Going to sleep and waiting for him to wake up again there was a light curtain in front of him did the immortal call me

Traveling through Zhenguan for 22 years and becoming the king of Shu, Li Ke knew that there was no hope of seizing the throne, so he prepared to be a flat prince. Fortunately, he activated the answering system to start the game and pulled Li Er into the space. Tang Wumei, the Great Zhou Empress Wu Zetian, a woman can also be called emperor Li Zhi. Women are too scary.
I want to stay away from Wu Mei and lock the answerer, Li Shimin.
Which of the following is the direct cause of the Tang Dynasty’s collapse? Ke looked at a key in front of him with an expression that could not be calmed for a long time. He traveled through time.
Now it is the 22nd year of Zhenguan. It is the emperor Li Shimin who was so talented and roughly created the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty throughout the ages. When the Zhenguan era is about to end, but he is Li Ke Li Shimin’s third son is still the concubine after Li Chengqian’s death. The system is not a problem at all, but the system in front of me is a bit wrong. Congratulations to the host for successfully activating the system.
If you are undecided, you can choose the system.
The name of the system is too funny. After watching it for a while, Li Ke still feels that he must check it out. What’s the use of this system? Can’t you use it because the system looks weird? Don’t rely on the system? Do you have to rub the atomic bomb with your own hands? How could it be possible to accommodate the blood of a real dragon? What’s more, in history, Li Ke could not live to live in Yonghui four years during the Wu Zhou period. When Li Ke died, the system that Li Ke was activating in depression suddenly changed.
Clouds and mists around him suddenly appeared. There was a faint panic from a distance, and in front of Li Ke, towering buildings suddenly stood up, and a stream of system information merged into his brain.
In the middle of the game, Li Ke’s somewhat confused head suddenly realized that the originally nervous mood was relieved immediately. Sure enough, there is no waste system, only the name of waste. It turns out that this system is to get rewards by letting others do the questions. The higher the status of the person doing the questions, the better the score. The better you get, the more rewards you will get. Of course, this reward is not only for those who do the questions. Li Ke, who is the examiner and the person who made the questions, can also get the rewards. Isn’t everything easy to handle in the system? It’s not right to send an eldest grandson. The roast suckling pig is hungry. This is a system that can become stronger by lying flat! Suddenly, a light curtain appeared in his bedroom.
Because it appeared so quietly, no one noticed it until Li Shimin’s eyelids jumped and he woke up. Li Shimin was terrified.
There will still be such weird things happening. Li Shimin was nervous for a while, and suddenly thought of Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang once told him a word that your Majesty will encounter visions in the year of knowing what is wrong.
Don’t be alarmed.
Li Shimin is just fifty years old this year. Isn’t this strange light curtain that appeared in the bedroom a vision? All emperors are afraid of death, especially at his age. For example, Emperor Qin Shihuang and Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, who was not Xunxian asked Li Shimin? The bad guy lurks in the dark to find the elixir for him.
Today, he suddenly saw such a miraculous scene.
How could he let it go? He walked quickly to the light curtain. Li Shimin was about to take a good look at it when he felt a suction force appearing without waiting for him.
Shouting out loud, the whole person went in. What is this place? Li Shimin was shocked. He looked at the scenes in front of him and froze in place. Not far ahead, there is an open space with several futons floating on it, which is the blessing of the fairy family.
The light in Li Shimin’s eyes gradually blurred.
The emperor claimed to be the Son of Heaven, but that was speaking to the common people. For a moment Li Shimin stumbled towards the futon, he couldn’t wait to be bathed by the immortal, the ailments of his body and the physical weakness caused by old age bothered him all the time, he couldn’t sleep at night, and he couldn’t see the immortal, or even just take a breath of immortal energy, Li Shimin Before arriving at the futon, Li Shimin’s ears moved and he noticed the sound from left and right. He turned his head and saw that there were a few more figures.
The guess that appeared in his mind when he saw several futons before was confirmed. He is not the only one here.
It’s just that the childish slave Meiniang, auxiliary machine, why are you here? Li Shimin raised his eyebrows and asked, and Li Zhiwu, Meiniang and Changsun Wuji who were pulled into this space also looked at each other, wondering what happened, and looking at the lowly people, Li Ke felt It’s time to come out and tell them the rules of the game. Lock the answerer. Tang Taizong, Li Shimin, Li Ke, etc. After the system is locked, they start to reveal the rules of the system one by one.
I turned my eyes to the past and answered the questions and got rewards.
Six lists. Could it be that the gods gave us the opportunity? The three of them muttered to each other, but after they finished reading, they all stopped their eyes on Li Shimin.
Your majesty thinks this should be the heavenly paradise of the gods, and there is no limit here.
The ministers and the father were not in the same place, but they were sent here together. Isn’t this a fairy trick to stay in this space for a while?