Go to hell with me Murong Feiyue gathered another palm in his hand when Lei was about to hit Meng Ye again but was blocked

Chapter 1 I was struck by lightning, oh my god, I choked to death. I lay on a piece of grass and opened my eyes in a daze. I felt so wet that I didn’t even have the strength to get up.
At this moment, I heard a woman’s voice.
There was crying and anxiety, Tweety, you finally woke up, I was scared to death just now, I turned my head to look at the person who was speaking, and my eyes were straight. Beauty, she is absolutely beautiful, not a buddy, I have never seen such a beautiful woman, I am dreaming Don’t even think about sinking fish, falling geese, closing the moon and shameful flowers, I feel that it would be inferior to use it on her, but this blue and white dress and hairstyle are so strange, looking familiar, my brain feels dizzy and dizzy, and I can’t think of it for a while. I’ve seen it there, I’m confused who she’s calling? She suddenly hugged me cautiously in her arms and said in a crying voice, “I’m sorry, Tweety, it’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have let you come here to see me practicing.” Looking at her in confusion, she was thinking of Tweety, who is Tweety? Are you talking about me? With a caring tone in his eyes, he said, what’s wrong with Tweety, what’s the situation, why does this beauty always call me Tweety, and give other people’s names, don’t be kidding, buddy, my name is Liang Ziyou, this name was given to me by my mother, look at you, you are so beautiful For the sake of it, I don’t care about it with you.
I lay in the gentle embrace of a beautiful woman, thinking obscenely.
Now that I have regained a little bit of strength, I opened my mouth and said with difficulty, what’s wrong with me, where is it? As if someone slapped me suddenly, I was surprised to find that my voice had changed into a woman’s voice. What happened to my voice? How did my voice become like this? Is it a dress or a skirt? I remember when I was wearing jeans and a shirt.
When did I change clothes? And when did my hands become so thin and tender? Most importantly, when did my breasts become so protruding and laborious to touch? I felt it for a while because I felt its warmth. What the hell is it? I remember that I had a rest at home for a day and was watching TV.
I was watching Yang Jian in the prequel of the Lotus Lantern, and his ten sun cousins ​​were watching it. Suddenly there was a burst of thunder outside the house, and I hurried to the roof of my house. My family lives in an exclusive small courtyard in a township. I usually put clothes on the roof to dry, so I ran to the roof and packed the clothes in a hurry.
Unlucky, I just received half of them. Suddenly A bolt of lightning struck the top of my head without any suspense.
After waking up, I seemed to have realized what I was trying to stand up with all my strength. The beauty looked at me. I wanted to get up, and quickly helped me up.
I let her Helped me to the edge of a pool, yes, I have realized that I am crossing, but I am not the slightest excited, and I am just panic.
It is very cool to see such things in novels. I don’t look like TV without his uncle The people in the drama also think that this is a TV series or someone is messing me up.
I don’t even see a wire or a camera.
I usually just play at home, play computer, watch TV, and then go to work. It’s not good to cause trouble. My brother let others spend so much effort to punish me, and also use this beautiful beauty to punish me. What kind of joke is it possible? It is my blessing to meet me.
I am just a child from an ordinary family. I am just 20 years old, although I have never had sex.
I have been working in university for several years, if I hadn’t stepped into the society early and more or less honed my mind like I didn’t understand anything when I was in school, or I’m afraid I’m scared to pee my pants by now.
As I walked towards the pool, I casually looked at the surrounding environment. It looked like a large courtyard in ancient times, with rockery and man-made water pools.
The fresh green grass covered the entire large courtyard. There were three or four mu of land in the courtyard, and there were various flowers that I didn’t know well.
There are a few willow trees growing by the pool, and there are a few winding bluestone paths leading to the quaint pavilion and other places. Well, it’s an elegant and good place. I like it, but I’m not in a good mood to appreciate it right now.
I want to verify one thing. Let the beauty help me to the edge of the pool. Although it is only a few steps away, the distance makes me feel anxious.
I am afraid. My idea is to really walk to the edge of the pool and fall under the water Seeing his own appearance, his brain was like a thunderbolt from the blue sky. Although he had already prepared in his heart, he still couldn’t accept the blow.
What fell in the water was a figure dressed as a maidservant in a blue dress with two steamed buns on his head, although his complexion was a bit pale. She still looks very eye-catching and delicate.
The little girl should be about eighteen years old. She has thin eyebrows, a small cherry mouth, and an oval face.
The size of her face is just right.
On her nose, she has black and white distinct watery eyes. She is a beautiful woman who will be pitiful just by looking at it, but at this moment, my scalp is numb and my limbs are weak, as if I saw a ghost. It’s still a man, a woman or a woman, the big deal is the age change. I’m so good that I’m going to change my gender. Is there any reason for him? Calling Tweety Tweety Tweety, wake up, wait for me, I will find someone to help you, you must hold on, Chapter 2 The mysterious person is in a coma, my surroundings are pitch black, I am so at a loss I’m so scared, I really hate this kind of place where you can’t see your fingers and have no sense of security.
I believe most people in the world hate this kind of environment without a ray of light.