Golden wolf look Tell all the passengers to say loudly that whoever is missing among you tell me if you dont tell me I will

When Us, the undead corpse, opened his eyes, he knew that if he was not dreaming, he would be time-traveled, and the feeling of dreaming would not be so clear and realistic. Besides, there was still a mass of consciousness in his mind that did not belong to him. Standing in front of him was a guy in a black cloak hiding his face. Inside the hood, the appearance is so gloomy that it makes people feel lifeless, and there is no atmosphere at all. Turning your head stiffly to look around the grass, trees, and valleys, it always feels different from what you usually see.
There are also people lying on the ground and people who are eye-catching. The bloodstains gave Us a very bad feeling. The broken branches and rotten grass were so messy that one could guess at a glance that there had been a battle. Except for the two nearest people, there were also people who fell on the ground, on the grass or in the distance. There is a part of the grass exposed, and there is a person standing against the tree, but the sword stuck in his chest barely reaches the hilt, nailing him to the tree, his head hangs down, he can’t die anymore, I hope this is not time travel, but a dream. Wake up, even if you want to travel, you have to travel decently. Don’t travel to such a dangerous environment. When Us thought this way, he heard the gloomy man on the opposite side start talking. An undead creature from the world of undead, I am your master necromancer.
Listen! I ordered to pick up the sword on the ground and kill those enemies. With the sound of mantras coming from the hood, Us felt a foreign consciousness coming from another consciousness, ordering Us’s body to move as if the whole body was moving. Like a puppet, he is commanded by others not to act according to his own wishes. This foreign consciousness command should be passed by the necromancer named Raz. Us can detect information from the foreign consciousness.
After all, he has read the online novel and he guessed it immediately.
I have passed through this point, I have passed through, did I cross over to an undead who was commanded by others, wearing thousands of clothes, why did I dress like this when it was my turn to cross over, shouldn’t I be the protagonist’s life, and wear the protagonist’s halo? Why is it that I am an undead corpse being manipulated by others? Why Us shouted in his heart, the dead body that Us passed through was controlled by the consciousness of the necromancer Raz, and it was as stiff as a wooden man. Bending down to pick up a big sword, Us looked at the big sword in his hand.
The blade is four fingers wide and should be able to be used as a knife. Now there is another group of consciousness in his mind that controls the body that Us occupied after crossing over, and that group of consciousness Then the consciousness controlled by the necromancer should be the original owner of the body, Us guessed that he killed him first, Raz pointed to a young man who was not dead lying on the ground and said, and then Us felt that the consciousness from outside conveyed instructions to control the space he occupied.
A puppet whose body is turned around and manipulated by others is not the same. Walking mechanically reminds Us of the mechanical dance on the earth in his previous life Won the championship of the World Robot Dance Competition and became the King of Robot Dance.
Thinking of Us, he laments that his heart is really big.
Laz is very proud to see the corpse of the undead and listen to his command, although he is the only one alive on his side.
Their operation was still successful, Laz smiled and followed the undead corpse to the target, no one could see that his smile hidden in the hood was so happy and distorted, in fact, Laz could command the undead corpse without saying the command, but he He likes to do it and it makes him feel very fulfilled. Those who are alive hear his commands like this. The horror of undead corpses is one of his joys.
There is nothing more exciting to be a necromancer than to see others fear. Oh, the expression before death is really admirable in the eyes, the beauty of death, Uz looked at the young man on the ground, in his twenties, the white clothes were embroidered with various complicated patterns, although it was luxurious, it was dirty and unsightly.
Raz ordered the undead corpses to raise the sword in their hands without any hesitation or resistance. Will the puppets resist? No, they will only obey the master’s instructions. The young man on the ground showed despair in his eyes.
He did not beg for mercy or shout because he could not escape. You didn’t even make an effort to escape, you weren’t afraid, aren’t you afraid of death? Laz asked the young man on the ground, the man showed a contemptuous expression and didn’t answer Laz’s words. Don’t you need to die? Although I like to see people trembling with fear, the eyes of despair are also what a necromancer likes to see.
Come on, throw yourself into the embrace of death.
Welcome to the world of the dead to kill the dead.
A wonderful arc splattered in the air, bleeding flowers.
The necromancer’s head was cut off by Uth’s sword. His eyes before he died showed that he had no idea why such a dead body under his control defied his orders and killed its master. He was summoned by himself.
The necromancer killed by the undead corpse is the most aggrieved necromancer in the world. The strong smell of blood and the blood splashed on his face made Us throw away the sword and kneel to the side to vomit, regardless of the sword rubbing against the young man on the ground. His head slashed and almost killed someone, I killed, I killed, I actually killed Us, his hands on the ground were trembling slightly, don’t look at the earth, he yelled all day to kill someone, nothing to be afraid of, but when he really He actually vomited during the murder, not because of fear, but because of the fishy smell and the scene was so violent that he couldn’t use his hands for a while, because of the sudden excessive force, he trembled involuntarily afterwards, you are not dead, you are not the undead young man on the ground just now Nearly killed by the falling sword, just after the panic, he struggled to get up and asked Uz in surprise. A few steps away, another young man also sat up slowly.
He was wearing a blue-bottomed dress, and he knew the same luxury by looking at the trim. He got up and said that he should not be an undead, otherwise it would be impossible to defy the necromancer master who summoned him, even if he was just dead.