Good people dont slander me but I cant guarantee what the two of them say but I am innocent Hao Jian also stood up at

In 2018, the King of Glory World Tournament scene.
This world-class competition adopts a brand-new holographic helmet competition mode, which can bring players an excellent gaming experience. Being in the Canyon of Kings, every bit of wind-blown grass will attract the attention of the enemy.
The image on the huge screen The head ratio means that the blue team has an advantage of two heads. In addition, the tyrant killed just now has already led the team’s economy. They have the initiative in this battle, so their next step is to dominate the strong. Team tactics take advantage of the opponent’s lack of vision at the dominator’s place to forcibly start a group. At this moment, the blue team is ready. Five people are ambushing in the bushes at the shadow dominator’s place.
They are holding their breath and staring at the red team’s middle road and wild area.
Ready to give the team a fatal blow at any time Captain Why hasn’t the other party appeared for a long time? Did you already know that we are going to dominate the team? There was a rush of footsteps coming from the middle of the road, Li Bai laughed secretly, is it really coming? Everyone, pay attention to prepare for the team, Li Bai said softly, tightening the Qinglian sword in his hand, he now controls the economic lifeline of the whole team, holding the head in his hand Assists, almost the whole team’s economy is in his hands. The most important output position in this team battle is him.
Can he defeat the South Korean team in one fell swoop? Break their dream of five consecutive championships in one fell swoop.
The enemy is very cunning after all. No one in the millennium fox would easily show his feet. In the middle of the road, there was always Xiahoudun, who was the opponent, clearing the pawn line with one knife after another, and pocketed the gold coins. Then Xiahoudun walked step by step to the grass where the team was, but he stopped again.
Standing on the grass in the middle of the road and returning to the city, there is no intention of coming out, and he did not find out where the team is.
Don’t worry, Li Bai stopped Zhang Fei with one hand, and Xia Houdun, the opponent’s behavior, may be luring us out of the group. Once we go out, it will hurt us. All of them were hit on Xiahou Dun’s body, which is likely to cause the failure of this team battle. Whoosh Xiahou Dun returned to the city and disappeared on the small map.
The shining eyes are the enemy Genghis Khan’s big move. They are all exposed in the opponent’s field of vision in an instant At random, Xiahou Dun flashed over and prepared to use the second stage, the first stage can knock all five people into the air and disperse them. Li Bai roared, and the five people left the grass one after another. At this moment, eight giant scarlet flame sticks suddenly appeared on the ground, and chains were practiced one by one. Lu Bu descended from the sky and let the horse come over.
Hahahaha, the five of them had no time to dodge and ate them all. Lu Bu saw a full-level big move. Lu Bu saw a quasi-big hand. The long-range physical output was a greedy wolf. A note of Fang Tian’s halberd’s bloodline immediately bottomed out, Xia Houdun caught Wang Zhaojun, made a mistake in positioning, and sent a big move directly to him Wang Zhaojun locked in place and Lu Bu came to support Wang Zhaojun at this time.
Seeing that the situation was not good, he flashed and ran away, but Lu Bu also rushed up, slowed down and waited for Xiahou Dun’s level-1 performance to improve. Another section knocked the two big men away. Put Wang Zhaojun in the bushes to rectify on the spot Wang Zhaojun rushed to the street, Sun Shangxiang quickly handed over the dodge to dodge, then Cai Wenji followed up with a medical skill plus a level of thinking and innocence to heal Sun Shangxiang’s blood gauge recovered more than half this time The start of the group was unexpected, and it was not good. How to defend and fight back steadily? At this time, the opponent’s support Zhong Kui came out. Closely behind him was Genghis Khan. Li Bai retreated to the red bird monster in the first tower, accumulating his ultimate moves and observing.
The opponent’s position Zhang Fei yelled and immediately launched a big move, and instantly became a prehistoric giant beast. He used the leap effect of the second skill to jump directly in front of the opponent’s support. Facing Genghis Khan, he was a first-level drawable ground prison and hit a deceleration Li Bai.
Saw the timing to trigger the second stage, put the toast directly on Genghis Khan’s face, came a skill combination of Qinglian sword song and magic pen, Li Moyan’s Li Bai directly killed Genghis Khan in seconds, the scene was boiling, and the team started for a second, as expected of Li Moyan, the God of War The field became a sea of ​​carnival, shouting Li Moyan, these three words, the two sides were fighting in full swing, suddenly Zhong Kui flashed across the wall and pointed at Sun Shangxiang, and it was a hook.
Immediately after, there was another big move to hold Sun Shangxiang firmly, and then Zhuge Liang, who came over, waved his feather fan and bombarded with a big move of vitality bombardment, and a string of numbers floated out of Sun Shangxiang’s head, and then he fell to the ground beautifully.
Both sides were already dead. The next main output position is Li Bai and Zhuge Liang, who are the two old opponents who can lead the team to victory? The shift has caught up with Dianwei again, Dianwei seems to be unable to escape, but Zhuge Liang deliberately opened the distance to kite Dianwei to make Dianwei suffer, and he used his skills to explode Dianwei’s magic. Wei Dianwei couldn’t resist being beaten by Zhuge Liang After recruiting double kills, Li Bai did not show any weakness, and Lu Bu, who followed Zhang Fei to kill in anger, is now in a situation where Cai Wenji trots all the way to restore Li Bai and Zhang Fei’s blood immediately. There is such a nanny, Zhang Fei restores the blood, and directly uses the second skill to start a group jump. In front of the opponent Zhong Kui, Zhong Kui flashed that he had handed it over and had to retreat, but Li Moyan’s Li Bai didn’t intend to let it go