before Su Ran left, several people broke into the cellar. When they found that the Zhanshen Dao had disappeared, they began to search the whole village. At this moment, all the villagers closed their doors. Of course, they know what kind of people are here.
When Su Guan was still alive, these people did not dare to break into the village so boldly. Now it seems that they have heard the news of Su Guan’s death. These guys who have been eyeing the village all the time have nothing to do They broke in with scruples, but then they searched all the Su family’s residences, but found nothing. It seemed that the Su family had already been completely empty, so they began to force the villagers to open the door from house to house, and after entering the house, they rummaged through the boxes and chests, hoping to find something.
The whereabouts of the Zhanshen Knife, but they were destined to return in disappointment. At this moment, Su Ran has already entered the dense forest not far from the small mountain village with the Zhanshen Knife at the fastest speed.
Listening to the movements in the small mountain village, Su Ran can of course be aware of it. Before what happened, when his grandfather was still alive, how could these guys dare to act rashly? Now, in his opinion, they are probably coming for Zhanshendao.
In this case, he obeyed his grandfather’s dying instructions and took Zhanshendao away.
But then again. He still doesn’t know how to use Zhanshen Knife or because of some special reasons, Su Ran has only grown up in the small mountain village, and whenever he wants to leave the small mountain village to see the outside world, he is rejected by Su Ran. Now he is fifteen years old, if Su Guan hadn’t passed away suddenly, he might continue to make love at Su Guan’s knees, so thinking of Su Ran, who has never left the small mountain village here, he can’t help but feel a little confused. The outside world is a world of practitioners and the competition between the weak and the strong is fierce, but now his grandfather actually asked him to leave the small mountain village with the Zhanshen Saber before he died, but he thought that his grandfather gave him a kit and told him not to open Su Ran unless it was absolutely necessary. After hesitating for a long time, he resolutely decided to open the kit to take a look. After all, he seems to have lost his greatest support now.
It seems that there is not much difference between being desperate.
Maybe at this critical moment, the kit can help him guide him in the maze and find a way out for the future. There are no other items in it except an ancient scroll