Going to the side Mu Yanci Mu Yanci immediately covered his little mouth blinked his peachy eyes blinked daddy I didnt say anything this kind

Midsummer showers tore up the night sky and lashed wantonly on the transparent floor-to-ceiling windows of the hotel. Layers of water droplets were splashed. Suddenly, a flash of lightning flashed across. The sudden bright light made everything hidden. The silver-gray dark-striped suit and white shirt were entwined. The bright red dress spread from the expensive carpet to the big bed in the middle of the room, messy all the way.
The white lace corset was torn from the middle and hung precariously at the end of the bed. There was a moist and voluptuous fragrance in the air. The battle was just over. The handsome and cold man did not change his face. The bed bent slightly, put on the trousers scattered on the floor, and finally put on the shirt, the perfect and neat abdominal muscle line was completely blocked by the cloth, Shang Congzhi casually rubbed the bath towel under her body, her long hair was loose and black, and it slid down her shoulders. Suddenly, he stared at the man’s movements with his chin resting.
The man untied the tie wrapped around the end of the bed with his long fingers, and slowly tied it back around his neck. Then he turned around and looked at her side, his voice was getting lower and lower. Shang Congzhi tried his best to hear the words behind the man clearly. It seemed that there was a layer of film in his ears, so he couldn’t hear clearly.
The more he wanted to get closer, he suddenly found that the man’s deep and handsome outline became more and more blurred, and finally disappeared into nothingness.
The sound of the raging rain clearly entered my ears, brother Shang Congzhi’s eyelashes trembled a few times, his red lips moved slightly, and a faint syllable came out of his voice, brother, a playful male voice came, Shang Congzhi finally woke up slowly from the sofa Sitting up and looking around, she realized that she was talking in the dressing room of the award ceremony.
It was her manager Su Lian who was talking outside. As if it was true yesterday, Shang Congzhi let out a sigh of relief as he clutched his heartbeat chest. After the midsummer showers, they planned to wait for the rain to stop before leaving after the award ceremony.
She was in a daze as if she hadn’t slowed down, took the script and patted the back of her head The eyelashes are cool and swept over, don’t mention the shameful words of “chunmeng” in front of the fairy, haven’t you seen that I’m blushing? The girl who is lazily leaning on the sofa has exquisite eyebrows and exquisite clothes. She just got off the awards ceremony and hasn’t had time yet.
Under the hazy warm yellow light, the changed dark green satin dress, the soft lips slightly raised, the arc of a half-smile, like rouge, is as charming as a rouge, even if you don’t speak, every frown and smile are extremely bright and reckless She doesn’t look ashamed, she really opened her eyes, the nonsense little ancestor Su Lian looked at her and spit out three words slowly, but didn’t bother to answer him Next to her, she swiped Weibo and suddenly threw the tablet on the sofa and said with a sneer that you won the best newcomer award this time, I don’t know how many people’s lungs have been poked. Look at the awards ceremony just ended.
Shang Congzhi came from a prominent family, her parents are wealthy, and as the only only daughter, she naturally has a strong background, and she got top-level resources in her first year of debut. Her first film and television work was a script tailored for her by a famous director. What followed was a sky full of slanderous materials playing big names, and backstage bullying others. All kinds of unwarranted slanderous materials emerged one after another.
There were more black fans than fans.
If it was another newcomer, they would have been depressed by the blow.
However, Shang Congzhi is different. Enthusiastic about killing black fans in all aspects. Although your acting skills are so-so, the role that won the best newcomer award can be said to be the true color of playing the role of the wanton and wanton lady. Shang Congzhi and so on.
How did the wanton and wanton lady become her true colors Her nature is obviously a little fairy who went down to experience the sufferings of the world. She won the award with this role, obviously because of her good acting skills.
Before her father inherited the family business and became a high-ranking business president, he was a powerful actor who won the grand slam best actor. He praised her for having the style he had back then, and never cared about foolish mortals. He stretched out a white and slender hand to pick up the tablet, and his thick eyelashes drooped into his eyes.
It was a photo comparison of the award ceremony scene. Her photo was intentional.
Dimmed to make the complexion look very dull. In contrast, Shen Tanning, who was also shortlisted for the best newcomer award in the same period, Shen Tanning’s red carpet picture has a filter added, and her skin is white and tender.
Hot comments in the front row.
What is Shen Tanning, the little white flower in the world? The champagne-colored bowknot dress is too sweet, woo woo, sweeter than peaches. Why can’t our peaches win the best newcomer award? In terms of acting skills, appearance, popularity, nothing compares to a certain vase, a certain vase, walk through the back door and hug baby Ning Ning still has a chance in the future, Shang Congzhi swipe down to comment. The corners of her lips curled up in a glamorous arc.
Suddenly she put down the tablet and found her mobile phone.
She quickly opened Weibo, found a hot comment she just saw, and liked it. What are you doing? Su Lian just finished calling with the PR department to guide public opinion. Shang Congzhi won the award based on strength, not walking through the door.
Turning around, he casually glanced at Shang Congzhi, and immediately snatched her phone.
The thing that caught my eye was the lit up thumb.
Su Lian’s skull was going numb, especially when she saw the Weibo she liked.
People with long eyes can tell that Shang Congzhi is 10,000 times more beautiful than Shen Tanning. The difference in appearance between them is probably the difference between the rich flowers in the world and the wild chrysanthemums in the field. See Su Lian to cancel the like of Shang Congzhi Nested back on the sofa and took a sip of the Wenshui Qingling that the assistant handed over.
The tone is very pleasant, but I have no fear.
It has already been screenshotted. It’s useless to cancel it.
Maybe it’s all hot searches.
Su Lian paused