Gong Wenhan you bastard dare to hit my wifes idea Thumping the big man coaxing his eyes and growling he danced with both hammers and

Absolute Cultivation System Seeking Favorites Seeking Recommendations With a loud sound, Long Hao’s eyes darkened, and he knew nothing.
Long Hao was hit by a fireball from the sky. When he opened his eyes again, Long Hao found that he was lying on the bed and tried hard to open his eyes. With heavy eyelids, Long Hao struggled to sit up. Looking around, he found that the whole room was surrounded by ancient chairs, incense tables, glass lamps, bronze sandalwood tripods.
Although it is very simple, it is still warm. How could I be here? Could it be that I have passed through and almost regained Long Hao’s consciousness? At the same time, his mind was instantly flooded with a huge torrent of information.
It turned out that Long Hao had indeed traveled in the form of a soul to an alien continent similar to the ancient world of Huaguo. That torrent of information was actually the original owner of the body that Long Hao’s soul possessed.
Memories are nothing but miraculous because the original owner of this body is also named Long Hao, and this world is a strange world based on beast souls.
According to the large amount of information that just poured in, Long Hao sorted out that this continent is called the Beast Soul Continent. Infinity is almost a hundred times the total area of ​​the earth.
In this world, there is no supremacy of money, let alone the rampage of the rich and powerful. This is a world of cultivation that is all about strength. The weak eat the strong and the strong hold the power of life and death. Why? Maybe this is a world that suits me? A bloodthirsty beast-like smile suddenly appeared on his handsome face, which is creepy. Long Hao was originally from Huaguo County on Earth at the age of sixteen. Before crossing, he was just a helpless A helpless wandering orphan is almost equivalent to the one who was raised by nature. When he was ten years old, he accidentally found a book called the Remnants of Chinese Ancient Martial Arts while searching for food in the garbage dump. When Xiao Longhao, who had just learned to read and write, opened The remnants of ancient Chinese martial arts exuding a simple atmosphere were deeply attracted by the rich pictures and texts on the first page. Since then, researching and practicing ancient Chinese martial arts has become Long Hao’s only hobby.
The reason for ancient martial arts, Long Hao has never been sick. The system has scanned the world and successfully recognized the master.
The Absolute Cultivation System is turned on.
Suddenly, an electronically synthesized voice frightens Long Hao.
The thing is in my head, yes, I am the Absolute Cultivation System, in fact, that fireball is me, and it is that electronic synthesized sound, but the sound at this time is very humane, Fog Grassland, it is you who made me cross Long Hao’s face is black But in the blink of an eye, I thought that I had no worries on earth, and now that I came to such a world, I stopped thinking about it for a while and continued to ask what is the absolute cultivation system.
Can you introduce me? Long Hao hurriedly asked himself.
The most concerned question is the so-called absolute cultivation system, which means that as long as the practitioner enters the system to cultivate the space system, the system can provide the practitioner with absolute cultivation conditions and help the practitioner to achieve absolute cultivation effects, isn’t it so awesome? What kind of training conditions? Long Hao asked excitedly about the special training place. Pills, exercises, Horcruxes, even changing the speed of time and increasing the concentration of spiritual energy in the world, as long as it is a system that can help you cultivate, it can provide you with it.
This is against the sky! Long Hao was so excited that he almost jumped up.
He just got out of the original owner of this body. I know from memory that cultivators in the Beast Soul Continent need these? Then give us a second-grade elixir for fun. Long Hao said suspiciously.
Just as he finished speaking, there was a ding again.
A pill filled with fragrance appeared in Long Hao’s hand out of thin air.
Looking at the second-grade elixir in his hand, Long Hao jumped up from the bed excitedly, and was about to say, only to hear the sound of the system ring again, “Master, because the exchange just now cost you 100 points of life.” Didn’t the value say it’s good for cultivators? But why do you need to consume life points now? Isn’t it free? Master, according to the law of conservation of matter, your exchange did consume a hundred points of your life points, so why don’t you tell me I’ll pay you back How many points of health are left? Long Hao is an ancient martial arts practitioner on earth, and he has already reached the realm of knowing how to see. Just after waking up, Long Hao felt that the vitality of this body was already weak.
Three seconds after the system scan The electronically synthesized voice reminded Long Hao of his master again.
Since your body is weak now, your lifespan is at most two years. After deducting the points you just consumed, you still have a little life. Hearing this, Long Hao felt a pain in his heart. Does that mean you only have one year to live? It seems that the person who hurt you really wanted to kill you! There was a sneer in my heart, but then there was a roar of emotion in my mind.
Are you cheating on me? A second-grade panacea is needed My one-year lifespan The black shop is simply a black shop System warm reminder Absolute cultivation system is good, but you still need to use the electronic synthesis sound carefully Fog grass Fog grass Long Hao At this moment, 10,000 things are rushing in his heart, and the anger returns to anger, after all, he is too excited I can only admit that I was stumped. Long Hao is very depressed.
Hey, my life is really miserable. After crossing, I have obtained such an awesome system, but in a blink of an eye, I am going to belch again. Master, don’t be sad.
According to the system, the panacea can increase the value of life. You can eat the second-grade elixir now, you can increase your health, you think I’m stupid, I’m in this physical state, I’m forced to swallow the second-grade elixir, and I’m not going to explode God’s pit, the elixir obtained by pointing out the life value in exchange for a blink of an eye, you will have some life points left. You are too stupid, the system is warmly reminded that the absolute cultivation system is good, but it still needs to be used with caution.
Synthetic sound Wucao Wucao Long Hao really had the urge to beat up the system at this time, but at this moment Long Hao suddenly heard the sound of footsteps outside the room door