Goosebumps quickly shook her head and said I’m fine I’m not bitter at all Zhang Xiuyun smiled understandingly you’ve always been a wellbehaved child who

In a park in Nianyue town, a man and a woman are sitting on a bench, as if there is a Milky Way between them.
There is no lack of beauty, that is, those eyes are a little straight, as if the soul is out of the body, the two of them have not said a word for a long time, the man seems to be unable to help but look at the woman next to him, and said, Comrade Jiang, I am in a special situation, and the person who introduced me has already said me I don’t ask how good the woman is, I just hope she can take good care of the family. After marriage, Jiang Xi returns to his senses. Hearing these words, a flash of embarrassment flashed across his face.
He said in a low voice, I’m sorry. Today, I saw the man my uncle forced me to come.
His facial features showed a bit of disappointment, his lips pursed, and he said, Comrade Jiang, you can think about it again.
I am now the battalion commander. I have a one-month allowance of seventy-five years. After marriage, I will give it to you for safekeeping. Sorry, Jiang Xi said again that men are helpless Sigh, then I will send Comrade Jiang back, no need, Jiang Xi quickly shook his head, got up, bowed apologetically, strode away, the man looked at her impatient back, scratched his head, or followed the past, wanted to see her off, but didn’t want to take two steps, one figure ran Came straight up and bumped into him, then was bumped by his hard body, fell to the ground and let out a cry of pain, ouch, the man stopped and hesitated, Comrade, are you okay? It’s all right, she’s going to stand up, but just as soon as she stands, her feet are soft, this time she fell straight into the man’s arms, I seem to have sprained my ankle, comrade, can you take me to the clinic to get medicine? The man thought for a while and nodded for a while The people helped them leave, which attracted a lot of stares.
Some of them seemed to be stared at by people who knew them. What kind of episode, she is so upset now that she is actually wearing a book, just ten minutes ago, Jiang Xi clearly remembered that she was hit by a car and died, and the pain didn’t even have time to feel the pain, but she was already on the bench, and there was an extra memory in her mind An unlucky seventeen-year life of an eldest daughter who grew up under the oppression of a Fudi Demon mother It’s a pity that she didn’t give birth to a son, but fortunately, the original owner’s father was not patriarchal and treated the three daughters as well. The original owner’s father suppressed everything.
Fortunately, in the past three years, the original owner’s mother has gotten worse.
All the valuables in the house were sent to her natal family. The original owner is not alone.
She has two younger sisters, one is ten years old and the other is seven years old.
Living on the subsidy, now being sucked blood by my uncle, I can’t live anymore.
Originally, the original owner can still rely on the marriage arranged by his father when he is old. Who knows that his fiancé was sent back unconscious a month ago, although Although he has a large pension, he is still comatose. The original owner’s uncle thinks that the money will definitely not be in their hands. An unconscious person’s daily medical expenses will cost him a lot.
Marrying a niece who has graduated from high school used to be uneconomical Uncle heard that there was a man who was the battalion commander in the brigade next door and was going to marry his step-wife to raise the three children left behind. The original owner uncle was tempted. That was the battalion commander.
It would be convenient for his son to join the army in the future, so he persuaded the original owner’s wife to pull her away. Going on a blind date, that’s how the scene just now was, the man who was the battalion commander was named Lu Jianguo. When he introduced himself just now, he told Jiang Xi that she was dumbfounded after hearing it, because this name was added to Jiang Xi’s name and the Jiang family was so bad. Xin’s family and the original owner’s fiancé, Pei Hejun, a series of circumstances let Jiang Xi know that he had transmigrated into a book and read a previous novel in the era of stepmother, who became the heroine in the control group. Yes, she and Jiang Xi are high school classmates, but unlike Jiang’s family who are bad, Qin Yue’s family is not particularly difficult, but she is getting old and is also urging marriage.
She was also provoked badly, then her husband cheated, she gave birth to a daughter, and was abandoned in her later years.
It was very miserable. Qin Yue, who was born again, knew that Lu Jianguo would be the chief in the future and married Jiang Xi. Mingming’s wife was Fu Fumo, but he still persisted. The three sons were even more She became a bigwig from all walks of life, and her family was so rich that others envied her. She found herself reborn when Lu Jianguo and Jiang Xi were not yet married, so she also went on a blind date with Lu Jianguo, and they hit it off and got married. Work hard to develop relationships with the three sons Even though all three are little devils, she is confident to subdue all three of them After the encounter, she resolutely gave up.
It was too bad. The female supporting role in the book, Jiang Xi, was honest and honest because of her family situation.
When she went back, everyone knew that she had abandoned her fiancé who was in trouble. Her reputation was also ruined.
Hastily married another second-married man to raise a baby as a second wife. Later, this female partner, Jiang Xi, was stubborn and still helped her uncle to pick up things from her in-laws.
She was soft-tempered and had no opinion. As a result, her stepson became a gangster, and she was divorced because she paid too much for her uncle. The uncle who got enough benefits didn’t want her to commit suicide by jumping into the river. It was her fiancé mother who was abandoned by her back then. Her two younger sisters were also buried at a young age. After being sold as child brides-in-law, each of them came to a miserable end.
Jiang Xi was furious at the time.
Now that she has really become the female supporting role, Jiang Xi is still angry.
I don’t know if it’s her bad luck or luck.