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Jiang Qi, who fell from the plank road in Ghost Valley, thought he was doomed. He didn’t want to open his eyes, but he came to the earth of the super seminary.
Under the influence of a mysterious system, he became a super soldier. From then on, he embarked on the journey of leading the earth into the void age. The Road Chapter 1 Cool Ice Didi Gene Matching Successfully Identifying the Master Program Starts Identifying the Master Successfully System Activation Due to the host’s current ability is low, the system cannot be activated Since the host’s living environment is too dangerous, start to modify the host’s body. I don’t know when Jiang Qi opened his eyes.
Then he saw a black hole in the sky, as if the sky had collapsed.
Then he turned his eyes and saw a pair of huge demon wings floating in the air, looming.
Alien invasion? Jiang Qi got up and looked at the ruins around him.
My eyes are full of doubts. Didn’t I fall from the glass walkway on the ghost valley plank road? How did I appear here? Suddenly two black spots flew from a distance. Jiang Qi looked up and his pupils shrank involuntarily. The two flying creatures were dark blue all over.
On their backs were a pair of bat wings with bony spurs, just like those demons in movies and anime.
Jiang Qi suddenly moved in his heart and looked up to the sky. The huge demon wings flew around like a wormhole like the sky collapsed. The demon here is the earth from the Super Seminary. The two demons hovered over Zhai Bei and looked down at him.
One of the demons wondered, didn’t all the humans in Juxia City withdraw? Why is there still a Ruo Jiang here? Qi still had doubts just now, but now that he heard the word Juxia City, he has no doubts anymore. The other demon grinned and said, “Whatever?” To rush towards a building, where the demons are taller and have narrower wings, their speed is slower.
As soon as Jiang Qi moved, he slammed into the building like a cannonball. Grinning his teeth, he found that he had no scars on his body except for the torn clothes, and there was no pain as imagined. Two dark blue figures fell in front of Jiang Qi, but they were the two demons.
You are actually the super soldier of the Xiongbing Company. The super soldier Jiang Qi looked at himself, frowned, raised his footsteps, and rushed out of the building to touch Jiang Qi.
He didn’t stop and crashed into the department store on the opposite street.
Fortunately, Jiang Qi had prepared his hands to protect him.
There is nothing wrong with keeping your head in your head.
Jiang Qi visually measured the distance from the place just now to the present place, which is almost 300 meters away, but he crossed it almost in an instant.
It was almost approaching the speed of sound. Extreme Speed ​​Flying couldn’t help grinning, and the figure rushed out again, but this time he deliberately controlled his strength. Although he ran crookedly, he didn’t stop the car like before and rushed into the surrounding buildings.
Jiang Qi slowed down, but the two demons were Didn’t see the two demons were about to catch up with him, and suddenly his figure suddenly disappeared in place, but Jiang Qi got used to it in a short period of time.
After mastering the speed of his surge, Jiang Qi completely got rid of the two demons, and then hid in a convenience store nearby. While eating the food inside, he thought about his own changes. First of all, his 400-degree myopia has healed, and now he is a hundred.
Mi Yuan can see everything clearly. Second, his physical fitness has been horribly improved. His defense speed has completely surpassed the limit of human beings.
It was demonstrated just now.
In the end, although he didn’t test his own strength, he knew that it must not be much lower. No matter what the cause of the change is, it seems to Jiang Qi that it is a good thing. At least in such a harsh environment, he has the capital to save his life. On the other side, an elite devil on the Queen Morgana reported that the Queen is in a huge Xia City found a super soldier, Morgana wondered, Juxia City has long since been deserted, how could a super soldier appear in that place? Reported that there is no information about this person in the database of the Queen’s Army Company, and it is impossible to decipher this person’s gene.
Just now there are two inferiors. The devil chased this person and found that his speed was close to the speed of sound, and he seemed to have the hardness of an invincible body. I rubbed it, it was the combination of Ge Xiaolun and Xin Zhao. Morgana burst out directly, but curiosity was shining in her eyes. Queen Atox looked at it. Morgana said, why don’t I go without Morgana waving her hand? Walking out of the command hall, he said that the forces of Karthus will come soon. Our fleet will stand still.
As for this person, anyway, I have to go down to find Qiangwei, so I will go and investigate it myself.
Well, Atox replied respectfully, it seems that the queen needs to buy a car and get more food. I also need to get some weapons, otherwise it’s not a problem to keep running away. Well, let’s go north to the heart of the North Star.
With a plan, Jiang Qi started to act. As far as he knew, the fall of Juxia City meant that demons had already begun to invade the coastal areas, and only the wings of demons hovered in the sky, which meant that Karthus, the god of death, had not yet invaded.
The soldiers of the Zhaxiong Soldier Company were dispersed not long ago. If this is the case, the all-out war has not yet broken out.
Ge Xiaolun should not have returned from the Freljord Galaxy. After getting a map, I suddenly found that the Huaxia here is more or less different from the Huaxia in the original world. With the map, I will have the direction.
When Jiang Qi found a motorcycle, prepared food and water, he found a person.
In a hidden place, I plan to rest for one night before leaving.
This shit is a doomsday survival. Jiang Qi is drinking beer and looking at the starry sky. He has no fear in his heart.
Instead, he looks forward to the original earth. Travel seeking excitement now comes to a world