Grandpa do you think Im someone who brags and doesnt write drafts Ill teach you martial arts as soon as I open my eyes but

There is deathly silence around the yellow sand, not to mention people or wild dogs. Suddenly, there is a jingle of copper bells with the wind. The bean-sized black dots are slowly moving forward in the sand ditch.
No, it is not a sand ditch, but a rut.
It should be called a road monster.
Since it is a road, why is it so much more sunken than the sorghum fields on both sides? There is a deep reason why people trampled on horses and carts for thousands of years, and the sand and soil were naturally sunken down with the wind. Over time, it became what it is now. Maybe people in the south will ask if it rains, wouldn’t this ditch-like road be covered by rain? The water submerged into a big river? That’s rare, strange, ignorant, because it seldom rains in the north, and even if there was rain, it would be pattering for a while, at most, it would be windy and slippery, and the clouds would disperse the rain.
In the middle of the day, the little black dot in the distance is getting closer and closer, and it is slowly amplifying. The tinkling copper bell is of course getting louder and clearer. Gradually, one can clearly see that it is an ox cart.
The tinkling sound comes from A man and a woman were sitting on the cart issued from the brass bell hanging on the cow’s neck. Next to him lay a five or six-year-old half-grown child.
The sun was scorching, but he slept soundly.
His eyes are double-layered and he flies obliquely into his temples. He is vigorous but elegant. Although his face is full of wind and sand and the scorching sun is on his face, there is no sweat on his face. A long sword is flying on his back, and his eyes are sparkling with hope. Could it be that his martial arts have returned to the basics? The girl from the Invasion Realm is beautiful and tall, her appearance is radiant, her beauty is peerless, and her pearls are shining. Although she is dressed in a coarse cloth skirt, it still cannot hide her natural beauty. Both of them are 25 years old at the same year. Before the two of them have been trained, they are already chained together. They are destined to be husband and wife. That child is their only son, Lu Xiaopiao.
Although there is no one driving the car, the old cow walks slowly as if he knows the way. Tun’er kept walking forward, maybe it was because he had been sitting for too long, he moved his buttocks and leaned on the side of the car, he didn’t know what was going on, but his brows frowned and he let out a low voice Constantly rubbing his chest, she looked up at him in surprise and said affectionately, why does it hurt again? He nodded and caressed her hair blown by the wind, and glanced at her affectionately, afraid that she would feel sad Squeezed out a smile and whispered softly in the ear, it doesn’t matter, it will be fine in a while, she looked at him with concern and uneasiness, smiled like coaxing a child and said, “don’t move, let me rub it for you.” Suet white jade-like catkins began to rub her husband’s breasts. He looked at her obsessively. He felt indescribably grateful, indescribably comforting, and the sweet pain in his heart seemed to have suddenly eased a lot. Slowly closing his eyes as if falling asleep, she looked at her.
The husband, who was gradually falling asleep, let out a sigh of relief and finally let go of his hanging heart. There was a comforting smile on her face, her smile was beautiful and beautiful, the yellow sand was all over the sky, the wind was getting tighter, the old ox and the broken car were clinking and going on, the scorching sun was burning like fire, and it was a very hot day, but he was wearing a broken felt with three tiles on it If the hat says he’s not crazy, he’s a big idiot.
He pulls the brim of his hat down low. Although he can’t see his face, he can clearly see his messy, dull beard and hair. His clothes are torn and dirty.
It was so dirty that it was impossible to tell what color it was or what material it was made of.
He had neither bright clothes nor a famous sword.
It seemed that he had nothing.
The only thing he had was the deep hatred that tormented him day and night and kept burning in his heart.
The fire of hatred he has lived up to now is for revenge, otherwise he would have died a long time ago If a person has to be supported by hatred to survive, he must become very scary Yes, he is indeed very scary in border towns, outside the Great Wall, whether it is Anyone who hears the name of vulture Hei San’er will tremble with fright and feel a chill in his heart. It’s strange that he stands motionless under the sun.
Could it be that he’s wobbling? Why is he standing here to avenge him? How long has he been standing here? Before dawn, he came. How long will he have to stand? I’m afraid he doesn’t know the sun is more poisonous, the wind is stronger, and the hatred in his heart is also more intense. Suddenly, the figure flashes like lightning, a strong man.
Like a ghost, it floated down beside the vulture Hei San’er soundlessly. He clasped his hands and said in a violent voice that the head of the house has come twenty miles away. The vulture Hei San’er did not make a sound. It seems that the person is not talking to him.
For a moment, the figure flutters and dazzles his eyes until it looks like a milk swallow piercing through the clouds and his sleeves fluttering in the wind. Another strong man floats down beside the vulture Hei San’er, bows, and then says that he is the one who is in charge. Fifteen miles away, the vulture Hei San’er was as motionless as a clay sculpture or a wood carving, and then a figure flew down like a meteorite so fast that it was dizzyingly fast, and it was flipped upside down by a thousand catties. The head of the family, he came ten miles away, but San’er, vulture, Hei San’er, should have expressed something, hey, he’s a nephew lighting a lantern to take care of his uncle’s old cup of tea, but he saw a shadow already flying up into the air like a wisp of wisp The light smoke came with the wind, and before he landed, he couldn’t wait to say that the head of the family had come five miles away. The four people who came to report the news were not only very similar in figure, appearance, clothing, but also in their lightness, speech, manner, and tone.
People find it strange that a deep and long cross was drawn on the faces of the four of them in the same way.