Goddess of the Indians she ate the honey and the bread I brought and I came out of my hiding place It looked like a

Rumbling rumbling, along with a burst of thunder, a flash of lightning pierced the sky, reflecting the silhouette of an ancient castle on the top of the mountain, which is even more eerie and strange in the black and white.
In the large study room that has not yet been powered on, there is only a little candlelight that is the size of a bean. There is a place in front of the desk, a thin man in a black robe is lying in the halo of yellow, constantly writing and drawing on a piece of paper, something is wrong, there is a problem with the word here, and it needs to be revised here, it should not be used great Existence might be more appropriate to use divine existence.
With a pen, he quickly crossed out the words he just wrote, sometimes thinking hard, and sometimes writing vigorously.
On a piece of thick parchment, the scratches on a piece of thick parchment are already beyond recognition.
It can be seen intermittently.
The words and sentences and some key words that ordinary people can’t understand. Damn, this spell is impossible to summon successfully.
He roughly crumpled the paper full of handwriting and threw it on the ground on the heavy carpet.
Such paper balls can be seen everywhere. I don’t know. How many times did he revise and overthrow it? This feeling of powerlessness and weakness is not a feeling, but a real force of curse. Qin Gang clenched his fingers tightly. The firm grip gave him a sense of security, but it made him even more afraid.
It seems that I am Time is running out, Qin Gang thought, and his eyes fell on the cover of a book on the desk. It was a heavy ancient book with a metal shell. On the cover, a huge eye with purple pupils was staring at it like a living person.
Holding him, Qin Gang’s hand lightly brushed over the cover of the page, following the relief grooves, moving gently and delicately, as if caressing his lover’s face, but the expression on his face was constantly changing. There was tenderness for a moment, and fear for a moment. Rubbing like this for a long time, he finally gritted his teeth and turned the book violently, Qin Gang’s eyes kept sweeping over the pages, hesitating among the summoning spells he had tried, and the pages kept flipping through a page. Zhang’s illustrations of creatures from another world kept flashing before his eyes, evil spirits, sea monsters, and demons.
Qin Gang had already turned a blind eye to these things. What he wanted to look for now were some clues that he hadn’t noticed in the past.
There must be something, there must be something, he murmured.
He wanted to grab this last straw, but it didn’t work.
He had tried each of the spells in the book more than once. What the hell kind of spells would he need to summon the lamp god? Qin Gang closed the book in despair.
That’s right, what Qin Gang wants to summon is the legendary lamp god. He has already summoned to every different world, tried the secret names of every kind of god, but in the end, he summoned all kinds of weird things, even on the Internet. During a summoning ceremony, he accidentally summoned the evil god Samos from the world of Gosares.
Why doesn’t the lamp god exist? He was thinking randomly in his mind, his chest was stuffy and he covered his mouth and coughed. After coughing twice, he lowered his head to look at the trembling hands full of black blood.
It was the pain left after being cursed by the evil god Samos. As expected, he is one of the seven demon gods of purgatory. Even the tears of the phoenix would not A way to completely undo this curse is impossible. The Djinn must exist. I must have missed some details. Yes, it must be like this. As if trying to persuade himself, Qin Gang casually put his palm on the slightly worn black robe and grabbed a piece of it.
The paper started to write and draw again, damn it, my time is running out, Qin Gang said to himself, a flash of despair flashed in his heart, but he was determined by nature, and he immediately shook his head, it doesn’t matter, as long as he can successfully summon the lamp god to make three wishes The curse and injuries on his body can be easily resolved, and now he must concentrate. His thoughts fell back to the book of other worlds in front of him, and his mind was running at an unprecedented speed. Apparently it’s supposed to be in some other unknown dimension that hasn’t been recorded yet which means I’m afraid I’ll have to use a random summoning spell and yes that’s the case the spell has never been used just because people are afraid to use it but if the Djinn happens to be Is it necessary to use this spell to summon it? He wrote the first line of the spell on a piece of paper. An unknown being from an unknown world. The brain is still working.
The description of the appearance of the Djinn in each era is completely different, so it should be possible The shape changes automatically, so the second sentence should be indescribable, indescribable, unknown, and its shape is mysterious and unpredictable. He wrote the second line of incantation again, that’s right, that’s right, the more Qin Gang thinks about it, the more reasonable he is ignoring the random summoning.
The danger of the spell became clearer afterward, and the brushwork was like a god’s help. After a while, a new spell was completed. He re-read the content of the spell.
Although he didn’t dare to say that he was sure, but at least there was a chance in front of him. A burst of blackness is a sign that the curse is deepening. Damn those nasty purifiers, if they didn’t suddenly rush into the hall when they were performing the summoning ceremony, why would they be in such a hurry to be hurt by the evil gods? The lamp god made those three wishes, none of you can run away, while thinking about Qin Gang bitterly, stuffing the spell you just wrote into the inner pocket of the black robe, holding the book under your ribs with one hand, and staggering out The study room walks through the long corridor, pushes open the gate of the old castle, and walks outside the door.
In the wind and rain in the early spring, the abnormally cold raindrops in the early spring, with ice grains in the raindrops, blow on the face like a knife cut through the cold wind.
The cold can’t suppress the frenzied flames in Qin Gang’s heart