Going back out of thin air and retreating half a meter so that Qi Lins stabbing failed the move was too old and the short

Five-flowered horsemen encounter special forces Zhang Yang is not in the past Years, months and days are just the beginning Maya lightly blows the dust of a thousand years The Inca has revealed the mysteries of thousands of years Whitewashing evil, hiding yellow, white, brown, black and dark meaning, history master, old man, academician of science, eyes closed, cryptography expert, delicate face, hatred, Eguan Taoist priest, floating dust, a cultural relic dealer entering the sea, exploring the land, youthful, heroic, unicorn, hornet, two guns, time and space travel Chapter 1 Qi Lin and his fellow Xiang Wan, the Huangpu River is quiet and mysterious against the lights of the tall buildings on the banks. Many sparkling waves are rippling tirelessly like this. There is an emergency scene where the warriors are docking on the Lupu Bridge. There was double flashing in the parking strip, at this moment Qi Lin was quietly sitting in the driver’s seat, silently watching this river that has flowed through countless stories, smoking cigarettes one by one, and in his brain, like a movie projector, Shanghai appeared in front of him like a film.
In the more than 100 years since Tan grew from a small fishing village in the south of the Yangtze River to an international metropolis, how many people with lofty ideals or robbers and scum have appeared on the stage? Legend has it that Xue Yan Zhongzheng’s fortune history, from Xu Wenqiang to Ma Yongzhen, from Feng Chengcheng to Lu Xiaoman, followed the jazz godfather in the car with strong arms, low and hoarse, and his own ordinary but somewhat individual year-old life was born in the north.
No matter how ordinary a farmer’s family is, he studied at an unknown university, joined the army, and was discharged because of his uncomfortable personality without fighting.
In Qi Lin’s own words, it’s better to be a soldier than to weave mats and mosquito nets without fighting. Wandering like duckweed, like dandelion, like Don Quixote, sad, arrogant, falling, getting up, until I came to Shanghai, I met her, who has always been virtuous and intellectual Just like most people, we welcome the sunrise and send off the sunset again and again. From the perspective of ordinary people, Qi Lin should be regarded as a small success.
With the years of hard work in Shanghai, he not only got a degree that can prove that the ancestral grave is smoking In terms of career, I have also completed the transition from a migrant worker to a small company owner, and I have found a small alternative footnote for the general dream that I buried in my heart but gave up halfway. Perhaps Qi Lin can follow the normal life script.
The follow-up story is the normal trajectory of the ups and downs of the business world and the gradual sunset, but God made a not too small joke with Qi Lin at this time.
During a routine physical examination organized by the company, the doctor found a A nodule the size of a corn kernel, Qi Lin was a little flustered. After all, he was only in his early thirties. His wife, Shangmei, and her daughter, Shangyou, were aging and sick. His career had just started.
Could it be that a pillar of support just fell and the whole nest collapsed? Qi Lin suddenly found that he was a little afraid to think about it, and he was trying to calmly check again to confirm that the unknown nature was good or bad. After the existence of this nasty little thing, Qi Lin really calmed down. After several years of walking on the edge of a special soldier, he became calm and calm, and it really had some effect. Qi Lin knew exactly what the following meant. It was nothing more than surgery, chemotherapy, consolidation, recurrence, surgery, and chemotherapy Until the fat person becomes thinner, the whole person turns into zero, and finally becomes another piece of loess in the arms of the mother earth.
Let it go, Qi Lin slammed the cigarette butt out, turned on the key, and the warrior roared, and then it turned into a unique sweet rattling sound of a diesel engine.
At least that’s what Qi Lin thought. The dipped beam lights up in the dim cab The Qi Lin in the movie shows a face with well-defined features under the impression of the light. The straight nose bridge and slightly thick lower lip have some characteristics. The pair of eyes are the real focus.
There is a trace of smile in the usual lazy eyes, but it immediately turns into a hissing murderous look when it is serious. Maybe this is forged by years of special forces career. After all, the troop logos of lightning and sword have no As soon as the condensed car that doesn’t need murderous intent started slowly, it drove away in the wind, right to find the bumblebee, this bastard, in an instant, Qi Lin knew the destination of this trip, go to a place far away from the hustle and bustle, where there are comrades in arms who have fought side by side, and have a good time. Even if Jing doesn’t say a word to each other, it’s okay to throw the damn troubles into the Mariana Trench first, which really fits Qi Lin’s character A little hesitant, he quickly sent a text message to his wife, saying that it’s normal. When you’re tired, go find a quiet place to relax. Maybe a week or half a month. As for the company, you don’t have to worry too much. From the very beginning, the employee who started his own business was promoted step by step and given a certain amount of shares to let him manage the company affairs on his behalf. It’s only a short of a title.
Speaking of the hornet, it’s not a hornet with wings that stings, but the peak of the horse mountain peak on the road.
Ordinary as you see every day, Ma Lu’s 1.88 meter figure can be regarded as a mountain peak, and the origin of the name Hornet is due to Qi Lin and another person who used to be the team leader. Hornets set two rules from the first day they entered the Special Forces. One is that everyone must have a nickname as the official code name in the second unit of the Special Forces in the future, and the nickname must be related to creatures.
The nickname can be taken by oneself or fully Carry forward the friendship of mutual help and love, take each other, if the nickname you take is not qualified, it will be designated by the team leader