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The weather on the earth is not bad every year, every month, every day, and the sun at noon is always so dazzling. This kind of time is more suitable for basking in the sun.
A young man with red hair and blue pupils seems to be one with nature, squinting his deep eyes, leaning against the towering old tree to feel The wind flows and the surrounding birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant.
The vigorous vitality created by nature is amazing. The grass and trees in the mountains are bathed in the sun, and they are full of comfort.
The jungle is full of greenery and the style is everywhere.
The sea breeze is cool and fresh.
From time to time, fish will jump out of the water. A small deer walked in with its watery and cute eyes.
The boy looked curiously at it for a moment, and then slowly left. This place is full of fantasy.
This place is located on an island about a hundred nautical miles east of Bobu City.
There are wild animals on the island.
It is strange that the root cause is that the war tore countless families apart, displaced countless people, and seriously damaged the earth’s ecological environment. The crustal plates split, the north and south polar glaciers melted waters that covered more than the earth, but the homologous nuclear war between the earth federation and the new humans has long been In the past 40 years, the two have put together half a catty. The remaining base of human beings is less than 30% of what it was at the beginning, but the ecological environment has not been substantially improved. The human genes that survived the disaster have undergone qualitative changes to adapt to this era.
It is no exaggeration to say that they may just find a place. Old guys who know how to keep in good health can barely live to a year old. Human physique and neural reactivity have reached an unprecedented breakthrough. Countless big families have chosen to combine the opposite sex with obvious differences from their own skin in order to strengthen their genes.
This has to be said to be a matter. Interesting thing. After the war, civilization has regressed for more than a hundred years, and countless technological gaps have emerged.
Today, human beings have tasted the bitter fruits of war and gradually know how to cherish the peaceful life of the past.
Elimination of all mutated creatures and bionic mechs has been in an endless struggle with human beings.
Among them, the group of thieves exiled by law, predators and exiled mercenary fighters were also born. Warrior intelligence agencies came out of there.
They are all bounty hunters. The situation in neighboring countries is becoming increasingly tense.
Officials will never send troops to attack a wanted criminal, so these matters that are inconvenient for the official to intervene are almost handed over to bounty hunters with strong evolutionary genes.
People collectively refer to this group as warriors. After evolution, another trend has gradually formed, whether it is for money, reputation or anything that violates the principles of morality and conscience, as long as you can earn a corresponding commission, there will always be someone who will take your order.
At this moment, this unknown boy has slowly opened his slightly closed eyes, the icy blue pupils are extremely hale and hearty, as if radiating a ray of brilliance, sharp but not ostentatious, sharp and not forceful.
He is looking at the corners of the mouth of the sika deer with great interest. Sliding across a smile, he secretly said, hehe, if you hadn’t left this area, I’d save you. It seemed that the cute little deer couldn’t help turning its head away, but it stared straight at its big watery eyes. Followed by the young man walked back again There are seven hungry wolves hiding in the dark.
Their eyes are gloomy and stern. They have been waiting for the prey for a long time.
The prey turns around and walks away.
How can the pack of wolves wait no longer? Only to hear the wolf let out a strange howl, and then the body suddenly jumped up and rushed towards the prey. The little deer didn’t know at first, so it stared straight at the hungry wolf boy and didn’t intend to make a move until the hungry wolf ran up to the little deer, and then the sika deer started running wildly.
After all, she was only a little bit, and the distance between the two was shortened by the gap visible to the naked eye. Looking back and looking at the red-haired boy with a humane look, he seemed to be begging for the protection of the other party.
He clearly promised to save the beauty. The jungle also has the law of the jungle.
The boy in this area is a tiger and a rabbit, and he doesn’t eat grass beside the nest, let alone a dog.
The tiger absolutely does not allow other creatures to show off their power here. At this moment, the young man’s eyes suddenly became extremely sharp, and a coercive force faintly emanated from his body, as if he hadn’t fought for a long time. Several vertical leaps in succession brought up repeated afterimages, approaching the pack of wolves like a tiger descending a mountain, landed in the air with one hand, grasped the neck of the head wolf and pressed it to the ground, followed by a muffled bang, the neck bones were broken, and a wolf the size of an adult came up again. There was no movement until the rest of the wolves reacted at this moment.
Seeing this, the hungry wolves ignored it.
The sika deer suddenly turned around and pounced on the young man, but just as they got out, half of their bodies were in the air, and at the same time they received a fatal blow. One strike, three kills, and the next moment, the three hungry wolves were taken away.
The wolf is a highly intelligent creature.
Seeing this situation, he wanted to turn around and try to escape, but he couldn’t use his strength in the air. There were three muffled bangs in a row. The internal organs of the hungry wolves had already been shattered in many places. It seemed that they could no longer survive. Then they could hear their powerless screams one after another.
In the distance, the deer timidly ran back. It seemed to believe in the creature in front of it. I won’t hurt myself, but I rubbed my head against the boy’s chest and let’s go, you’re safe for the time being. After saying that, I slapped the deer’s body a little bit to scare it, and it disappeared without a trace. To this, the boy just shook his head with a wry smile and cleaned the battlefield. It’s quite abundant, but I don’t feel much joy when I look at the harvested fruits.
A few wolves are enough to eat for a while. The smell of barbecue attracts countless friends from afar.
After leaving, the group of carnivores came up to snatch the internal organs of the hungry wolf. The towering old tree with a diameter of two meters was about 20 meters above the ground. The thatched house built with branches and weeds is his current residence.
A brown bear is leaning against the tree and taking a nap lazily. The boy ran to the brown bear without hesitation.